Holiday Beauty Packing & Printable Checklist

Holiday Beauty Packing & Printable Checklist

I'm a beauty addict and it would be impossible to cram the contents of my bathroom cabinet and my vanity into my suitcase. But, I would like to believe I’m pretty darn ruthless when it comes to holiday beauty packing. I spend all year stocking up on miniatures in the hope of a holiday yet to come and fill my drawers with zip lock bags and travel bottles. And today I’m sharing some of my favourite holiday beauty products & a holiday beauty packing checklist, so you too can jet off a little smoother this summer, with your perfectly planned toiletry bag.

Travel Bottles
Unless your planning on not coming back (wishful thinking) decant your products into travel sized bottles like these from eBay for £2.89. Remember if you’re flying, you must ensure all hand luggage liquids are stored in a transparent plastic bag and each product must be no more than 100ml and any larger items must be packed in your suitcase. I’ve had products confiscated before. It was a sad day. You have be warned.

There is nothing worse than arriving at your hotel, unpacking and finding a bottle of shampoo has exploded in your suitcase (we’ve all been there). So, store products in ziplock bags and secure them with a bit of tape. Don’t have ziplock bags? No worries, grab some cling film, cut out a square, take the lid off the bottle and lay the cling film over the top and secure the lid back on. Disaster averted. 

Tools & Wash Bags
Even if you spray your perfume like it’s air freshener it’s unlikely you’ll get through a whole bottle. So invest in a Travalo. These refillable perfume atomizers are fantastic. You wont have to pack a heavy perfume bottle, or have the worry that it may smash in your luggage. They’re not expensive either, I bought mine online from Amazon for just £6.99 - they make for the perfect everyday handbag companion too. 

Everyone needs a functional cosmetics case and wash bag whilst traveling. I picked up my Muji Cosemtic Case last year, but it has sadly been discontinued. This cosmetics bag is just the right size and has handy separate compartments for brushes, lipsticks and hairbands. I also like the convince of hanging wash bags, which as the name suggests can be hung from doors and towel rails. Pick something durable, waterproof like this one from Muji, or pick up something a little more colourful like this one from Debenhams. For those of you that like simplicity and after something a little cheaper pick up Superdrug’s three clear bags for £5.99.

Multipurpose Products
Although less is more, don’t scrimp on essentials like SPF. And If need be, stick to a three step routine; cleanse, treat and hydrate. Keep an eye out for multipurpose products, like Nivea’s In Shower Body Moisturiser which is a convenient way to moisturise whilst washing. One of my holiday essentials is my Elizabeth Arden’s 8 Hour Cream, it’s a wonder product, helping to relieve and sooth chapped, dry, irritated skin and soften hard cuticles and lips.

If you wish, you can skip makeup all together and revel in natural beauty whilst basking in the sunshine and sipping cocktails in the evening. Although I prefer to go bare faced during the day, I have an uneven skin tone and sometimes its nice to wear a little something. Opt for a lightweight hydrating base, with an added SPF, like the Vichy Capital Soleil Face BB Tinted Velvety Cream, or Laura Merciers Tinted Moisturiser you can read my full review here

Print and pack with my tick-off checklist [DOWNLOAD]
Holiday Beauty Packing & Printable Checklist
Do you have any beauty packing tips? 
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