#TuesdayTakeover | Rachel - BeautyqueenUK

#TuesdayTakeover | Rachel - BeautyqueenUK
As we welcome November here on BBA we also welcome Rachel from BeautyqueenUK for this weeks #TuesdayTakeover. Today Rachel shares a highlighter that helps to revive dull skin for just £4.99...

If you haven't guessed by now, I am a bit of a highlighter obsessive and I have quite a few within my collection.  It is an item I use pretty much everyday and I don't mind whether it is liquid, powder, gel based or even a cream, if it does what I want it to do, then it gets the thumbs up.

Barry M Light Me Up Liquid Highlighter is described as being the fast track to giving your skin a gorgeous, natural glow.  With this highlighter, you can apply to the parts of you face which you highlight, you can also mix it with your moisturiser or foundation for that extra glow.  Personally, because this highlighter is quite pigmented, I prefer to dab it and blend it down the centre of my nose, along my temple, on my chin and on my cupids bow.

Barry M Light Me Up Liquid Highlighter
Barry M Light Me Up Liquid Highlighter
Barry M Light Me Up Liquid Highlighter

What I love about this highlighter is that it does have a pump action dispenser, but you need such a small amount because as you can see from the photos above, you get a lot out of one pump and it is more than you will need.  Once out of the tube, there is a slight rose/pink colour to it, but once onto the skin, the colour doesn't transfer and instead it leaves behind a soft, subtle glow. At just £4.99 I think this is totally worthy of trying!  

Do you have a favourite highlighter?

A big Thank you to Rachel for taking part in the #TuesdayTakeover! xo
Make sure you head over to Rachel's blog and leave a comment.
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