Star Buy: Beauty Blender Dupe

Star Buy: Beauty Blender Dupe
I have watched so many beauty gurus using this little sponge and rave about the finish it gives and all that jazz and to be honest I wasn't even slightly interested at the time, I couldn't think of worse way than to apply my make-up with a glorified sponge (sponge application reminds me of Halloween makeup!) But boy was I so wrong! I too have become mad for the beauty blender! I was pleasantly surprised to say the least.

I bought one online via eBay just over a week a go, as I couldn't justify spending £16 on what is effectively a sponge and to be honest there can't be that much more of a difference between the original and a copy surely? So instead I opted for a £2.95 teardrop beauty blender. When it arrived I wasn't all that excited, but I got to using it straight away the next day and the results were amazing! The beauty blender its self, feels rather like a soft stress ball. Initially it is quite small, but once dampened it expands to nearly twice the size (as seen in picture). You can use it wet or dry, but I found the results are flawless when it is dampened. I apply the product (foundation/concealer) onto the back of my hand and then use the beauty blender to apply it to the area needed. I use the blender in a bouncing action, patting it onto the skin (effortless), it leaves no lines or visible streaks after application and I can't believe how good my skin looks after using it - it applies liquid foundation and concealer beautifully. I use the pointed side to reach under the eyes (its fits perfectly) and around my nose and mouth and I then use the base of the blender for the larger areas like my cheeks and forehead. I have also used it to apply cream products and it works perfectly for this too. And for those of you that are worried that it will only give sheer coverage you can use this blender to build up coverage too. 

Beauty blenders are reusable so need to be cleaned after use. I have been throughly soaking the sponge and then applying a little bit of baby shampoo onto the sponge and rubbing it onto the palm of my hand and then rinsing (I repeat this if necessary) and I then finish cleaning it by squeezing out the excess water and leaving it to dry. You can just rinse it under hot water and squeeze out the excess after each use, but a thorough clean will stop bacteria causing breakouts etc. 

I must add that I'am a loyal lover of my Real Techniques blending brush to apply my foundation I didn't think I would ever EVER say this... but I may have found a competitor - for now I have set aside my much loved RT brush! Overall, I am so surprised by the finish this little sponge gives - my skin has honestly never looked so good! I whole heartily recommend this product, they are amazing. Flawless skin for under a fiver... Bargain.

Have you ever tried a beauty blender? Or a dupe?
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