Rimmel Brow Shake Filling Powder | Review & Swatches

Rimmel Brow Shake Filling Powder | Review & Swatches

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow is the product that changed my brow game helping me achieve Cara Delevingne brows since circa 2015. Holy. Grail. Heck, I’ve tried a lot of brow products since and just when I thought nothing could convince me otherwise, Rimmel released a ton of new brow products. Now, I sifted through the run of the mill products in the collection, pencils, sculpting kits, waxes and gels, but it was Rimmel’s Brow Shake Filling Powder* that left me intrigued and pleasantly surprised.

After over-plucking in the noughties and few bad threading jobs, I’ve become protective over my brows and become a fan of the fuller bolder brow trend. And Rimmel’s Brow Shake Filling Powder isn’t for those who prefer a minimalist makeup look, but for those who already have shapely brows that lack volume. The product looks like a pot of liquid eyeliner (it actually doubles as an eyeliner if you fancy) and has a flexible sponge applicator that’s covered in a dusting of richly pigmented velvety powder. And it’s ridiculously easy to apply and in my opinion far easier to use in comparison to a brow pencil. You simply shake, unscrew the cap-wand and brush the colour onto the brows in short, light strokes. On occasion a teeny-tiny bit of powder drops onto my brow bone, but it brushes off and to avoid this I just tap off the excess powder if I shake a little too vigorously. And FYI a little goes a long way - the amount on the sponge applicator is enough for both brows. After first use I had a “holy brow” moment. In just a few swipes the colour had clung to my brow hairs instantly filling in sparse patches, creating fuller, thicker brows. And whilst the product isn’t accompanied by a brush or spoolie, I didn't feel the need to diffuse the pigment, blend, or worry about things looking even - not too shabby eh? But Rimmel's Brow Shaking Powder doesn’t manage unruly brows, so I still like to set them in place with a little Maybelline Brow Drama Gel.

Rimmel Brow Shake Filling Powder | Review & Swatches
Rimmel Brow Shake Filling Powder | Review & Swatches Overall, I was surprised to find the effect it gives, isn’t too dissimilar to my ABH Dip Brow, yet it’s less time consuming, easier to apply, doesn’t require an angled brush and is a third of the price. However, if precision is your thing, bear in mind you can’t draw on singular hairs and you can’t reshape your brows as accurately as you could with a pencil or brow brush but Rimmel's Brow Shaking Powder could be used as a secondary step in your brow routine. In terms of wear, I can vouch for the fact it doesn’t fade, smudge or transfer. It stays put all day up until the moment it's removed in the evening with a cotton pad doused in Garnier Micellar Water. Shade wise, there are four shades to choose from ranging from a light brown with an ashy undertone, to a true black. But if you have a head of very fair hair, you may struggle to find your perfect match. I'm in-between shades, so I customise and blend the two lightest colours together, or wear them alone and find I can use a light hand to build up the colour so they don't appear entirely unnatural looking.

Of course I still LOVE my ABH Dip Brow, but I’ve finally found a purse-friendly option for £5.99 that beefs up my brows without looking over done and simplifies my routine. And if you're not obsessing over bushy, bigger brows like me, Rimmel's new collection contains everything for every kinda brow enthusiast.

Have you tried the new brow filling powder from Rimmel? What's your favourite brow product?
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