£8.49 False Nails (That Look Real) From Nailene

£8.49 False Nails (That Look Real) From Nailene
Back in the 90's, I used to apply double-sided sticky pads onto my nails and press on a very stiff rather thick false nail on top - sound familiar? And I honestly can't say I remember the last time I purchased a pack of false nails... until now and boy has false nails evolved! Nailene's 200 Full Cover Nails in oval are not only comfortable to wear, easy to apply, long lasting and ridiculously good value for money, they look real!

Nailene's 200 Full Cover Nails in oval are available to buy in-store and online at Boots for just £8.49. And as the name suggests inside there are 200 plain undecorated nails in 10 sizes. I purchased oval shaped nails which are slimmer and more feminine than the likes of square and rounded (plus I tend to find they slim the appearance of my fingers!) and the length is easy to manage meaning no struggling with picking up coins or debit cards. Also included are nail glue and a nail buffer. 

Application whilst requires a little time (roughly 30 minutes) is dead simple. Ensuring my nails are clean of any polish; I lightly buff them gently removing the nails natural shine. Next I select the nail which fits my natural nail and apply a small amount of glue directly onto the underside of the false nail and apply holding firmly down for around 10 seconds. I then repeat this process and finish with a coat of my favourite colour and top coat (currently Barry M's Gelly Hi Shine in 'Almond' and KIKO's Gel Effect Top Coat).

The result? Natural looking nails, that look professional and well cared for. I have received multiple compliments, which reflects the quality of the product. So how long do they last? I was sceptical at first, thinking they’d ping off one by one within a few days or so. But surprisingly they last a full 5 days until the odd one falls off and the tips start to crack. Yes, full five days! And even after a week they’re a few left standing that require a soak in acetone polish remover in order to remove. And whilst it's tempting to peel and break the remaining nails off DON’T, as you'll be left with painful and sensitive nail beds. 

My only minor gripe with this product is whilst the nail glue is by far the best nail glue I've ever used, you may require a needle after a few applications as the tip of the glue becomes solid. And yes 200 nails are supplied, but unless you file the larger sizes down, one box will allow for 10 applications. But if you're an acrylic nail devotee, these false nails from Nailene may just convert you, just think, no more budgeting for biweekly maintenance which can cost anything from £15-£20. These false nails are perfect for a special occasion, holiday and daily wear and don't break the bank costing under £10. And I for one quite like long talons so will without a doubt be picking up a pack of Nailene's stiletto nails next. 

What are your experiences with false nails? Have you tried Nailene false nails?
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