51 Signs You're A Beauty Addict

51 Signs You're A Beauty Addict
Hi my name is Emily and I'm a self-professed beauty addict and often seen in the aisles of Boots. Sound familiar? Well, I've complied a list of 51 tell-tale signs you're a beauty addict. Guaranteed to make all you makeup mavens giggle, if not feel a little guilty! 

1. No matter how intoxicated you are, you still double cleanse.
2. You can name a MAC lipstick at a counter without actually picking it up.
3. You have more storage space for beauty products than clothes.
4. If your house was on fire, you'd save your makeup stash first.
5. You keep a tab open on your laptop/mobile and refresh in hopes of a beauty item being restocked. 
6. You have multiple Pinterest boards for everything beauty related.
7. You own more makeup brushes, than Vincent van Gogh owned paintbrushes.
8. You can guess a fragrance by smell alone.
9. No nude lipstick is ever the same.
10. You have a very good relationship with the postman.
11. Did someone say gift with purchase? 
12. When a magazine has multiple makeup freebies, you buy all copies.
13. When booking a trip abroad, you check to see where the closest Sephora is.
14. ... Then write a mammoth list of what to buy. 
15. It's limited edition? Well, I must buy it then.
16. You'd rather eat Super Noodles for a whole month, so you can buy the latest palette.
17. When something goes out of stock MULTIPLE TIMES it brings out the Veruca Salt in you.
18. Your website browser consists of Feel Unique, Escentual, Sephora, Boots, Beauty Bay etc.
19. The staff in your local Boots store knows you by first name.
20. When a friend asks to borrow a lipstick and you drown her in options.
21. You have enough Boots points to repurchase your favourite lipstick. But you're holding back for something much bigger...
22. You always take a selfie after doing a good job with your makeup.
23. You've purchased beauty products purely because the packaging is so darn pretty.
24. You have to set aside an evening to clean your makeup brushes.
25. You own enough beauty products to stock a small store.
26. You have multiple beauty backups.
27. You know more about the beauty product than the lady working on the sales counter.
28. Have recurring nightmares your beauty stash gets destroyed.
29. You store beauty products in your fridge instead of food.
30. TV? It's all about YouTube tutorials.
31. When packing for a holiday, you have a separate list for your beauty bits.
32. You have to walk down every aisle in Boots. Just because. 
33. When your friends get ready for a night out at yours they only bring their clothes.
34. You set alerts for new product releases. 
35. You could throw a party when you master your winged eyeliner.
36. Your family gets frustrated because your beauty products clutter up the bathroom.
37. You have no fear of asking a complete stranger what lipstick she's wearing.
38. You have multiple of the same foundation in different shades.
39. You can never just "pop" into your local Boots.
40. Makeup purchases are justifiable if you blog about them... right? 
41. You have more makeup bags than handbags.
42. Like getting ready to go out more than you actually like going out.
43. When you hit pan, you die a little inside
44. All your beauty products are ESSENTIAL.
45. Strobing, contouring, you name it, you've tried it.
46. Your Instagram account is filled with pretty and well placed-pictures of beauty products.
47. You're on a spending ban.
48. The bottom of your bag is a safe haven for your lipstick stash. 
49. You have to buy something in a beauty sale because it's a bargain
50. All your friends come over to yours to get ready to go out, since you have the best makeup.
51. You've read through these and feel guilty. 

How'd you score? Let me know if you have anymore to add in the comments below.
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