The Perfect Post-Workout Pair

The Perfect Post-Workout Pair

That’s right. These two products pictured here will have you looking like Millie Mackintosh in no time... I joke, I joke! But with January being the unofficial month of weight loss and healthy eating, I  have recently joined Regiment Fitness, where I roll around in the mud (literally), lift tyres, run with half filled jerry cans and sweat buckets. So as a result I have introduced a couple of new products into my beauty regime, both of which have been working wonders together after my hardcore boot camp sessions. 

The Body Shop Tea Tree Body Wash £6.00
My love for The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil range is only growing stronger with the recent addition of their Tea Tree Body Wash. The soap free, antiseptic, gel formula is great at removing any workout grime and leaves my skin feeling refreshed and super clean. I for one, get a few little spots on my chest and this body wash has been really effective at clearing them up and keeping them under control. In fact, my chest had completely cleared up after just 3 uses! Furthermore, it doesn’t dry out, or strip my skin and although it doesn’t lather well when applied on its own, it does lathers up really nicely when used with a body polisher/bath lily. 

Liz Earle Energising Hip & Thigh Gel (Discontinued)
Feeling the burn during a workout is a good thing, but hobbling around the office the day not so much! But I have a solution; the Liz Earle Energising Hip & Thigh Gel, which has been great for getting rid of those aches and pains. I personally like to apply this product straight after the shower, as it can leave the skin feeling a little sticky when applied straight onto dry skin. I massage the gel in circular movements over my thighs, hips, upper arms and stomach and it absorbs really quickly, leaving my skin feeling smoother, more hydrated and instantly tighter. The gel is cooling and uber refreshing and the herbal scent is therapeutic and lasts all day. I have noticed a difference since using this product (bare in mind I have been exercising and drinking lots of water). My cellulite is less noticeable, my stretch marks have faded in colour, and my legs and stomach appear more toned and firmer, not to mention when I use this product after a workout, I defiantly hobble a lot less in the morning! However, there is one MAJOR downside. This product has been discontinued! How Liz Earle can discontinue a beauty bible award winner and five star product is beyond me! If anyone has any recommendations or knows where I can pick up another bottle please let me know. Otherwise it looks like I will need to pick up the Energising Body Lotion instead.

What products do you like to use post-workout?
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