Skin Care Hero #1: Michael Todd Algae Toner

Skin Care Hero #1: Michael Todd Algae Toner
Being a beauty addict I'm always looking to try new things, including the products that get a lot of hype and attention here in the beauty world. For my 21st birthday amongst other things, I asked for a couple of bits from Michael Todd, which is for all of you who don't know, an organic skin care brand based in America. I have read so many reviews on this toner and I have watched many youTube videos where beauty gurus like Tanya Burr and Fleur De Force rave about this product and other products from this brand. Generally Im often quite skeptical about hype surrounding beauty products, but I took the plunge and I'm so glad I did! I have so much to say about this product so lets begin! 

I have tried countless toners from Clinique, Lancome, Clarins, Liz Earle, Boots own, Garnier and never found one which works well for me. But, when I use this product it makes a huge difference to my skin! It is one of those skincare products that I know without a doubt will always be in my skin care routine and when I stop using this product, I can instantly tell the difference it makes to my skin! Firstly this product 97% organic and rich in vital nutrients - so it is super kind to your skin. Some of the ingredients include tea tree, Hyaluronic acid, organic aloe, acai fruit and organic blue green algae, which all help clean, nourish and eliminate toxins in the skin, as well as helping to promote clearer skin. This "hero" toner also has anti inflammatory and antibacterial properties... what more could you ask for?! What isn't to love?!

Skin Care Hero #1: Michael Todd Algae Toner

It doesn't dry out or irritate my skin like most toners I have tried. In fact its highly moisturising and it leaves my skin feeling smooth and soft. It also leaves my skin looking a lot brighter and one thing that I really love, is that it really has helped to even out my skin tone as I suffer from redness. This is due to the fact this product doesn't contain any alcohol like lots of other toners and instead contains ingredients to help calm and restore the skin - so perfect for those with sensitive skin, as alcohol in skincare products  can irritates sensitive skin. It has also helped significantly reduce the size of my pores (hooray!). I always have a little look in the mirror and Im always amazed at the results after just one use! It is one of those beauty products that you can actually feel working - it is super refreshing and tingles slightly. This brings me onto the scent of this toner... it does smell strong! It smells heavily of lavender and at first I wasn't a fan, however I have grown to love the scent! The scent of this product doesn't faze me whatsoever now - so don't let it put you off!

Furthermore, this toner is marketed at those who suffer with spot prone skin and in my case I would say this has helped significantly in reducing breakouts and the time it takes for my skin to heal as Im often left with red marks for ages from a poxy blemish - It drives me CRAZY! Does anyone else have this problem? I use this toner day and night after cleansing, swiping a small amount over my face using a cotton wool ball, I then follow up with my La Roche-Possay Effaclar Duo which works really well with this product. 

This toner can be used on all skin types and is $18 which is around £11. This product is only sold in America (however they do ship to the UK and worldwide). The price of products from this skin care brand are very reasonable for the quality and the size - this bottle is huge! However, do be warned that you will get charged custom charges (VAT/Duty) on top of the cost of the products and packaging if you live outside America. For instance, I paid around £30 for a couple of products and postage and then got charged £14 by the post office for VAT/Duty!  However, in my opinion I would happily pay the same price again and there are always promotions and discount codes flying about like 20% off which can be found online. 

Overall, I highly recommend this product to anyone and everyone who loves to take care of their skin! Michael Todd's Algae Toner is without a doubt my skin care hero! Without it... I don't know what I would do! It gets a five star rating from me.

Do you have a skincare hero?
Have you tried any products from this range? 
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