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Sunday, 19 October 2014

Face Time #1

Here’s my very first Face Time post. After many requests to share what I wear on my face, I plucked up the courage to do just that. I love these types of posts, so I hope you enjoy mine! Please excuse the hair, it’s still a little wet in this photo. If you must know why, I very rarely use a hairdryer! 

Let’s start with the base. I used my new Laura Mercier Oil-Free Tinted Moisturiser in bisque. For a tinted moisturiser it gives the most incredible coverage, without being caky, or heavy on the skin. It also really helps to minimise my pores and it leaves my skin looking super healthy. A full review is on it’s way! I also used the Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow to give my face a little more shape and definition. I then popped a little bit of the highlighter to the tops of my cheekbones. This kit may be a little pricey, but it is so worth it and by far my favourite contour duo. I then swept a little Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso onto my cheeks. And for under my eyes, I went to my go to concealer Benefits Erase Paste, you can read a full review here

On the brows I used my Benefit Brow Zings in light. Its a duo eyebrow set, with a tinted wax and powder. But recently I have just been using the powder alone with an angled brush, as I find the wax can make brows appear a little red.

On my eyes I used my LORAC Pro Palette. I absolutely love this palette, it has converted me and made me a lover of matte eyeshadows, they are super smooth, blend seamlessly and are really pigmented. I used 'light pink' all over the lid and put a little ‘taupe' into the crease. This is an eyeshadow combo I have been gravitating towards a lot recently. I then took Soap and Glory Supercat eyeliner along my upper lash line and created a small flick (I cant go without!). I find this eyeliner is really easy to work with and remains super black whether applied straight to the lid, or on top of eyeshadow.  I then applied lashings of bareMinerals Lash Domination Volumizing Mascara. 

To finish the look, I opted for Mac Peach Blossom lipstick. I have worn this lipstick to death over the last 3 months! I cant get enough of it. It's very close to my natural lip colour but with a hint of peach. It instantly makes my lips appear much fuller than they really are. 

So what do you think of this Face Time post? 
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Thursday, 16 October 2014

Mitsis Blue Domes Hotel, Karadmena, Kos, Greece

The Mitsis Blue Domes Hotel in Karadmena, Kos, Greece is like something out of a brochure (or, on triangleswimwear's Instagram account!) it was breathtakingly beautiful... 

My boyfriend Ben had booked the holiday with Thomas Cook and kept the location secret, I have never been so excited! I could talk about my holiday and the hotel for hours on end, so I will try and keep this short and sweet! The Mitsis Blue Domes Hotel, sits on a backdrop of rocky Mountains and overlooks the sea and is situated just 20 minutes away from Kos airport, 30 minutes away from Kos  town and just 10 minutes away from Karadmena, a walled town full of bars and restaurants, with a boat filled marina. 

The hotel itself was pretty darn fabulous. Let me start by saying, I have never had the pleasure of staying in a hotel, that has functional swimming pools, that are just for show... that’s right, pools that sparkled in the sunshine undisturbed. The complex had many large outdoor swimming pools that although a little chilly, you can take a dip into (and we did!), surrounded by decking, pretty gardens, bridges and many sun beds. In fact, there was never a rush for a sun bed, no need to be a sun bed reserver and there were no mosquitoes, as the pools are salt-water pools. The beach was pebbled and very pretty, with a bar serving drinks, ice cream and snacks. Water sports and beach massages were also available. 

The complex was beautifully decorated and every little detail had been very well thought out. It’s a large hotel, but it was never crowded, or loud. I cant fault the staff, they were professional, friendly, and welcoming. The animation team wasn’t too in your face and although the lip-syncing was a little questionable, we stayed through a whole performance of Mamma Mia and actually quite enjoyed it! 

The hotel has 10 restaurants; the main restaurant is a buffet style and had the most beautiful outdoor seating area overlooking the sea. There are also 6 smaller restaurants around one of the larger pooler areas, that all serve different food such as, burgers, pancakes, ice cream, greek cuisine, german cuisine and fish. And not forgetting the 3 restaurants on the sea front which you had to book; Italian, Mexican and Greek. The food was really nice and Ben’s beer often came in a frozen glass in the main restaurant (the little things)! It's probably worth mentioning we went all inclusive and boy was it worth it. 

Every evening, bar one (no pun intended), we sat in the main bar (open every evening until 1am) where I drank a few piƱa coladas and Ben drank a few beers. There was always a bit of a queue for drinks, but nothing like my local Weatherspoons! However, a waitress would come over and take our order and we found that was much quicker than queuing. We met some lovely people whilst on holiday and spent most evenings in the bar with them laughing and chatting away. The Wi-Fi was only free in the bar and it was pretty poor. But myself and Ben left our phones back in our hotel room and all things considered it was a breath of fresh air not being connected to everything and everyone. It was just what I needed.

Unfortunately I have no pictures of our room (so you’ll just have to take my word for it!), but the room was spacious and beautifully decorated, with a wooden ceiling, marble flooring, a balcony overlooking the sea, a mini bar (that was refilled daily), two showers, a bath, large sink area and super comfy beds - probably the best I’ve ever slept in! My only negative comment would be that the hairdryer was pretty useless, but in all honesty I didn’t expect anything different! Have you ever been abroad and had a decent hairdryer? 

So much for keeping it short! But all in all, (minus the delays on both our inbound and outbound flights *cough* Thomas Cook *cough*), I have never really wanted to visit the same hotel twice, I have a list longer than my arm of places I want to visit and like going to new places. But I would make an exception with this hotel and Ben has said the same. 

