#TuesdayTakeover | Zoe - Mammaful Zo

#TuesdayTakeover | Zoe - Mammaful Zo

Today I introduce you to the lovely Zoe from Mammaful Zo for this weeks #TuesdayTakeover. And it's time to talk red lipstick, a product that can instantly add a touch of glamour to any makeup look... 

Hello Lovelies, first of all I'd like to say a big thank you to Emily for asking me if I'd like to take part in her #TuesdayTakeover series, I thoroughly enjoy reading Emily's blog so I was thrilled to be asked, thank you so much for having me Emily.

During the autumn/winter months one of my favourite lip colours to wear is red, I do love to wear a red lip all year round but wear it most during autumn and winter, I have rather a lot of red lip products but today I'm going to share with you my favourite red lip products from my collection and also let you know why I love each one so much. 

#TuesdayTakeover | Zoe - Mammaful Zo
Maybelline Colour Drama Lip Pencil

I really like the colour drama lip pencil from Maybelline, it's a lovely what I would call a true red shade with a slight blue undertone, it lasts well on the lips and I don't find it drying at all, I am lucky  that I don't suffer with dry lips but if you do I would suggest popping some lip balm on before hand, it's a gorgeous shade and has a great wear time too. You can pick the colour drama lip pencil up on the ASOS website here at a reduced price of £3.49 or the Boots website here and the Superdrug website here for £4.99 and all 3 websites offer a 10% student discount and Boots currently have a 3 for 2 offer. 

#TuesdayTakeover | Zoe - Mammaful Zo
Rimmel Kate Moss Number 22

I adore this lipstick, it's my favourite drugstore red lipstick and is a very vibrant bright red with a slight orange undertone, the staying power is amazing, it applies well and lasts fantastically. It has what I would say is a satin finish it isn't matte but not glossy either, it's stunning on the lips and is a really bright red shade, I love it. You can find it on the Boots website here or the Superdrug website here for £5.49 and again both websites offer a 10% student discount and Boots are currently have a 3 for 2 offer.

#TuesdayTakeover | Zoe - Mammaful Zo
Illamasqua Virgin

Virgin by Illamasqua is part of their Gilmore lipstick collection and is a lovely slightly blue toned satin finish lipstick it's not overly glossy but does have a nice sheen to it. It has a fairly good wear time but does depend on if I've been eating and drinking and I find it can sometimes feather with eating and drinking so I always pop a transparent lip liner around the edge of my lips to stop that from happening but it is a stunning shade and I wouldn't let that put you off. It feels moisturising and applies well and is the first satin finish lipstick I've tried from Illamasqua, I'd definitely try more it's lovely. You can find Virgin on the Very website here for £19.99 or on the ASOS website here for £19.50 (ASOS offer a 10% student discount) or on the Illamasqua website here for £19.50. 

#TuesdayTakeover | Zoe - Mammaful Zo
MAC Russian Red

I love Russian Red it's a deeper red that the other reds I have chosen in this post it isn't a berry tone but it isn't a bright red either it's a lovely shade and one I have re purchased many times, in fact this one is a brand new one. It has a matte finish which again I don't find drying at all and it applies well and I don't find it drags on my lips, it's a lovely blue toned red and the wear time is brilliant even when eating and drinking, if you don't want a bright vibrant red I would highly recommend Russian Red it's a lovely red but not too bright at all. You can find Russian Red on the MAC website here and on the House of Fraser website here for £15.50. 

#TuesdayTakeover | Zoe - Mammaful Zo
MAC La Vie En Rouge (LE)

La Vie En Rouge is a limited edition lipstick and was part of the MAC "The Matte Collection" lipsticks, it is an orange toned red and was described by MAC when it was launched as a "bright orange coral" but as you can see and will see from the swatch it's a definite red but it does have an orange undertone, again it is a matte finish and doesn't drag or dry my lips out and for a matte finish it feels incredibly creamy. Unfortunately because it was a limited edition lipstick it is no longer available but a similar shade from MAC would be Relentlessly Red which is very similar just more pink toned than orange, you can find Relentlessly Red on the MAC website here or the Debenhams website here for £15.50. 

#TuesdayTakeover | Zoe - Mammaful Zo
MAC Lipmix In Red

I adore MAC Lipmixes they are an incredible product and surprisingly one I don't ever hear spoken about on blogs I have been using them for around 18 months now and own 4 different shades (I have a post on them here) Red is one of my favourite Lipmixes and when I want a red lip that I know will be bright and super long wearing, I always reach for my Lipmix. I find it best to apply the Lipmix with a brush and the amount you need is insane, the tiniest amount fills the lip so I can't see me using mine up anytime soon. Red is a bright red with a slight orange undertone and is a matte finish and again not drying at all, and they're not difficult to apply using a brush. The Lipmix is extremely long wearing even when eating and drinking and lasts all day, I adore it it's amazing! You can find the Lipmix on the MAC website here for £14.50. 

#TuesdayTakeover | Zoe - Mammaful Zo

So those are my favourite red lip products from my makeup collection,  if I had to pick a favourite of the 6 I've shared with you today it would definitely be the MAC Lipmix in red it is an amazing product with fantastic wear time and a stunning shade and is definitely a stand out favourite for me. 

I hope you've enjoyed finding out my favourite red lip products, I've enjoyed sharing them with you and I'd love to know your favourite red lip product and I'd also love to know which one of my favourites you liked the most. 

Thank you for reading, much love as always

Zoe x 
A big Thank you to Zoe for taking part in the #TuesdayTakeover! xo
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