New Season, New Scent: CLEAN Reserve Sueded Oud

Admittedly I’m not shy on perfume, but with so many new-season scents being released I thought it was prime time to update my perfume wardrobe. From a young age I’ve lusted after glass bottles filled to the brim with sweet scents, but my taste has become more sophisticated as of late. CLEAN Perfume create understated, uncomplicated fragrances for the home and body that are inspired by the beauty and pureness of nature. And CLEAN Reserve Sueded Oud* is the perfect sophisticated scent to kick off the new season.

Founded in 2003 CLEAN have established a loyal following with their eco-friendly, cruelty free, people pleasing scents including; Rain, Blossom, Skin, Cashmere and Warm Cotton. The scents don't sucker punch you in the face when you apply them, they're like 'non-perfume perfumes' - you wear it, it doesn't wear you. But the CLEAN Reserve collection is a little more complex and grown-up, the fragrances can be worn alone, or layered and have been created "to be dynamic and evoke, not memories of the past, but possibilities and experiences yet to be discovered". CLEAN Reserve Sueded Oud is a beautiful woody scent and unlike any other fragrance I own. I tend to steer clear of anything too heavy or heady, but Sueded Oud isn't overtly sexy or heady, it's sensual, fresh, surprisingly light and luxurious. It’s difficult to capture scents in a blog post (describing scents is not my forte), but Sueded Oud is a creamy traditional oud fragrance. Upon application smoky top accents transport me to Bonfire Night, but after a few hours wear, it mellows and the base notes burn slowly, lasting throughout the day to reveal a soft suede, light oud scent.  

I'm not as eco-conscious as I should be when buying beauty products. I'm easily swayed by pretty scents and packaging. But not only does CLEAN Reserve Sueded Oud smell gorgeous, I love the ethos of the brand. CLEAN are transparent about how their products are manufactured, from the ethically sourced oak cap, sustainable ingredients, to the 100% recyclable glass bottle. So picking up a new fragrance this autumn doesn't need to be a guilt-ridden pleasure! CLEAN Reserve is exclusive to SpaceNK and retails at £79 for 100ml.

Have you tried CLEAN scents? 
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