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Thursday, 5 March 2015

The Body Shop Tea Tree Range

Say hello to clearer skin with the Body Shop’s Tea Tree Range. Tea tree oil is natures best kept secret, it's antibacterial, antiseptic, soothing and great at helping to battle blemishes, blackheads and oily skin. And after falling in love with the Body Shop’s Tea Tree oil last summer, I have gone back online and ventured further into the affordable, fair trade range, to see what else it has to offer... 

The Body Shop Tea Tree Body Wash £6.00
This bottle of soap free, gel tea tree body wash featured in this months favourites. It’s great at removing post workout grime and leaves my skin feeling refreshed and super clean without leaving my skin dry, stripped or smelling like disinfectant. I don’t suffer from backne, but I do get a few spots here and there on my chest and I have this body wash to thank, as just after a couple of washes my skin was visibly clearer. If you purchase this body wash, grab yourself a body polisher as it doesnt lather up well on its own. I for one will be stocking up on this body wash. 

The Body Shop Tea Tree Cool & Creamy Wash £5.00
The refreshing feeling doesn’t stop there. The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Cool & Creamy Wash is just as the name suggests and is uber refreshing in a minty kind of way. The cream formula doesn’t irritate, or strip my skin and leaves my skin feeling really smooth and my pores are visibly reduced. Another bonus of this wash, is that it really helps reduce any redness and I notice my skin is far less oily after using this product. It helps to control my breakouts and the only reason I haven’t been using this product on a daily basis is that I’m not a massive cream cleanser fan. 

The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil £7.00
'Holy grail', 'bedside essential' and 'miracle product' are just a couple of words I use to describe this little bottle of tea tree oil. I have raved about this product many a time here on BBA, it’s so diverse, it can be used to treat acne, scaring, dandruff and much more. But I personally like to use it as a targeted spot treatment. I apply the oil onto a cotton bud and rub it onto any blemishes and overnight they will have become less angry and significantly reduced in size. It also helps to heal the skin and prevent future scaring. While gentler on the skin than the likes of benzoyl peroxide  it can be a little drying, but only if you overuse it. For £7 you can’t go wrong. 

The Body Shop Tea Tree Flawless BB Cream £8.00
Now this product requires a bit of work. The formula is quite thick and doesn’t apply well with a brush and although it does apply far better with fingers or beauty blender, the product can sit on the skin slightly and the coverage can be a little uneven. But once you have blended like a mad woman, the finish is actually rather appealing. The coverage is light (more than sheer), controls oil and hides any redness and minor blemishes, more so than a tinted moisturiser. If you have acne, you would need to use a concealer along with this BB cream. The skin is left looking fresh and natural with a matte finish and the tea tree scent doesn’t linger for too long. This BB cream lasts relatively well which I was surprised by, but due to its long lasting properties and my combination skin, I found that over time it can make my skin appear quite dry. I wear the lightest shade and find that it does oxide slightly and become warmer in colour, so bare this in mind. Overall, this BB cream would be great for those with oily skin who are looking for a base to help sooth, heal and prevent further breakouts.

Have you tried any products from TBS tea tree range?
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Tuesday, 3 March 2015

February Beauty Favourites

I can’t believe my last monthly favourites post was back in October (bad blogger)! But today they make a triumphant return and will be a monthly fixture here on British Beauty Addict. So, another month has been and gone and I have a handful of products that to share with you all that I have been using pretty much on a daily basis. Let’s get started... 

The Body Shop Tea Tree Body Wash £6.00
This body wash may not smell luxurious or fruity, but the soap free, antiseptic formula has been working wonders at leaving my skin super clean after a work out. I like to use the shower gel with a body polisher and it has cleared up every single pesky spot I had on my chest and it hasten’t dried my skin out in the process. This product is affordable and practical and I recommend it to anyone with blemish prone skin. 

Bourjois Radiance Reveal Healthy Mix Foundation £9.99
I may be a little late to the bandwagon with this foundation, but funnily enough I have had it in my stash for at least six months and have only decided to try it now! Bourjois's Healthy Mix Foundation offers a medium, yet buildable coverage and leaves the skin looking fresh, dewy, healthy and hydrated. It smells lovely when applied and blends beautifully. This foundation really helps to even out my skin tone and although it doesn’t last as well as other foundations I own, I actually prefer the finish after a couple of hours wear. For a drugstore foundation it has a lot to offer and is a must try for anyone with dry, combination, lack lustre skin. 

Zoeva Rose Golden Luxury Brush Set £56.95
I’m about to join the rave train by stating that these brushes are simply b-e-a-u-t-iful! What do I need to say? The set is rose gold *swoon* and there are 8 brushes in total, covering everything you need to help apply your every day makeup. The brushes are made from both natural and synthetic hairs, so they have great blending potential, wash really well, dry relatively quickly and work well with both cream and powder products. My two most used brushes from the set, are the Wing Liner Brush which I use to fill in my brows and the Silk Finish Brush which is wonderfully dense and a great brush for applying liquid foundation. The price might seem pretty steep at £56.95, but that’s just over £7 a brush - great value for money. These ladies, are dressing table staples. Highly recommend. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade £15.00
The Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade is a game changer. It does take a little practice, but with the right technique, a light hand and the correct brush, this product helps to create brows to die for. I wear the shade ‘Medium Brown’. It has no red undertones and the colour is a great match for me. The formula is smudge resistant, waterproof and you only need the tiniest amount. Its hands down the best brow product I have ever tried and worth every penny. 

