The Sticky Trick For Perfect Winged Eyeliner

The Sticky Trick For Perfect Winged Eyeliner
Let's be honest, whether you're a makeup pro or novice applying liquid eyeliner can be tricky, if not a total nightmare. But if you don't have the steady hands of a heart surgeon don't worry, I have a sticky trick which is by far the best way to master winged eyeliner; scotch tape. 

This beauty hack isn't exactly ground-breaking, but over the Christmas holidays Scotch Tape was in vast supply and as my freehand feline flicks/cat eyes/winged eyeliner doesn't always go to plan, I put the infamous Pinterest beauty hack to the test and was impressed by the results. And have relied on the trusty trick ever since. Using Scotch Tape as a guide doesn't necessarily speed up the process and yes, you may look a little silly for all of 5 minutes, but who cares? It's totally worth it. 
So what do you need? 
- Eyeliner of choice (if you're a liquid eyeliner virgin, opt for a liner pen or marker)
- Scotch Tape (but any tape will do)
- Cotton buds & makeup remover
- A black eye pencil/kohl 
- Mascara 

Before you steam ahead, remember to take your time and if you're applying eyeshadow, make sure to do that first, as it creates a base for the eyeliner to adhere to. And don't forget to apply the tape to the back of your hand, remove and reapply a couple of times to take away some of the tackiness. Now you may go forth and may the wings of your eyeliner always be even... 

The Sticky Trick For Perfect Winged Eyeliner

1. Apply an inch-long piece of Scotch Tape under your bottom lash line at the corner of your eye, at an angle towards your temple. How you apply your tape will determine the shape of your feline flick/cat eye.  
2. Next take your eyeliner and apply it as close to the root of your upper lash line as possible and into the inner corner of your eye. I personally find resting my little finger on my face helps to steady my hand. 
3 & 4. Using the Scotch Tape as a guide, continue applying liner along the tape (mess isn't an issue!). Then bring the eyeliner back towards your lash line in a triangle shape and fill it in. Remember liquid liner starts thin towards the inner tear duct and gradually widens and comes to a sharp point at the end of the flick. 
5. Now gently remove the tape (but make sure the eyeliner is dry first) to reveal a smooth and straight feline flick.
6. Go over the eyeliner if required and clean up your under eye area with a cotton bud and a little makeup remover. 
7. Next tightline your upper water line (without jabbing yourself in the eye). This will define your lash line and fill in the visible space. 
8. Polish the look by applying a few coats of mascara. But remember it's all about the liner not the lashes! 
9. And voilĂ ! You've mastered the sticky trick for perfect winged eyeliner!

Have you ever tried this sticky trick?
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