Garnier Micellar Water // Review

Garnier Micellar Water // Review

Micellar waters have really taken off in the last couple of years and are a cult favourite amongst backstage makeup artists and models, as they take makeup off quickly and effectively. Micellar waters originated in France and I’m sure we have all read many a post, about the much loved product,  that is Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micellar WaterUnlike most cleansers, micellar waters are non-rinse and soap free. They are convenient (especially after late nights out!) and great for travelling. 

So, when I heard that Garnier had had released a micellar water, it didn’t take me long to pop to the shops and buy it. The bottle is gigantic and has a cute pink lid and at a fifth of the price and double the solution of Bioderma - you cant complain (winning!). I use this micellar water everyday, with a cotton pad to pre cleanse and it is suitable for the face, eyes and lips.

It is without a doubt a dupe for Bioderma’s micellar water, it does exactly the same job, yet it is more affordable. It is perfect for those with sensitive skin - it is gentle, light, leaves my face feeling really soft, it is unscented and doesn’t leave your skin feeling stripped, greasy or dry. It removes the heaviest of makeup, including my Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation. However, it doesn’t remove waterproof eye makeup (Im yet to try a micellar water that does and as far as Im aware, they aren’t designed to do so). Garnier claims that 400ml will give you 200 uses, I can’t comment on this as I haven’t been counting, however, I do have to use slightly more than I would, if I was using Bioderma, but this bottle has lasted forever (I bought it at the beginning of February). I rate this micellar water way above L’oreals, which can be a little soapy and can leave the skin feeling tacky. You can read my reviews of L’oreals micellar water and Bioderma here.

Garnier have done a fab job in creating this micellar water and it is certainly on par with Bioderma.  I wish I could have this solution on tap - I love the stuff! This product is an absolute essential in anyones skincare routine and if you are yet to purchase it, now is your chance as Boots are currently selling it a third of the price at £3.33 instead of £4.99. Like I have said before micellar waters are the way forward - facial wipes, who? 

Have you tried this micellar water? 
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