What's In My Bag - Summer Edition

What's In My Bag - Summer Edition

Here is a blog post which I'm sure many of you have come across before! I thought I would add to the hundreds and show you what I keep inside my bag - the excitement...

As you can see I carry everything with me! This post should really be called "What's not in my bag?"! But I hate being out and needing something and not having it! And yes, this is a summer edition and I have a brolly in my bag, but here in the UK our summer can be very unpredictable! I must admit what I have in my bag changes day-to-day, but these are the bits and bobs which I carry with me the majority of the time.

Journal from John Lewis - I LOVE this journal, it was a present from my mum at Christmas and I use it to write down all my ideas for my blog and any article ideas. The pages are quirky and colourful and it is a very cherished item of mine. John Lewis has a lovely selection of journals and if you are like me and love writing, a journal is worth a buy!

Google Nexus 7 - Although I'm a huge fan of Apple products, this 7inch tablet is great for surfing the internet and watching YouTube videos in HD. It's light and the battery lasts all day. I also love using it to read books on journeys to and from university.

Diary from WHSmiths - I don't know what I would do without my diary - I'm sure you don't need me to tell you what I use this for! Oh! And I always carry a black biro with me - this is very important! I only ever write in black biro... I don't know exactly why... but never blue, always black!

What's In My Bag - Summer Edition

Purse from Ted Baker - I have had this purse for a couple of years now and is starting to look a little worse for wear, but I love it too much! (Maybe I should ask for a new one for my 21st Birthday?) Funnily enough although this purse looks rather fat, it is not full of money, but lots and lots of store cards and vouchers... very frugal of me.

Wet wipes and hand sanitizer - Ladies it is so important to keep your hands clean - but I'm sure you all know that! These wet wipes are from Primark and smell lovely! They came in a twin pack for £1 and are brilliant for when I go to boots and cover my hands in make-up! The hand sanitizer is essential! I use it a lot - maybe too much? 

Make-up Bag - This was a gift a from my boyfriends parents a few years back and I love it! It's just super cute. I believe this is also from John Lewis.

Mac Fix + - Although I dont always feel this "fixes" my make-up as advertised it is very hydrating and soothing. I find it is great if I have been at work and my skin needs a boost (as it can get very dry and my complexion can look rather dull)! It leaves my skin looking bright and dewy.

Mac Lovelorn lipstick - This is currently my go to lipstick. It is a soft, subtle pink and can be worn everyday.

Zara perfume - Now if you have read some summer essentials blog post you will know just how much I love this fragrance! So refreshing and light! And the bottle comes with this cute little roll on applicator which fits perfectly in my make-up bag.

Studio moisture tint SPF15 - This is perfect for this season! It is a light tinted moisturiser and is has the perfect coverage to even out my skin tone as I suffer from redness. It is a great alternative to foundation and leaves my skin looking lovely! I use it on its own and sometimes fix it with powder if I want it to last all day! It isn't oily and glides onto my skin perfectly.

What's In My Bag - Summer Edition

Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream  - I love this product! It is a lifesaver! I always have it with me no matter what! It is great for lips, dry skin, to shape brows and sunburn! I also love to use it as a base for my lipstick as it is so hydrating! This is worth a buy, it literally does everything! I highly recommend it.

Vaseline 24h Anti-Perspirant  - I bought this anti-perspirant as it was half price in SuperDrug and its great. I wouldn't say it lasts 24hrs but it smells fresh and does the job! Handbag essential for this summer to keep fresh and clean.

Nivea lip butter (raspberry)  - Just like the zara perfume this has also featured in my summer essentials blog post. It is a great lip butter and smells DIVINE.

Umberto Giannini instant beauty makeover spray - As I have naturally have long, straight hair it can look a bit dull and boring and this spray is a great pick-me-up. It smells great and it gives my hair a boost, leaving it feeling hydrated and shiny.

Benefit Hoola bronzer - Another product from my summer essentials! Read blog post to find out more.

GOSH The secret of longer lashes mascara - I received this product in last months Glossybox and I'm currently trying it out. So far I do like it but if you have read my blog before you will know I find it hard to find a better mascara than my MaxFactor false lash effect! However this mascara does leave my lashes looking longer and the brush is great however not sure about the volume! The mascara has defiantly improved the length of my lashes, so if you need a mascara that lengthens its worth giving this a try.

Maybelline Fit me concealer  - This has to be another hand bag essential! Just incase I get or have any horrid spots or dark circles! This concealer is my current favourite.
What's In My Bag - Summer Edition

Here is the HUGE bag where I carry EVERYTHING ABOVE! This bag is 100% leather and from Pelle Moda, however I got mine from Social discount network which was and is still selling it for less than half price - bargain.

So what do you keep in you bag? Do you carry around as much as me? 
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