The Body Shop Vitamin E Eye Cream £11.00
I personally would question whether we really need eye creams. The ingredients found in eye creams are often no different from those you will find in your regular moisturiser and there actually isn’t any valid scientific study showing that any certain skin-care ingredient can help reduce dark circles or puffy eyes. What do you think? Having said that, I have found over the last month or so my under eye area has become very dry and sensitive and my regular moisturiser isn’t quite cutting it. The Body Shop Vitamin E Eye Cream however has been very effective at hydrating my under eye area leaving it soft and smoother in appearance. The formula is lightweight, gentle, fresh and not greasy in the slightest and it works very well under makeup. I wouldn’t say it has helped to reduce darkness around my eye area, but it has helped restore my under eye area back to normality.

Essie Nail Polish ‘Cocktail Bling’  £7.99
So far this year I haven’t worn anything else on my nails besides Essie’s ‘Cocktail Bling’. This is another product that has been lurking in the shadows of my beauty stash, that I have rediscovered and fallen in love with all over again. ‘Cocktail Bling’ is a cool-toned grey/lavender and is opaque in just two coats. The formula is great and with a helping of my Seche Vite Top Coat this polish can last up to 5 days without any major chipping. Will ‘Cocktail Bling’ remain on my nails throughout March? I think it just might! 

What have you been loving recently? 
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Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Worth The Hype? La Roche-Posay Serozinc Spray

La Roche-Posay Serozinc Zinc Sulfate Solution £8.50

With beauty bloggers hopping on the Eurostar for a swift trip to Paris, to stock up on La Roche-Posay’s Serozinc Spray, it was without a doubt that the rest of us beauty addicts couldn’t wait to get our hands on it too. I had my reservations about this can of so-called "spot fighting mist", but as soon as the opportunity came about, I succumbed to the hype and bought a can. So what’s my verdict? 

The hypoallergenic, no-perfumed mist from La Roche-Posay, is targeted towards those of us with acne-pone, troublesome skin. The solution is made from three ingredients: La Roche-Posay’s ultra-soothing thermal spring water, healing zinc sulphate and astringent sodium chloride. Together these three ingredients promise to target blemishes, marks and excess oiliness. 

The product dispenses in a fine mist (just the right amount), it’s not greasy and it’s convenient as there is no messing about with cotton pads, as the product absorbs within a couple of minutes. The mist is refreshing like most toners and can be used any time of day, under or over makeup.

I have combination skin and this product has certainly helped mattify my oily areas, prevent excess shine and reduce redness. However, in terms of appearance of my pores and spots, I haven’t seen a notable difference. And although this toner doesn’t leave my skin feeling tight, when used on a daily basis after cleansing, my skin really dries out. This came as a surprise, as before I purchased it, I had read how it was really hydrating and it’s really not! I have combination skin so I try to avoid anything that could leave other areas of my face dry, so I have since stopped using this product on a daily basis and I now only apply it onto targeted areas. In comparison to other toners, this toner is by far the best I have tried at reducing oiliness, whereas Lush’s Tea Tree Water is far better at dealing with breakouts.

So is it worth the hype? Well no, not particularly. For me, it doesnt tick all the boxes and I doubt I will be purchasing it again in the near future. But having said that, if you struggle with uber oily skin then this product could be possibly be a winner. The La Roche-Posay Serozinc Spray hasn’t quite found its way into the aisles of Boots yet, but it is available online at Escentual for a reduced price of £7.20 (RRP £8.50).

Do you think the La Roche-Posay Serozinc Spray is worth the hype? 
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Thursday, 12 February 2015

Pins I Love #1

I have a new addiction; Pinterest. Who would have thought, that pinning various images that appeal to you onto boards, would be so god damn satisfying? Well I for one have spent hours (and hours) in recent weeks scrolling through my feed, gazing (procrastinating) and pining various pictures, from crafty pony tails, beautiful makeup, thoughtful sayings, white interiors, dream workspaces, to pineapples and I can’t get enough of it. And having now pinned over 3,000 pictures, I thought it was about time I started sharing a few of them with you all. 

1. Who knew you could do so much with your hair?! Pinterest has taught me how to transform a dull pony tail into something much more appealing, yet practical. I have since bought some clear hairbands and have been practicing. Watch this space! 

2. I’m all about the winged liner. But it has been a while since I have softened it up with the use of a pencil liner. And for the second time I have lost my favourite brown eye pencil from MAC in ‘Coffee'. Maybe it’s time (yet again) to repurchase... 

3. Beyonce wasn’t built in a day! Ha. Whoever thought of this must have a good sense of humour. After having spied this top, I have found myself chanting this to myself (and my friends to their delight) at my boot camp sessions and it has been working well and now I must buy it. Just for giggles!

4. These ombre grey nails from Essie inspired me to have a rummage in my nail polish box and dig out Essie’s 'Cocktail Bling' a lovely pale grey and since its rediscovery, it's been permanently painted on my nails. And with the release of 50 Shades Of Grey this weekend, I feel this colour is more than appropriate. Do you like grey nails?

5. I have never been a watch kinda girl. But in recent months my need and desire to invest in a watch has grown. And the Daniel Wellington watches are classic and timeless (see what I did there?). Come payday I may just treat myself. Oh and the checkered shirt is rather nice too! 

Are you a Pinterest addict?
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