Autumn // Tag

Autumn // Tag

Favourite thing about Autumn? 
As much as I love a good sunbathe and a skirt, autumn without a doubt is my favourite season of the year! To be honest what isn't there to love about autumn? That crisp breeze, hot chocolates, the colour of the leaves, boots, jumpers, rainy mornings, pumpkins, bomb fire night... The list goes on! It is clear that I cant have one favourite thing! 

Favourite drink? 

Although Im not a huge fan of hot drinks (shocker considering I've been working in a coffee shop for the last three years!) I do like a good hot chocolate! Especially after you have just got in after getting soaked in the rain, or after a long walk in your wellies! 

Favourite scent?
Perfume wise, I don't really change scent according to season, but I have two very loved perfumes one being Hugo Boss Ignite which I have worn for years and my beloved Jimmy Choo EDT it smells divine, it is just the right balance between fruity, floral and woody! A little on the expensive side, but worth every penny. If you are looking for a cheaper option for perfume this autumn, Zara have some fab perfumes in store for under £10. 

Best lipstick? 

The obvious choice would be a plummy or red coloured lipstick and I think that in the autumn we all should give wearing a red or a plum lip a go! It is the one time of year where no one will question it and it will boost your confidence no end! I actually wore Kate Moss 107 yesterday, which is an obvious favourite but, I also like MUA shade 2 and although I wouldn't call myself a lipstick snob, I dont normally reach for cheaper lipsticks. However this shade has not disappointed me at all, for only a £1 it is a fab plummy pink with blue undertones and lasts very well on the lips as well as being rather hydrating... bargain alert! 

Go to moisturiser?

I'm actually in a bit of a moisturiser rut at the moment... Im not actually moisturising as such... I have been using Hydraluron religiously for the last month, along side my L'oreal skin perfection serum - they work very well together. But unfortunately I am yet to find a moisturiser that works well with this duo! I have had my eye on a couple of Origins moisturisers, but if anyone has any suggestions, just leave me a comment below! 

Go to colour for eyes?

I have been loving to wear MAC coppering and all that glitters together recently! I have been wearing all that glitters all over the lid and just a little bit of coppering in the outer corners of my lids - it makes my blue eyes pop! I must also mention my Maybelline colour tattoo in metallic pomegranate which is just the perfect autumnal shade and a bargain buy at just £4.99.

Favourite band/singer to listen to?
Funnily enough I love a bit of Fleetwood Mac! Im more than certain that the majority of you who are reading this post, are probably thinking 'who on earth are Fleetwood Mac?!' - Fleetwood Mac are a British-American rock band formed in 1967 in London and I just love their music. I think my love for this band comes very much from when I was younger, it reminds me of long car journeys to Cornwall for camping and the songs "Dreams" and "You make loving fun" make me feel extremely happy for a reason Im unsure of! You may have of heard of "Don't Sop" and "Songbird" which are  both legendary songs! I highly recommend you check them out! Although it isn't for everyone it makes me feel content! 

Favourite outfit to wear?

Outfit wise I'm big on layering (but then again who isn't here in the UK?!). Im also a massive boot lover... I might even love them more than I love heels - did I really just type that?! A classic jumper is also a autumn must - I bought a couple of super fluffy jumpers from Primark a month or so ago and they are so so soft, they will be perfect when it gets a little chiller! Also, a scarf is a staple in my autumn wardrobe, funnily enough I bought a new scarf yesterday from Topshop, it was one of those items that I saw and instantly had to buy! 

Autumn treat?

A toffee apple... even though I don't even like them I always end up eating one.. then again I suppose that isn't a treat if I don't really like it! That didn't really answer the question really did it?!  

Favourite place to be?
This is a tricky one! Nothing beats going a walk in your wellies along the riverbank at the weekends in autumn, there is something so peaceful about that. I also love being at home with my family sitting in the living room watching x-factor... thats right x-factor! To be honest, nothing beats being where your friends and family are! 

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What is your favourite thing about autumn? 
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