KIKO Campus Idol Collection | First Impressions

KIKO Campus Idol Collection | First Impressions
The KIKO Campus Idol Collection is here! New for January 2016 KIKO's limited edition collection is as preppy as it gets. Designed to celebrate college and street style, the collection stands out from the rest with its old skool american vibrant packaging and 'KK' coat of arms.

KIKO's latest collection may not be as sophisticated as previous launches and might appeal to a younger audience, but the products formula and performance on a whole are worth a cheer! The fun collection includes 9 new products available in a variety of shades: 
All Stars Face Palette (available in 2 shades) £14.90
Double Dare Eyeshadow & Eyeliner (available in 6 shades) £7.90
Prom Queen Eyeshadow Palette (available in 2 shades) £15.90
Pump It Up Volume & Curl Mascara £8.90
Double Match Lipstick & Lipliner (available in 6 shades) £7.90
Urban Sheen Lipgloss (available in 6 shades) £4.90
Brow Expert Eyebrow Kit (available in 2 shades) £14.90
Campus Idol Pochette £8.90
Campus Idol Face Brush (available in 2 shades) £14.90

As a palette lover it will come as no surprise that on the announcement of KIKO's new collection, I was most excited for the All Stars Face Palette and Prom Queen Eyeshadow Palette. The face palette contains 3 powders: a bronzer, blusher and highlight. And I personally like the fact the powders aren't of an equal size and all three shades although a little powdery has good colour pay off. The Prom Queen Eyeshadow Palette houses 6 neutral eyeshadows (and a naff double ended brush), with a mixture of matte and satin finishes. They're soft, easy to blend and once again, have good colour pay off. A few surprising stand outs from the collection includes the weighty, dense, seriously soft, large powder brush and Urban Sheen Lipglosses. If you're a fan of KIKO's best selling Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow, you'll love their new Double Dare Eyeshadow & Eyeliner sticks. The double ended duo, is quick and convenient, with a twist up eyeshadow and complimentary eyeliner. The formula of both products is pretty much on point. They're easy to blend, pigmented, soft and long lasting. 

Don't let the packaging of KIKO's Campus Idol Collection deter you, there's a few hidden gems that might just be worthy of a place in your makeup bag. You can find the KIKO Campus Idol Collection online here

What are your thoughts on the KIKO Campus Idol Collection? 
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