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Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Pins I Love #3

Gone are the days of checking my emails first thing in the morning and the last thing at night, I now scour Pinterest instead, pinning away in a frenzy, organising pins into my somewhat beautifully arranged boards. It’s addictive. And today my blogger offering is the 3rd instalment of my Pins I Love series...

1. Laced up heels are certainly the IT shoe of the season, being a favourite amongst celebrities such as Alexa Chung, Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian and Gwen Stafani. I have pinned many pairs of laced up heels, but I particularly like the sophistication of this pair and although I can’t afford the Olivia Palermo Cut-Out Leather Sandals priced at £495, I checked out the high street offering and was induced by the lattice work of the Zara High Heeled Wrap Around Interlaced Sandals which are priced at a very reasonable £19.99. If I didn’t say I’m head over heels with this pair, I would be lying!

2. Why do I love this pin? Well, simply because these pink roses are beautiful and so effortlessly displayed. And let’s not forget that it has been proven that the presence of flowers triggers happy emotions. So, at the weekend I bought myself a bunch of tulips and they oddly give me a feeling of satisfaction every time I enter my room - whether that’s because I’m finally using my vase rather than hiding it empty behind my curtain, or because flowers generally make me happy I’ll never know! But as Oscar Wilde so eloquently put it, ‘With freedom, books, flowers and the moon, who could not be happy?’

3. I have recently had my hair snipped and as a result, my 3-year love affair with dip dye is no more. I had considered running into Boots and picking up another kit, but I fancy a change. Balayage highlights give a more natural sun-kissed look to the hair, a little softer than the likes of dip dye and have been something I’ve been pondering over for a few months now. Shall I? Shan’t I?

4. Soft makeup has been my go-to in recent weeks and this makeup look is a classic take on spring/summer beauty; light foundation, highlighted cheekbones, soft neutral eye and a nude lipstick. 

5. Admittedly I’m envious of her tan. Who wouldn’t be? But really I’m all over the striped dress. After years of avoiding striped clothing over the fear of it making me appear larger than I really am,  I have been filling my wardrobe and with nautical numbers and recently stumbled upon the Zara Basic Sleeveless Dress which cost just £12.99 and I couldn’t resist. You can check out my ‘Line ‘Em Up’ Pinterest board here

Are you on Pinterest? Leave your links below. 
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Monday, 25 May 2015

MAC All That Glitters Eyeshadow

It goes without saying, I own a lot of eyeshadow and MAC eyeshadows are by far my favourite. But amongst my MAC palettes is an absolute gem; MAC All That Glitters. Don’t be put off by its pinkish hues. This shadow is simply beautiful. This oh-so-famous shade is a makeup must have. Its unique and my go to eyeshadow. I’m obsessed. 

All That Glitters is described as a “frosted champagne with gold pearl (with a Veluxe Pearl finish).” It’s a peachy, rosy-copper with warm undertones and has a shimmery finish. Ironically, All That Glitters is not at all glittery (or chalky), it’s finely milled and buttery smooth, making it effortless to apply. In my opinion, it’s generally one of the best eyeshadows from MAC. It blends out beautifully, without any fall out and leaves an incredible sheen on the lids. It also has excellent pigmentation, which is surprising considering its finish. It also wears incredibly well, not showing any signs of fading for hours and doesn’t crease. 

This eyeshadow is so versatile; it’s great for everyday wear and is the ideal shade for a fresh spring, summer time look. It works wonderfully when worn on its own as a wash all over the lid and melts into other colours. I would go as far to say that I would happily wear this shade on my wedding day! If you are yet to try All That Glitters, or yet to try MAC eyeshadows, I recommend you spend £13.00 and buy it! You’ll be kicking yourself that you didn’t pick it up sooner! 

What’s your favourite MAC eyeshadow? 
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Saturday, 23 May 2015

An Ode To The Zoeva 317 Wing Liner Brush

I wasn’t blessed and born with naturally thick Cara Delevingne brows and in the past my brows have been plucked to death and appeared relatively thin and non-existent. I know I’m not alone, but if you invest in the right tools of the trade you can enhance your brows and if need be cheat their existence and this is where the Zoeva 317 Wing Liner Brush comes in... 

The brush head is angled and relatively small, with a very fine edge, making it easy to achieve a neat, tidy, defined brow. The brush offers easy application with both powder and gel products, as although fairly fine, the brush head is actually quite dense and firm. It also washes nicely and retains its shape once dry. initially used this brush with a matte eyeshadow from my LORAC Pro Palette (great for beginners). But have since found it works pretty darn well when used with my Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade. The Dipbrow is smudge resistant and waterproof and with a little patience helps to create the perfect brows. At first I was hesitant to use an angled brush to fill in my brows, as I presumed this would be far harder than using the likes of an eyebrow pencil, but I was so wrong.

This brow brush is quite frankly a thing of perfection and by far the best brow brush I have ever used - my brows wouldn’t be the same without it!  If you buy one thing this month and, treat yourself and your brows and buy a Zoeva 317 Wing Liner Brush for just £5.95.

How do you like to fill in your brows?
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Thursday, 21 May 2015

Vichy Aqualia Thermal Fortifying & Soothing 24hr Hydrating Care Serum

Any beauty products that get the thumbs up from Sali Hughes are well worth adding to your shopping list. And the Vichy Aqualia Thermal Fortifying & Soothing 24hr Hydrating Care Serum (the longest name in the history of skincare) along with my Good Things Manuka Honey Daily Moisturiser, has helped to eradicate all my dry patches. 

Before I get onto the fundamentals, I have to mention the packaging - isn’t it pretty? The blue and silver glass bottle is not only pretty, but practical with a pump making it easy to dispense product, reducing waste. The serum although a little runny in texture, has a fab formula. It’s lightweight, hydrating, refreshing, not at all sticky or greasy and mildly fragranced which hasn’t as of yet caused any issues. I use one pump after cleansing and before moisturising and the serum glides onto my skin and immediately takes away that tight feeling. My skin appears plumper and lines are visibly smoother after one use. 

This serum is powerful enough to be used in place of a moisturiser and works incredibly well under makeup. It’s reasonably priced too at just £19.99. So if you have dehydrated skin, add this product to your shopping list. 

What skincare products are you currently loving? 
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