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Monday, 27 April 2015

Olivia Burton Big Dial Mink & Rose Gold Watch

Olivia Burton Big Dial Mink & Rose Gold Watch

Let’s all take a minute to appreciate the beauty of my new watch courtesy of Olivia Burton. I had been searching for the perfect watch for months and swooning over several on my Pinterest and Instagram feed. But then I spotted the Olivia Burton Big Dial Mink & Rose Gold Watch and it was perfect. 

I’m a lover of rose gold (who isn’t?) and the soft vintage hue of this Olivia Burton watch won me over. The textured mink pale leather strap, paired with the large rose gold plated dial, creates a classic and classy watch that can easily be worn with any outfit. On the underside of the dial, the words ‘Olivia Burton London’ have been embossed along with the little bird motif, making it all that more special. 

I ordered the OB Big Dial Watch online from Topshop. I used a Topshop gift card I had received at Christmas from my boyfriend’s parents and at the time Topshop were offering free express delivery (winning!). The watch was originally £75.00, but after I had used my gift card, it cost a very reasonable £50. The watch came with a 2-year guarantee and arrived in a cushioned watch box and ever since has become a firm favourite of mine. If you are considering buying a watch, I highly suggest you take a look at the Olivia Burton range, the watches are substantially more affordable than the likes of Daniel Worthington watches and are simply beautiful. 

Do you own a watch? 
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Thursday, 23 April 2015

YOSO Pro 3-Step Deep Cleansing System

YOSO Pro 3-Step Deep Cleansing System
Innovative and effective beauty products are hard to come by. But the YOSO Pro 3-Step Deep Cleansing System* is so much more than a cleansing brush; the science behind this little gadget sets it apart from any other cleansing system. The YOSO Pro is an iconic 3-Step Deep Cleansing system that uses Ion technology to ensure that your skin is cleaner and fresher than ever before and is suitable for all skin types.

Let me begin by addressing exactly what Ion technology is. The principle of Ionic skincare technology uses positive and negatively charged ions through electrical charges to help draw out impurities, create skin balance and restore moisture, all whilst delivering an invigorating cleanse. 

The device is light and relatively small, fitting perfectly into the palm of my hand. It would be ideal for travelling and wouldn’t take up much space in your bathroom cabinet. The front facing plate is made from titanium and is super smooth so doesn’t feel unpleasant or harsh when in contact with my skin. To activate the Ion technology, you simply must have contact with the panel on the back and touch front facing plate onto your face and it doesnt make a sound. 

What I really like about the YOSO Pro is that I can enhance my current skincare routine in the convenience of my bathroom, in the space of 5 minutes. The settings at first can be a little baffling, but there are 3 intensity settings and the choice of ‘cleanse’, ‘moisturise’ or ‘boost’. All treatments last 5 minutes and the device automatically turns off after this time. The settings can be used alone, or be used one after the other, to help create your very own at home facial. I like to use the medium setting and love that it doesn’t leave my skin looking pink, unlike my Magnitone pulsar, which as a result I only use in the evening. I do on occasion like to use the device to help remove my makeup. To do this, I soak a cotton pad in micellar water and attach it over the titanium head and secure it with a plastic ring (which is included) and use the cleanse setting. But what I really love to use the device for is moisturising. I apply moisturiser, or my favourite GLAMGLOW Thirsty Hydrating Treatment straight onto the titanium head and use the ‘boost’,  or ‘moisturise’ setting. It is so moisturising and seriously therapeutic and something that other skincare devices do not offer. 

Cleanse - YOSO Pro uses a positive charge to draw out the negatively charged dirt from deep within your pores leaving your skin feeling cleaner than ever before.
Moisturise - A negative charge enables your regular moisturiser to penetrate below the protective epidermis layer, resulting in increased moisture absorption and beautifully smooth skin.
Boost - Boosts the effect of lotions and face masks using fine vibrations and gentle rotation of the electrode polarity.

