Skin Care Hero #2: Superdrug's Deep Clean Skincare

Superdrug 2-IN-1 Detoxifying Cream Wash & Mask £2.59
Superdrug Deep Action Cleansing Lotion (Can’t find online, under £3)

As a beauty blogger I’m always on the look out for new skincare products and over the last year, I have been swapping and changing my skincare routine like there’s no tomorrow. And with the high street being inundated with facial washes, wipes, scrubs, toners, cleansers, masks, oils and treatments and with hundreds of beauty bloggers recommending you to get this and that, it can all be a little over whelming and hard to decide what is right for you. During the month of January this year, my dry and sensitive skin was screaming at me to settle down and marry a skincare routine, as I was breaking out in big, nasty, sore spots.This was a first for me and I made sure it was the last. I made the decision to stop using everything and start from scratch and today I have two products to share with you all which I think are quite marvellous.

Bare Minerals Original Foundation // Review

Bare Minerals Original Foundation // Review
Bare Minerals Original Foundation // Review
I cant express how wonderful this foundation is. It completely exceeded my expectations. Forget about everything you thought mineral foundation would be, like being caky, looking powdery and sticking to dry patches. In fact, this award winning foundation applies beautifully and applying foundation has never been so effortless. It has a gorgeous silky, soft texture and isn’t drying in the slightest.  I wear shade medium beige N20, which may be one shade too dark for me, but once it, is blended, I get away with it! 

My Night-Time Skincare Secret...

Keihl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate
Keihl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate £36
Keihl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate is simply magic in a bottle. It's a light, silky oil that is filled to the brim with a high concentrate of botanicals and essential oils. It has been developed to help skin regenerate whilst you sleep (hence midnight recovery). I haven’t read one bad review about Keihl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate - everyone loves it! As a result of my curiosity about this little pot of oil, I had to buy it and confirm the hype for myself. 

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