9 New Year Beauty Resolutions

January - the time of year where we all commit to cut out carbs and up our fitness regimens. But for many, it's a month full of broken promises and come February 1st all resolutions have fallen by the wayside - sound familiar? So this year, instead of depriving my body of Five Guys Burgers and Fries, I've compiled 9 attainable beauty goals that I'll actually want to keep. Here's to the prettiest year yet...

1. I will... get more sleep
Come 1am you'll usually find me clicking aimlessly around the World Wide Web. I love to sleep, but I also love to procrastinate. And the phrase "you look tired" is one I need to kick to the curb in 2017. A bedtime routine needs to come into play. Even going to bed one hour earlier makes a big difference, better mood, better motivation and younger looking skin. And they don't call it beauty sleep for nothing! Not getting enough hours sleep can exacerbate acne, dryness, and other skin problems. And if all goes to plan, I'll require less concealer and a smaller cup of caffeine come 9am. 

2. I will... book monthly waxes
Whilst I have a pretty decent at home-facial routine, waxing is a whole other ball game. And having another person carry out a bikini wax on you is difficult to replicate. Trust me. And without taking the TMI route, I've been getting waxed for a good few years now. Why? Because it simply makes me feel more pulled-together. But with 7 week intervals (the perfect amount of time required to almost forget the minor pain experienced), I would like to wax monthly, as it's the secret to less pain and better results. And to be honest, a razor just doesn't cut it! 

3. I will... detox my makeup bag 
The idea of starting a new year with a fresh, uncluttered makeup bag fills me with joy (the little things). So much so, I've even purchased a new makeup bag from ASOS. It's time to chuck out ancient mascaras and streamline its contents, as it seems I hoard multiple lip products, hairbands, tampons and things I've found, like Pret plastic spoons! And if your purse is a little dry this January, just pop it in the wash, or give it a good ol' wipe down with a Dettol wipe.

4. I will... use my clarisonic weekly
I love my Clarisonic. The device, which some have steered clear of (in fear it will break them out), is actually a brightening, acne-fighting machine that when used right, works wonders. Having said that, I don't use it enough and would like to use it at least twice a week. I notice a big improvement in my skin texture and tone. It also reduces clogged pores, blackheads, can be used on my bod, makes products work more effectively and quickly removes makeup. 

5. I will... treat my feet
Confession: During winter months I forget my feet exist until a girls night out when I slip my feet into heels and then realise (a little too late) that I'm in dire need of a pedicure. It's like they tut at me every time I take my socks off. But jokes aside, whilst it's natural for pedicures to be less of a priority during winter, I can't go on catching dry foot skin on my bed sheets - eww. So it's about time I treat myself to a professional pedi, plus I quite like the massage chair...

6. I will... religiously moisturise my body
Something I quite often forget to do is moisturise. And dry skin is never good, but nor is standing in the cold after a long hot shower! I really don't fancy cracked elbows and knees and I'm currently seeking a softer, silkier version of me. So I'm on a mission to invest in a lotion I love and moisture daily post-shower. 

7. I will... clean my makeup brushes regularly 
Brushes are high maintenance and washing them will forever be a tedious task (even if I a Simple bar of soap is all it takes). We are all well aware that bacteria can lead to possible breakouts and that brushes don't work half as well when coated in dirt. So here I am, making a promise to regularly deep clean my makeup brushes and use a spray mid-week even (if it is the lazy-girl solution). I know my skin will thank me!

8. I will... stop picking my face
Picking spots is BAD. But I can't stop the compulsion to pick. I've stood in front of the bathroom mirror many a time, prodding and poking my bare face to only have to answer the door to the postman five minutes later and resemble someone who has just put their head in a beehive. Picking blemishes (even when I've had none) has resulted in multiple scars and ugly red marks. I know if I don't touch they will clear up. I can do this... maybe. 

9. I will... upgrade my barnet
I'm not talking about weekly deep conditioning hair treatments (although that wouldn't go a miss!). I mean a good old hair overhaul. I've been rocking the same parting, style and hair colour for far too long. And I've lost count of how many times I discussed visiting a salon in 2016. I must shell out money and see a stylist. Any recommendations? 

Happy New Year beauty addicts! 
What are your beauty resolutions?
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