3 Face Masks That Work

3 Face Masks That Work
I love a chocolate scented mask and a peeler and as much as the next person, but in all honesty although satisfying their not truly effective. So when my skin is a little ropey I like to pull out the big guns (unfortunately not Channing Tatums!) that help to save my skin and show a visible difference after just one use. 

1. LUSH Mask Of Magnaminty £5.75 - £9.95 [Full Review]
This minty self-preserving pot of goodness is simply lush (pun intended)! The clarifying yet gentle mask from LUSH is packed with natural ingredients such as honey a natural antiseptic, peppermint oil which helps to absorb excess oil and aduki beans which gently exfoliate the skin. Mask of Magnaminty helps to tackle and sooth blemishes and reduce redness without drying out my skin. Applied to the skin it feels tingly and after application my skin instantly looks calmer and soft to touch and my blemishes and active breakouts are noticeably reduced. Affordable and effective. What's not to love? 

2. Peter Thomas Roth Pumpkin Enzyme Mask £34.50 [Full Review] 
Post-blemish Peter Thomas Roth works his magic. The exfoliating pumpkin pie scented treatment helps speed up the healing process of pesky imperfections without being over drying, harsh or irritating. Applied to the skin for a mere 3-7 minutes, you can feel the mask working (not entirely unpleasant). And after just one use, my skin feels polished, appears clearer, more even toned and radiant. No exfoliating treatment (not even my latest Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion Facial) comes close! Dead skin cells banished in a matter of minutes - I couldn't be without it! 

3. GLAMGLOW Thirstymud Hydrating Treatment £33.95 [Full Review] 
GLAMGLOW has received some serious hype amongst the beauty community and rightly so. Thirstymud is a deeply hydrating treatment perfect for parched skin in dire need of a drink. The mask can be applied for as little or as long as you like. I personally like to drench my skin in the stuff before bed and wash off in the morning to reveal a replenished, glowing complexion. It also plumps the skin, disguising fine lines and is perfect for all skin types. It's an indulgent beauty treat, but worth every single penny. 

What's your favourite face mask? 
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