My MAC Pro Palette Eye Shadow x15 Insert

My MAC Pro Palette Eye Shadow x15 Insert

This post has been a long time coming! I have wanted to do a post about my MAC cosmetics palette for a while now and today is the day! For my 21st birthday back in July, a good friend of mine bought me a MAC 15x pan palette and since I have been filling it like a crazy lady... I can't get enough of it! My craze hasn't been helped by the likes of Tanya Burr, flashing her palette on multiple occasions in her recent youTube videos (thanks Tanya!)! And to be honest this palette has somewhat become my pride and joy, rather like a man and his car (is that sad?). I have never been a huge eyeshadow wearer, but MAC eyeshadows have changed all that! I can't go a day without dabbing a brush into one of the colours and sweeping it over my lids and I can't stop watching MAC eyeshadow tutorials and MAC eyeshadow favourites... like I said I've become a crazy lady.

MAC eyeshadows are highly pigmented, apply evenly and blend extremely well and the colour choices are endless! You can buy MAC eyeshadow pots individually for £12.50 (and if you do ever want to buy a palette, there are ways you can depot them.) Or you can take the plunge and splurge on a palette (I admit not everyone can afford these, but they make a fab investment, or you could always ask Santa!). The eyeshadow pans which fit into a custom palette are £10. They are magnetic and have the shade of the shadow on the bottom of the pan. A duo palette is £6.50, a quad is also £6.50. I have the large pro palette which costs £14.00 and then the 15x insert is £6.50. Or if you can afford it, they also sell a large pro palette duo which accommodates two 15x inserts - thats a lot of eyeshadow! All the palettes have see through lids and are made from a high quality black glossy plastic. 

Now, I used to find the MAC make-up counter quite over whelming (and to be honest I still do!). There are so many lipsticks with different finishes and foundations too and it doesn't stop at eyeshadows! MAC eyeshadows also have different finishes, so Im going to explain the different finishes for you just incase you too are as clueless as I once was.

MAC eyeshadow finishes:

Frost: Frost finish eyeshadows have small shimmer particles, that create the most beautiful shinny iridescent appearance.  They are shimmery NOT glittery. Frost most defiantly is my favourite finish!  This is the bestselling finish from MAC. 

Lustre: Now, I don't own any MAC eyeshadows with a lustre finish, but I have heard and read that they have a dry and very shimmery finish which results in a lot of fallout.

Matte: Matte eyeshadows are simply eyeshadows without any shimmer, glitter or sheen. These are best for a natural look and are great for contouring in the eye socket.

Matte²: Pronounced matte squared, this finish is pretty much the same as regular matte eyeshadows however, they have a more buttery texture and much more intense colour pay off. 

Satin: Now, satin eyeshadows vary in their finish. Some appear matte like Brule pictured below, whereas others appear frosty. They give a subtle sheen, in many ways they are a happy medium between a matte and frost finish.  

Veluxe: A much smoother creamer version of a matte finish but with less colour pay off. 

Veluxe Pearl: Veluxe pearl finish is very similar to the frost finish but they appear more metallic and ultra shimmery. The finish is soft and smooth and defiantly one of the most beautiful finishes and a popular one too! Perfect for nights out and a great way to make your eye colour pop! This is another favourite finish of mine.

Velvet: This finish is similar to deluxe pearl but less metallic. This finish gives a soft, with high colour intensity and has a plush velvety look and feel.  

My MAC eyeshadow palette:

My MAC Pro Palette Eye Shadow x15 Insert
Top: Brule / Naked Lunch / All That Glitters / Wedge / Sable
Bottom: Twinks / Woodwinked / Coppering / Cranberry / Satin Taupe

My MAC Pro Palette Eye Shadow x15 Insert
Left to right: Brule / Naked Lunch / All That Glitters

Brule (satin): Is a soft warm cream, with beige undertones. Although it has a satin finish it appears more matte to me.  Don't be fooled, although this eyeshadow looks rather plain in the pan, it makes a great inner corner and brow highlight. But I personally like to wear this all over the lid, with wedge eyeshadow in the socket and another shade on the outer corners of my eyes - fab for everyday wear! This eyeshadow is a great addition if you are looking to make a MAC quad. 

Naked Lunch (frost): This has to be one of my most worn MAC eyeshadows! It is a warm pinky beige and looks beautiful all over the lid. It has a frost finish (shimmery not glittery) and looks lovely with sable blended into the crease and outer corners. I highly recommend this shade.

All That Glitters (veluxe pearl): This is a famous shade from MAC and I LOVE it! It's a shimmery rosy gold and works well with all the colours in my palette. On occasion I have also used this as a cheek bone highlight (especially when I have a tan!). I have also received a few compliments on my eye makeup when wearing this shade.

My MAC Pro Palette Eye Shadow x15 Insert
Left to right: Wedge / Sable / Twinks

Wedge (matte): Although Im not a huge fan of matte eyeshadows, I believe everyone should own a couple. Wedge is a warm toned medium brown with a matte finish great for contouring the socket

Sable (frost): Im a huge lover of MAC's Sable! It's a bronzy golden plum with a frosty finish and is very similar to twinks exept this finish is different and it is much lighter. 

Twinks (veluxe pearl): This is the newbie in my palette and it is so pretty! It is a medium-dark brown with bronzed shimmer and deep plummy undertones. Its super pretty and I know Im going to get a lot of wear out of this one.

My MAC Pro Palette Eye Shadow x15 Insert
Left to right: Woodwinked / Coppering / Cranberry 

Woodwinked (veluxe pearl): This was the first ever MAC eyeshadow pan I bought and I wore it to death! It is a metallic golden shade and it looks fab on those with blue eyes! I totally understand why this one is so popular, its a shade that everyone should own.

Coppering (veluxe pearl): This shadow is a rich coppery orange and defiantly my least used pan in my palette (this is only down to the fact I'm not sure how to wear it!). I have worn it on occasion in the outer corners of my eyes with naked lunch. It is such a lovely colour! Any suggestions on how to wear it? 

Cranberry (frost): I have seen this eyeshadow being used a lot recently in autumn tutorials! It is a red plum with a hint of pink shimmer and it is just beautiful and makes a great alternative for your regular smoky eye! This is one shade I would defiantly say you should try before you buy.

My MAC Pro Palette Eye Shadow x15 Insert
Above: Satin Taupe 
Satin Taupe (frost): (Excuse my finger being on its lonesome!) This famous shade is a purply, grey, brown with a silver shimmer and Im yet to find a colour similar! Its such a beautiful colour and my go-to for a smoky eye for a night out! This colour works well with naked lunch, all that glitters and brule! This is another must have. 
I hope you are all having a lovely November (not long now till Christmas! Exciting!). Apologises for the lack of posts, I have been swamped with university work (I don't know how some bloggers do it!) I will be posting as normal from this week. I've missed you all and I hope you enjoyed this post.

Any suggestions on what shade I should buy next?
What is your favourite MAC eyeshadow?
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