5 Things You’ll Always Find In My Handbag

5 Things You’ll Always Find In My Handbag
My handbag is just like my best friend. I don’t go anywhere without it. And if it was possible to carry everything with me I would. But let’s be honest, that’s not realistic, good for my back, or practical. So amongst the obvious, hairbands, purse, chewing gum, hand sanitiser and lots of receipts, are five  essential beauty related products you’ll always find somewhere in my handbag. 

There is nothing worse than perfecting your locks and then stepping outside for your hair to be blown all over the place! This compact brush has made brushing my hair on the go a doddle. It doesn’t tug, snag or snap my hair and is the perfect detangling companion. I have two Tangle Teezers, one of which lives permanently in my bag and one for at home. Since using the Tangle Teezer over a year a go, I haven’t used anything else. 

Probably the most used lip ‘bloss' I have ever owned. And no, you didn’t read that wrong, this lip gloss is a hybrid, both gloss and balm. It’s hydrating, not sticky in the slightest and offers a nice pop of colour. I have the shade 01 rose shimmer which is funnily enough not shimmery in the slightest and I love it. Highly recommend. 

If the concealer and overnight beauty products didn’t quite do the trick, say hello to Boots Brightening Eye Drops! Whilst studying Broadcast Journalism at University, I found eyedrops. If I knew I was going to be on camera, I would take a couple of drops of these and Voilà I would instantly look awake careless of the state of my under eye area! They are great to carry with you, just in case you need a pick me up. 

The Travalo is genius! Who wants to carry round a bottle of their favourite perfume, for it only to smash all over the contents of your handbag (been there, done that!). But this little perfume atomizer allows you to carry your favourite perfume without the worry. It’s perfect for travel, gym, parties and festivals. It’s super easy to use, you simply remove the nozzle from your perfume bottle, and pump the perfume into the Travalo. You can also see when it needs refilling. On the note of refilling I haven’t yet used a different perfume in my Travalo, but there are many ways you can clean it if need be. 

I’ve hailed this product many a times (see previous post for instance) and I’ll hail it again and again. No matter how dry or cracked my lips are, this award-winning tube of balmy goodness works miracles. It can also be used on dry hands and I often use it around my nose when I get a cold. Handbag staple. 

What beauty products do you keep in your handbag?
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