The Summer Skincare Update

The Summer Skincare Update
Although exfoliation is key to any skincare routine, it is really time to scrub down this summer. Exfoliation helps you get a closer shave, it leaves your skin feeling and looking soft and also if your a fan of self tanning, it also helps it apply more evenly. Say goodbye to dead skin cells by choosing a gentle exfoliator and don’t over do it, twice a week will do the job. I love Soap & Glory’s Sugar Crush Body Scrub, but you can always opt for a home made scrub by mixing brown sugar with a little bit of olive oil - its just as effective! And don’t forget to apply your favourite moisturiser daily after jumping out the shower, as when your skin is moist your products will soak in much faster, I’m currently loving The Body Shop’s Coconut Body Butter

Schedule Treatments:
Book a brow wax, bikini wax, manicure, pedicure, haircut and facial. All of these treatments can also be done at home. Would you like to see some DIY skincare? 

Foot Care:
As the sun makes its return so do your sandals! So make sure they are ready to see the sun by preparing them with a good pedicure, whether that be at home or at a salon. Remove all dead skin cells from the bottom of your feet, by soaking them for 10 minutes in a bath, or bowl of warm water with a quarter cup of milk... yes you read that right, the lactic acid in the milk loosens dead skin. Then use a pumice stone to remove all the dead skin. I also like to use Soap & Glory’s Heel Genius Foot Mask, followed by my 360 foot file. Don’t forget to give your nails a cut down and shape and then follow up with your favourite nail polish and foot moisturiser and voilĂ  your feet are ready! 

We should all be using SPF all year round, but as the suns UVA and UVB rays grow stronger now really is the time to invest in a decent SPF. If you are worried about breaking out with the use of an SPF opt for an oil free SPF - there are no excuses. I’m currently loving Soap & Glory’s Make Yourself Youthful Sunshield (SPF 50) which is currently on offer at Boots. You'll be thankful when you are 30 and still look 20.

Lighten Up:
Pick a light weight moisturiser (or two, one for your face and one for your body) that won’t leave you all greasy but will still give you enough hydration. I recommend Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturiser and Superdrug’s Naturally Radiant Face Balm. If you dont want to switch moisturisers you can always try mixing in a little rosewater (that always works a treat!). It is also an added bonus if your moisturiser has an SPF. On the note of spray products, opting for a spray toner is always a good shout come summer.

Luscious Locks:
The summer sun, the sea and chlorine can really dry out your hair, make your ends brittle and fade your hair colour! So get a trim, opt for a hydrating shampoo and conditioner and wear a hat. Simple.  Recently I have been loving running Charles Worthington Moisture Seal Hair Healer Leave In Conditioner (currently £3.99!) through my hair once I have come out of the shower. You can read my full review on this product here

What are your summer skincare essentials? 
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