My Crown Brush Collection

My Crown Brush Collection

Admittedly I have more makeup brushes than I would ever need. But as an eyeshadow addict, having plenty of brushes is a necessary requirement. And although I have a selection of eyeshadow brushes from a variety of brands including: MAC, Real Techniques, The Body Shop and Zoeva, my all time favourite eyeshadow brushes are from Crown Brush

Crown Brush is a UK brand that has been manufacturing makeup brushes for over 30 years. They sell quality makeup brushes and dupes at incredible budget prices and are a brand loved by makeup artists and bloggers alike. And a brand I've sworn by since 2013. Their brushes are a mixture of both synthetic and natural bristles and have matte black wooden handles and silver metal ferrules and wash well with a bar of Simple soap. So today I have sieved through my Crown Brush collection and picked out 5 of my favourites...

The SS026 Syntho Angle Shader is from the Synthetic Range at Crown Brush. The angled brush head has full dense bristles and is good for applying eyeshadow colour all over the lid. But as the angled edged fits well in the outer corner of the eye, it makes diffusing the crease effortless. 

The C200 Deluxe Crease brush is super soft, fluffy, long and very flexible making it perfect for feathering in and out crease colour. I also like to use it to blend concealer under the eyes. 

The C433 Pro Blending Fluff has short square shaped bristles and is great for precision blending and packing colour all over the lid. Similar to MAC's best selling 217 blending brush, but arguably not as soft or flexible. But never the less, one of my most used Crown Brush eyeshadow brushes. 

One of the cheapest but by far my all time favourite eyeshadow brushes is the C139 Stiff Tapered Crease brush. The best seller from Crown Brush is perfect for precise blending. I like to use the tapered brush to apply my transition shade into the crease and I couldn't be without it! 

Great at smudging and softening eyeliner the SS020 Syntho Precision Crease brush has become a brush I reach for on a regular basis. The pointed pencil brush is fab at applying eyeshadow along the lower lash line and adding highlight onto the tea duct area. And when I'm feeling a little daring it can also be used to define the socket for that 60's vibe. 

Have you ever tried any brushes from Crown Brush?
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