Battle Of The Bands

Battle Of The Bands

You can never have too many hair bands, hair ties, scrunchies, bobbles, all of which have the primary purpose to fasten hair. Admittedly we all love a multipack of traditional elastic hairbands from Primark, but no one likes hair breakage. With that in mind, in the last couple years we have seen brands releasing ‘innovative' products to help prevent snags and tangles, but are they really any better for our hair? 

Invisibobble Traceless Hair Ring (x 3) £3.75
Invisibobble is a telephone cord shaped hair ring with no metal or glued seams. Invisibobble as the name suggests, was designed with the intention to be invisible and to stop leaving marks aka kinks in the hair. I was intrigued by these hair rings and after a little bit of reading; I took the plunge and purchased a box of 3. Now, there are a few things I really like about Invisibobbles, but unfortunately the bad outweighed the good. 

The hair ring is traceless and very comfortable to wear, which for me is vital as I get headaches frequently and have a sensitive scalp. Invisibobbles are available in 8 different colours (kinda defeats the point of it being ‘invisible’?) and although they do stretch relatively quickly, after a few days they return back to their natural shape. However, as comfortable as they are to wear, removing them can be a complete pain (currently winching at the thought). I find myself trying to unwind and untangle them, which in the process snags and pulls on my hair. So all in all, Invisbobbles aren't all that caring. I for one have very thick hair and a lot of it and once the Invisbobble has been worn a handful of times, they start to lose their shape and as a result don’t hold my hair very well. This might not be an issue for someone with fine hair and although I have read you can warm them up with a hairdryer to help  them return to their original shape - I have far better things to be doing! Overall, I’m not completely sold on Invisbobbles. The concept is there, but in my opinion when put to practice they don’t quite do the job. What are your thoughts on Invisbobbles? 

Popbands (x 5) £8.00*
Like Invisabobbles, Popbands have no metal or glued seams and are essentially wide, flat, stretchy elastics tied in a knot. Popbands are soft and kind to your hair. They don’t leave kinks and unlike Invisabobbles are easy to unite. Popbands come in a multitude of jazzy colours and patterns and make a boring ponytail a little more exciting. When you're not wearing the Popband in your hair, it can be worn on your wrist and it won’t cut off your circulation and looks cute - although saying that, I don’t wear them as bracelets. It could be argued that these are a little pricey, as they are just strips of elastic cut and then tied. But in all honesty, I doubt I will ever go to the effort of buying the elastic and making them myself! And yes, after time the elastic hold does loosen, especially if you have thicker hair like me, but I can look past that. Overall, these simple elastics could just help your blow-dry survive a trip to the gym and in my opinion win the battle of the bands hands down. 

How’d you like to tie your hair back?
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