5 Mins - Mini Treatment - Moisturise
10 Mins - Simple Treatment - Moisturise & Cleanse
15 Mins - Daily Treatment - Moisturise, Cleanse & Boost (Moisturiser)
15 Mins - Booster Treatment - Moisturise, Cleanse & Boost (sheet mask)

Overall, I have seen a dramatic difference in my skin since regularly using the YOSO Pro. My skincare products have been more effective, my pores are minimised, I suffer from fewer breakouts and my skin feels smoother and appears more even. It has been a very welcomed addition to my routine. The YOSO Pro isn’t cheap, priced £149 and would be a huge investment. But if you have the budget and youre looking to revolutionise your skincare routine, this luxurious, unique skincare device is well worth it and is available to buy online from Beauty Crowd.

What do you think of the YOSO Pro system? 
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Saturday, 18 April 2015

Worth The Hype? Benefit Roller Lash Mascara

Benefit Roller Lash Mascara

Benefit are known for their extravagant PR campaigns, fun packaging and in my opinion two main products; Hoola Bronzer and They’re Real! Mascara. I for one was never a die-hard fan of the ‘cult’ They’re Real! Mascara, but when I heard about Benefit's latest release 'Roller Lash Mascara' earlier this year, I was instantly intrigued. This mascara claims to be a ‘super-curling & lifting’ with a brush that ‘grabs, separates, lifts and curls’ and I’ve put it to the test and the verdict is in...

Benefit never disappoints when it comes to packaging and this mascara is no exception. The wand is plastic (my preferred wand type) and has been designed to copy the performance of Velcro hair rollers. The wand is flexible, gentle and curved with small rubber hooks. On the inside of the curve, the bristles are short and on the outer edge the bristles are longer, which help catch every single lash. 

Benefit Roller Lash Mascara

Application is effortless and the design of the brush allows you to get really close to the lash line. You only need a couple of coats to achieve separated, defined, lifted and super long lashes. However, it is worth noting that if you apply too many coats, it does have the tendency to go a little clumpy - less is more ladies! It claims to be water resistant, which I would agree with to a certain extent. I for one wouldn’t go swimming whilst wearing this mascara, but it does stay put after a tear or two, or when your eyes for no apparent reason start watering. In terms of volume there are better mascaras out there, but it does give the illusion of a fuller lash line and creates the perfect wide-eyed look, that I love. 

Usually when I first buy mascara I prefer it once it has dried up a little (I know I’m not the only one), but the formula of this mascara from the first application was an absolute winner! Benefit are right, you don’t need eyelash curlers and the formula is ink black, doesn’t flake or smudge and is really lightweight. But the one thing that really sets this mascara apart from any other, is the fact it really does hold a curl and last all day and I’m talking a good ten-hour shift! I thought it would be hard to remove due to its long lasting properties, but with a little Garnier Micellar Water and a cotton pad it was easy peasy.  

I’ve heard that this mascara was four years in the making and it’s safe to say that Benefit has hit the nail on the head with their latest release. I highly recommend you give this mascara a go. You can buy it online here for £19.50. I’ve certainly been hooked since purchasing it! 

Have you tried this mascara yet? 

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Sunday, 29 March 2015

Pins I Love #2

Last month I shared with you all my new found love, Pinerest. And this month has been no different and with Spring well underway and having recently emptied my wardrobe, I have been going crazy  pinning several spring outfit, polishes and makeup looks. So lets spring right into it... 

1. There is something about this skirt that I simply love. From the the sheer panels at the bottom, to the length. And since spying this skirt, I hopped online and purchased a skirt from New Look of a similar style and although it isn’t something I would usually go for, I really like it and felt like a princess wearing it! 

2. Forget her brows and the fact she is stunning, this pin is all about the orange lips. And it’s safe to say, when the sunshine returns ,so do colourful lipsticks and this year I will be rocking an orange lip. I’m still on the hunt for the perfect shade, so if you have any recommendations, feel free to share them with me. 

3. Since January I have worn nothing but Essie’s ‘Cocktail Bling’ polish on my nails and after coming across Muggins from Butter London via Pinerest, I couldn’t help myself and have since been online and purchased it. Review to follow. 

4. Stripes. I’m feeling the need to add a little bit of Parisian style to my current wardrobe and I have been pinning stripes left right and centre onto my ‘Wardrobe Wants’ board. I have scanned the shops and come across a very soft striped number from Warehouse, which is currently on my wish list, amongst other stripy numbers.  

What pins have you been loving recently?
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