Boots Sensitive Expert Shampoo & Conditioner // Review

Boots Sensitive Expert Shampoo & Conditioner // Review

Back at the beginning of December my scalp had a crisis... It was sore, itchy and dry (how lovely!). I have never been one to have a sensitive scalp. I have always been able to use whatever I wish on my hair - but no, my scalp had had enough. I wasn’t sure if this was down to the sudden change in the weather, or a certain dry shampoo I was using at the time (which I have now stopped using). Anyhow, the itching and sensitivity was too much, I could barely put my head under the shower in the mornings and brush through it afterwards (thats right get your violins out!). So I picked up, Boots Expert Shampoo and Conditioner, as it wasn’t pricey at all at £3.49 a bottle and what did I have to loose! 

Boots Sensitive Expert Shampoo & Conditioner // Review

Firstly, as this is not a luxurious shampoo and conditioner it would be unfair to say the packaging isn’t very nice, because for me this purchase was more about the product and its practicality, than the pretty packaging. So lets get to the product itself. Although it has most certainly helped with my scalp, (which may I add has now pretty much recovered from its end of year crisis), in all honesty, I wasn’t 100% convinced, or impressed by this duo from Boots.

Lets start with the shampoo. The shampoo has a transparent, thick gel like constancy and is odourless. I found that the shampoo was  extremely difficult to lather up. I always ensured when using this product that my hair was completely wet and would massage the product in as well as I could, but it didn’t do much - it was unbelievably difficult to work with. It was also a pain in the bottom to wash out and to be honest, it made washing my hair more of a chore than it already was! However, the ingredients did leave my hair soft and left my scalp feeling a lot calmer. In its defence, I have been told that the fact it doesn’t lather/foam up well, is a sign that it doesn’t have any of those horrible ingredients in - I could be wrong? The conditioner is also odourless, but has more of a light, milky texture, which I found wasn’t the best for my hair, as there just wasn’t enough of it! The conditioner also didn’t distribute well due to its runny texture and I ran out of the conditioner pretty quickly. 

Im not sure how effective this shampoo and conditioner would be for someone with serve scalp sensitivity and dandruff. But it did, in all fairness help to relieve my very sore and itchy scalp. Would I buy it again? Well, I think I would maybe look elsewhere first. Im very disappointed and expected much more from Boots Expert Range. 

Have you ever used this product before? 

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