Acrylic Lipstick Storage

When it comes to storing makeup, acrylic storage is always a winner. Thanks to Kim K giving us all a glimpse of her makeup stash a couple of years back in an episode of 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ acrylic makeup storage has become very popular and as a result, there are now hundreds of options available, some of which are very inexpensive and some which cost hundreds. 

The glossy plastic storage, is a simple, tidy, practical and a rather pretty way to display makeup and now is the perfect time to have a spring clean of your makeup stash and display your most loved lippies on your vanity. I bought myself an acrylic lipstick holder early last year, after realising I wasn’t getting much use out of my lip products and I love it. My four-tier lipstick organiser can hold up to 24 lipsticks and I certainly get more use out of these lipsticks now they are on display. I like to store the majority of them upside down, so I can see which shade they are, which is very convenient, especially when it comes to MAC lipsticks. And the fact the holder is tiered makes it far easier to find the shade I’m looking for, unlike the flat acrylic lipstick holders. 

If you are a lipstick junkie, and yet to invest in a lipstick acrylic storage solution now is the time. Yes they can be over priced, but you don’t have to break the bank. If you are happy to wait a couple of weeks, you can pick up an acrylic lipstick holder like mine for under a fiver from Amazon for as little as £2.75 which is shipped from China. eBay also has hundreds to choose from £2.57. The plastic is a little thinner than my MUJI acrylic storage, but all in all I can’t fault it. 

How do you like to store your lipsticks? 
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