Take me back...
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Friday, 10 October 2014

Duty Mind If I do...

Is it okay to be just as excited about the shopping potential in the duty free, as you are excited for the holiday? Well, once the holiday was booked, I started dreaming of Gatwick North Terminal and filling my basket! So once me and Ben had checked in, it didn’t take me long to do exactly that! In all honesty, I didn’t spend as much as I thought I would and although I went with a few things in mind, I didn’t pick any of them up, I was so overwhelmed by the beautifully lit counters that I didn’t know what to do with myself! So here is what I got my hands on instead... 

RRP: £40.00 30ml | DUTY FREE: £32.00
There is just something about Jo Malone fragrances. They are hands down, like nothing else I own, or have ever tried before. This is my first Jo Malone fragrance and I’m certain it won’t be my last. The packaging alone makes me swoon! But the scent is divine it’s described as 'A burst of deep, tart blackberry juice, blending with the freshness of just-gathered bay and brambly woods. Vibrant and verdant.’ If I’m honest that description doesn’t sell it. I say, get to a Jo Malone counter and give it a sniff for yourself! 

RRP: £72.00 50ml | DUTY FREE: £57.60 
Ah! Tom Ford where have you been all my life! This fragrance is quite simply wonderful. I will attempt to describe it to you, but yet again, I feel this may be one you will need to try out for yourself! It’s a dramatic, spicy, sensual scent with a ‘blend of Black Truffle and Ylang mingled with fresh Bergamot and delectable Black Currant.’ Its a very distinctive scent, unisex intact and when I wear it, I cant stop sniffing myself and thrusting my wrists into peoples faces. In fact, it changes on my skin, initially when I sprayed it in duty free I wasn’t all that impressed, walked away, spent some money, asked myself what that lovely smell was, realised it was Tom Ford black Orchid and consequently went back and bought it! It is a little on the pricey side and not something I will be spraying willy-nilly! I have worn it a couple of times since and cant get over how beautiful it smells. I would say this is an evening scent and not one for the faint hearted. I also must mention how gorgeous the bottle is, oh so sophisticated! 

RRP: £17.00 | DUTY FREE:£14.15  
I have been meaning to buy a new bottle of MAC Fix+ for months. But it had been out of stock etc, etc. So, I headed into the MAC counter in duty free in the hope of buying a new bottle, but surprise, surprise, it was out of stock! So instead, I opted for the MAC Mineralize Charged Water. It is described as ‘a refreshing, hydrating mist that replenishes skin and enhances makeup application and wear. Spray before makeup to create a dewy canvas. Re-apply as needed to relish moisture or re-set makeup.’ This charged water is also infused with green tea and citrus scents, but it isn’t overpowering, it’s light and very refreshing. In terms of enhancing makeup application I haven’t quite tried it yet. So I will have to update you all. 

RRP: £19.00 | DUTY FREE:£15.80  
The brush every eyeshadow lover needs, well so many beauty blogger and shadow lovers say! This brush is renowned to be the best of the best of the blending brushes and as an eyeshadow lover, I have forever wanted to put it to the test! The brush has fine, densely packed fibers, which are ever so soft to touch and all the MAC professional brushes are hand-sculpted and assembled using the finest quality materials (and so I should think for £19.00!). Someone pass me some eyeshadow! 

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer - Oil Free
RRP: £34.00 | DUTY FREE: £27.50 
Laura Mercier bases crop up everywhere! I have read oodles of posts and over the last two years or so and read some rave reviews, so I opted for the Oil Free Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer. It’s a sheer, lightweight foundation with SPF20. It’s meant to be really kind to sensitive or acne prone skin and I have moved on from my MAC Studio Fix and much prefer lighter bases for during the day. I have worn it a handful of times since returning home and I feel I may have a new favourite! So watch out for a full review soon! 

Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment With Avocado
RRP: £20.00 | DUTY FREE: £16.65 
For me, eye cream is essential. I may only be 22 (I actually typed 20... clearly it’s been a long day!), but your eyes are the first part of your face to show signs of ageing and your under eye area is also extremely delicate, so it is important to take care of it! Although this eye cream isn’t particularly focused on fine lines, my under eye area gets very dehydrated. So this creamy eye cream is exactly what I’m after for the colder months. This is the second product I now own from Kiehl’s, I also own their Midnight Recovery Oil which I love, so fingers crossed I love this eye cream just as much! 

What would you pick up from Duty free?

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Monday, 6 October 2014

Beauty Packing With MUJI

Ah, what beauty, makeup lover doesn’t love, require and want a functional cosmetics case? Well, MUJI have the answer, costing just £7.00! 

This compact multi-compartment zip-up case, has quickly become a favourite of mine after going on holiday recently. It is ideal for makeup whilst travelling and I couldn’t not share this bargain buy with you all! Now, if your like me and don’t like to travel with much makeup, this cosmetics case is just the right size and even has a separate compartment for brushes and some handy extra compartments which I used for lipsticks, hairbands, tweezers and earbuds. The only very minor issue I have with this case, is that not all my brushes fit in the brush pockets, as the handles are a funny shape, so had to be left loose. But this didn’t cause any problems. Furthermore, as the case is made from Nylon, it is easy to clean and durable. Oh and it’s also worth noting that this case has actually been reduced in price, as originally it was £12.95 (even more reason to pick one up, no?).

I really enjoyed using this case and I’m now considering buying something similar for my skincare from MUJI. If you like this case, but would prefer it without the handles, they have the same cosmetic case, for the same price, without handles here

How do you like to pack your cosmetics?
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