Must Have Summer Beauty Essentials

Must Have Summer Beauty Essentials

Here are a handful of my summer beauty essentials. Let me know if you to use these products and what you think.

Organic surge volume boost conditioner:
Funnily enough I got this product in my June Glossybox and I have used it every day since i received it! It does give volume to your hair like most volume conditioners, but for me I love what my hair feels like after I've used it - SOFT, SHINY & STRONG. The conditioner is full of organic essential oils and non of that silicone stuff that can weigh your hair down. I also love the texture, it is not as solid as most conditioners and at first I was unsure, but it runs through my hair perfectly and I don't need much of it. I will defiantly make a few purchases from organic surge after trying this conditioner.

This inexpensive perfume was a true find in my eyes. Ever since I bought it has been my top choice of fragrance. It's unlike any perfume I've had before. I've been struggling to describe the scent, its not too strong and its not flowery... it just smells expensive... so helpful. It was just £9.99 and even came with a roll on bottle too, which fits perfectly in my makeup bag if I want to freshen up during the day - great for festivals! Zara has a huge range of fragrance and I highly suggest you check them out. It is most defiantly my summer fragrance.

This lotion ticks all the boxes for me. Firstly it does the most important thing, hydrates my skin. BUT what I love about this lotion is the fact once you have applied it, it doesn't stick to your skin and become greasy. It somewhat drys, but my skin still feels and looks amazing. This summer, this will be the perfect lotion for that reason - there is nothing worse than being hot and greasy. Plus, it is also firming with caffeine properties and I have defiantly seen a change in my skin since I started using this lotion. Lastly it smells clean and fresh with a citrus scent and I just LOVE IT.

If you haven't heard of this product where have you been?! This cleanser has won 75 beauty awards! I don't feel as though I need to say much else! It has done wonders for my skin and is affordable! I just wish I had found it sooner! This cleanser deserves a review of its own.

Must Have Summer Beauty Essentials

I picked this up in my local Tesco as my lips were super dry and I saw it at the checkout and thought that will do! I was pleasantly surprised by how good it is! And is probably the best £2 I've ever spent! It smells edible and I have been very tempted to lick it off my lips because it smells that good! It simply leaves my lips feeling super soft and moisturised and even adds a subtle pinch of colour to my lips! It is a tad sticky at times but nothing to stop me from reapplying it again, again and again! 

It should be illegal to have hairy legs during the summer... or at all! And I'm going to fess up and say that I'm not the best shaver in the world, I quite often miss hair and cut myself and I find shaving such a chore. I often use Veet hair removal cream to ensure that Im removing all the hair from my legs in a safe manor. But I have now turned to 'in shower' hair removal cream. I do exactly as I did before but I can shower at the same time - for me this is a break through, as I can be impatient sometimes and this way I can wash whilst the cream is doing its thing! It's easy to use, effective and doesn't have a strong hair removal odour! 

When your hair is wet and you brush through it, is it full of knots? Does it pull? Does your hair snap? Ping and curl upwards? Well, mine did in places, because it was slightly damaged from years of dying my hair. This tangle teezer has done wonders for my hair and this doesnt happen anymore! It will be perfect in the summer when on holiday, after getting out of the pool, or the sea and even the shower! I love using it whilst washing my hair by squirting my conditioner onto the teezer and brushing it through to ensure maximum coverage. You can get them in cute colours and designs and they are a great pocket size.

You can't get through the summer without dry shampoo. If you are a festival goer, this dry shampoo is a perfect way to keep your hair clean and smelling fresh. You can also get this dry shampoo in a miniature travel size for those upcoming festivals or holidays. 

Sun protectant is a MUST over the summer. Keeping your skin protected from the sun is so important and I love the Piz Buin range! Both of the products smell lovely and are light on the skin. The in sun pray instantly absorbs and is neither greasy or sticky! The after sun by Piz Buin is a favourite of mine! One ingredient is tanimel which is a tan intensifying plant extract, which most defiantly works like magic on me! I do sometimes burn and no matter how badly (only when not using sun screen), after using this for a few days, I develop a lovely golden tan. Piz Buin have a huge range, it is a little more expensive than your general sun protectant, but it is defiantly worth it.

I live in sandals over the summer and at times my feet need some serious TLC and I find this product leaves them feeling super soft and smooth. To be honest I've never been disappointed with any Soap and Glory product and the products are highly rated in the beauty world. I love using this product over night, massaging my feet in the gel like substance and then wearing cotton socks, whilst I sleep so the product can soak in and by the morning my feet are like new. The product smells great too. For £5.50 this really is genius. 

Must Have Summer Beauty Essentials

Have I missed anything? What are your summer essentials? 
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