The All-Over Illuminator

The Allover Illuminator
Looking for a way to ditch dull skin? Well, Hourglass Ambient Light Powder in 'Diffused' isn't like your traditional setting powder; it's not meant for colour or coverage, but it's nicely lit, diffused and glowy finish...

I'm sure you'll agree the product appears rather bland in the pan and I'll admit at first it didn't quite speak to me. But this pale yellowy powder has a slight iridescence that's far subtler than your standard highlight and works like magic when applied correctly. Hourglass Ambient Light Powder has a beautiful lightweight, fragrance free, finely milled formula, that isn't cakey, or powdery on the skin. Applied to the face with a large fluffy brush it leaves the skin looking radiant, but apply too liberally and you'll resemble a character from Twilight! The powder melts into the skin, diffusing any unevenness and discolouration, like your skin has been lit by a soft, diffused light. 

The only minor complaint I have, is the powder has the tendency to kick up a little dust so effectively your loosing product and make sure to use a soft brush, otherwise you'll end up with holes in your pan (I learnt the hard way!). But like I said it's a minor complaint and anything that improves my lacklustre skin, whilst taking down shine and concealing redness is a winner in my eyes! Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in 'Diffused Light' is £38.00 and is sold online here

What are your thoughts on illuminating powders? 
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