The Pre-Christmas Pamper

The Pre-Christmas Pamper

With late night shopping trips, Christmas parties and endless to-do lists, the build up to Christmas can be both physically and mentally exhausting. So, I've paused my present wrapping and decided to indulge in a pre-Christmas pamper before the festivities truly begin...

What pamper session would be complete without turning the taps and running a hot, bubbly bath? Although I'm a shower kinda girl, nothing beats a good soak and to aid relaxation and to give my bath the ahhh factor I'll pop in the Lush Father Christmas bath bomb £3.65, which smells simply divine (a little like Lush Snow Fairy) and leaves my skin feeling soft and clean. And then I'll take a drop of Sanctuary's Green Lemon & Orange Blossom Body Wash from the Sanctuary Little Tin of Treats £8.00 and use my body polisher to lightly exfoliate my skin. Next I'll apply my current go-to face mask Lush's Mask of Magnanimity £9.95, which instantly reduces and smoothes any blemishes and active breakouts. Once I've emerged from the tub, I like to replenish my skin and apply a generous amount of Dove's Derma Spa Goodness Body Cream £8.99 to my arms and legs. 

Although the average woman spends 15 minutes a day blow drying and styling their hair, I'm amongst the small percentage of women who wash their hair, go to bed (with wet hair...) wake up and put it up into a pony tail. So I'll set a little time aside during my pre-Christmas pamper, to blow dry my hair and follow up with my Babyliss Straighteners which are ready to use in just 15 seconds, have three heat settings and the ceramic plates leave my hair feeling and looking ultra smooth. Both the hair dryer and straighteners are available in a bundle set online here from BrightHouse for just £71.50*.

And finally to round up my pre-Christmas pamper I'll make a delicious salted caramel hot chocolate and pop on a Christmas movie. Bliss.

How'd you like to relax & wind down before the main event? 
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