L'oreal Wild Ombre Kit Results // Review

 Last night at 10:30pm I had the urge to Ombre my hair.... We have all been there and been stuck in a rut with our hair, not knowing what to do or what colour to dye it! So on a whim I did it and yes, many of you might say that it's a bit late to jump on the Ombre bandwagon, but it is something I have wanted to do for a while now, but never had the guts too and Ombre hair isn't going anywhere anytime soon! So, I thought I would share with you what I thought of the kit and the results.

L'oreal Wild Ombre Kit Results // Review
L'oreal Preference Wild Ombres No 2 Dip Dye Hair Kit
I purchased the L'oreal Paris Wild Ombres Kit, which is  for all of you that don't know, a kit specially designed to Ombre you hair (which is really just a posh word for dip dyed), which can be bought on the high street at just £6.99, which is considerably cheaper than what it would cost at the hairdressers -bargain! I bought this after watching many people rave about it on YouTube. I purchased the Ombre No 2 which is for dark blonde to medium brown - which of course is my hair colour! They have three different options for different hair colours from dark brown to blonde - something for everyone. 

L'oreal Wild Ombre Kit Results // Review
Firstly the kit was simple and the instructions were easy to follow. I ensured my hair was knot free to start, by running my much trusted tangle teezer through it and then I sectioned my hair into two halves: top and bottom. I started with the bottom layer and applied the mixture to the brush applying the product to the tips first, then working my way up to just below my chin. When I first started to apply the product to my hair, I was concerned as I have very thick long hair and couldn't see the dye being enough, but it was and actually there was a little dye left in the bottle at the end. I then repeated this process and saw quite rapidly my hair changing colour which panicked me slightly! One of the downsides was I could see my hair getting damaged - it was pinging all over the place and I even apologised to my hair... yep thats right I spoke to my hair... (it was late after all!). But that is expected when effectively bleaching your hair. Also towards the end of the application a lot of the product was gathering in the brush, as it was becoming difficult to brush it through my hair in the condition it was in! After 25 minutes I jumped in the shower (to my joy!) and rinsed my hair. I used the whole pot of conditioner (excessive?) which comes with in the kit as I didn't want my hair to dry like straw too! This instantly helped and I could run my fingers through my hair and it felt like new! I then let my hair air dry as it didn't need any further damage and here are the results:

L'oreal Wild Ombre Kit Results // Review
After (Excuse my PJs!) 
L'oreal Wild Ombre Kit Results // Review
And another after...
I must admit I did panic slightly during application of the dye as I could see my hair getting damaged as I mentioned. But no fear, it feels just as it did before (which is surprising!) and looks super healthy considering! I am very happy with the results and Im glad I took the plunge and finally did it! I will put a better quality picture up soon! As my camera doesn't do it justice! With the proper hair care products I should be able to look after my new golden locks! I would recommend this product to anyone to who is considering to ombre their hair - just give it a go! Why not! Just keep in mind the damage it may cause to your hair. But I give it to L'oreal, it works and it is hassle free! Like I said it is never too late to jump on the ombre bandwagon.

Have you ever used this kit? What do you think? 
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