Real Techniques Eye Brush Starter Kit // Review

I'm very, very excited to finally have bought the Real Techniques eye starter set by Samantha Chapman (one of the lovely Pixiwoo sisters). I have been after this brush set for a few months now as I love, love, love my other brushes from her collection! I own a handful of the RT brushes, including both foundation brushes, the powder brush, the blusher brush and more recently the stippling brush and I have been so happy with the price, the quality of the brushes and the the finish they give when I use them to apply my make-up! If you haven't got your hands on any of these brushes, I highly recommend you buy a couple! And if you are thinking to yourself, "Emily you are getting very excited over some brushes!" I know, I cant help it! Well made brushes make a huge difference in the appearance and finish of your make-up - don't knock the enthusiasm until you buy some of the brushes! Honestly you will not be disappointed.

This brush set is just perfect, as I am currently loving to wear eyeshadow on a daily basis. I used to   get overwhelmed by the amount of eye brushes that there are on offer on make-up counters, but this brush set great and has made it all a little less daunting! The set covers everything you need to do a classic smoky eye, eyeliner and filling in your brows. The set cost just £21.99 from Boots which in my opinion is a very reasonable price for 5 quality brushes, as I have spent that much on just one brush before (which I have later regretted!) Boots also currently have buy 1 get 1 half price on RT brushes - so this is the perfect time to get your hands on a couple.

In the set there are 5 brushes  in total, which are made from ultra plush taklon bristles that guaranteed to give a beautiful finish - they are also super soft! There is a base shadow brush, a deluxe crease brush, an accent brush, a pixel-pointed eyeliner brush and a brow brush.  I am also aware that a few of the brushes are great for multiple uses and many bloggers and beauty gurus love using the deluxe crease brush for concealer. What I also like about all the RT brushes, is that they are all labelled so you know which ones are used for what (great for beginners). They are also colour co-ordinated, so for example the eye brushes are purple and the base brushes are gold - what a nice little finish! On the back of the box there is also a quick guide as to how you can use the brushes and lastly you can even go online and watch Samantha Chapman using the kit! The case the brushes come in, is also pretty handy as it can be used in multiple ways and it also has space for an extra brushes - Samantha literally thought of everything! I cannot wait to use these, I never thought I would be so excited by brushes.

Watch Samantha Chapman use this set here!
Do you have any of the RT brushes? Which one is your favourite? 
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