My Most Reached for High-End Foundations
I'm a daily foundation wearer through and through, whether its full coverage, light coverage, mattifying or dewy I've got a foundation for the job. Needless to say, picking a foundation out isn’t easy, shade matching and finding a formulation that doesn’t oxidise, or cake come 3pm can seem impossible. But I have a few high-end foundations I fall back on daily that are mainstays in my collection. So here’s a rundown of my favourites.
It's a sell-out: L’Oreal Voluminous Lash Paradise Mascara | Before & After
Drop the falsies and lash curlers, there's a new mascara on the block and its a sell-out. I spent two weeks trying to snag a tube of L'Oreal Paris Paradise Mascara £11.99, it was clearly a popular product as it flew off the shelves and consequently sold.out.everywhere. Tbh, I always want what I can't have, especially when it comes to beauty products and although I was disappointed, I felt reassured it would be worth the wait, because if the masses were buying it, it must be good. But does this new release live up to the hype? In short yes. I was blown away by, well, everything.
4 Beauty Products to Try
My love for beauty products runs deep. No matter how hard I resist I always want to try more, see what's new and discover real beauty gems. Last month my spending was restrained as I got a lil debit card happy during a few too many social occasions including a very boozy bank holiday weekend. But this didn't stop me from reviving an old eyeshadow palette from within the deep depths of my IKEA Alex drawers and dropping a few pounds in my local Boots. And I've found four you-need-to-try beauty products, all tried, tested, loved and recommend by moi. 
Hormonal Breakouts: My Go-To Routine
It's a fact of life that we all at some point get spots, regardless of how regimented our skincare routines are. Generally speaking day to-day I have relatively blemish free skin, my biggest skincare woes are redness and uneven texture. BUT, once a month my skin has a hormonal orgy where all participants (blackheads, whiteheads and those pesky red bumps) are invited (not on my behalf) to gather around my chin and jaw line. I have zero self-control when it comes to popping blemishes and I know its best to leave them alone. Frustrating but true. And whilst I can't prevent the natural from occurring, I can treat them and prevent scaring. So here's my go-to routine for hormonal breakouts.
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