Best Of British Beauty Addict 2014

Best Of British Beauty Addict 2014

As I sit on the sofa and make my way through a packet of Cadbury Chocolate Fingers (undoubtably the best biscuits ever) I have been reflecting on this year; graduating from university, landing myself a job and the growth of my little blog. 2014 although not as structured as I may have liked in terms of posting, has been a good year for British Beauty Addict. I have carried something on, which I thought I wouldn’t quite manage and have throughly enjoyed it. So today I thought I would share my top 5  blog posts (so the stats say) of 2014.

Hi I’m Emily, but you can call me an eyeshadow addict. At the start of this year, MAC released two pre made palettes, one warm and one cool. As soon as it became available I purchased the warm  neutral palette and it was a welcomed addition to my collection this year. 

The base that surprised me with its application, finish, coverage and lasting power. Without a doubt my favourite base of 2014 and definitely one to add to your shopping list.

My first (and currently my only) face time post where I shared quite simply what products I wore on my face. Featuring some of my 2014 favourites (coming up soon!) this post went down well with you all. 

These boots have been a staple in my autumn/winter wardrobe and a bargain find if I do say so myself. After seeing Amelia Liana’s post about her Topshop Boots, I went on the hunt for a cheaper alternative and came across a pair of boots for a quarter of the price, that are practically the same - winning.

This mask has been a skin savour this year. Rescuing my skin when it has a mad moment, this mask is without a doubt a holy grail item for me. 

What has been your favourite read/blog of 2014? 
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