British Beauty Addict’s 1st Blog-Versary!

British Beauty Addict’s 1st Blog-Versary!
That’s right, British Beauty Addict is 1 today [insert celebratory sound effects here]! In the space of 365 days, I have written 73 blog posts, had over 99,225 page views, read over 2,000 comments and gained over 700 readers... wow. 

But for me it has never been about the numbers, I never set up my blog with the intention of 10 people reading it, let alone over 700! I set up British Beauty Addict a year ago after reading numerous beauty blogs and thinking 'I could do that!'. My blog has been a place for me to gush about my latest beauty finds and favourites, to people who are just as beauty obsessive as I am (rather than to all my friends, family and my boyfriend, who I’m sure really isn’t all that interested!). For me, my blog has been a massive learning curve; although I must admit, I still haven’t learnt how to use my DSLR properly, I have recently been having a case of ‘Oh that’s what that button does'! But yes, I have found something, which I thoroughly enjoy, that has helped me to develop my writing skills and been a place where I can be creative. 

And in terms of what is to come here at British Beauty Addict, I’m excited to finally put my all into my blog, especially as I have recently finished my University degree. Question, what type of content do you guys like to read? 

Well, this post has felt a little self indulgent, so I think I’ll wrap it up here! But thank you to everyone who regularly reads my posts and leave comments. I must also mention that I have met some lovely people (well, virtually!) and tapped into a community, which I wish I had known about sooner! And lastly, I just want to say a quick mention to my friends, who have all been really supportive and take the time to read my posts (you know who you are!). 

Cheers to a year of non-stop beauty.
Love your resident British Beauty Addict,
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