How To Make Your Skin Glow With BECCA Cosmetics

How To Make Your Skin Glow With BECCA Cosmetics

Whenever I'm looking to branch out and truly treat myself, Cult Beauty is the place I turn to when I'm feeling spendy. And with BECCA products being adored by many and being conveniently stocked at Cult Beauty, I thought I'd make way in my beauty stash and introduce a few new glow-getters to help perfect my complexion. And in short, I'm impressed. So much so, that I'm already considering which BECCA highlighters and luminisers I should pop into my basket next... 

This primer from BECCA has instantly stepped up my winter makeup routine. The BECCA Backlight Priming Filter creates a natural luminous sheen, with no shimmer in sight. Its subtle opalescence and blendable lightweight texture is beautiful. It imparts a little moisture, blurs any pesky imperfections and diffuses light for that lit-from-within glow we all lust after, without being shiny, or greasy. It melts into clean skin and any foundation that follows glides on. Mixed with foundation they become more skin-like - even with full coverage foundations, a subtle sheen is still evident. It does also extend the wear of my foundation, but only for an extra couple of hours. But anything that ensures my complexion is photo ready, or enhances my favourite beauty bases is a winner - especially over the holiday season! 

BECCA's products are all about complexion perfection and the BECCA Under Eye Brightening Corrector isn't far off perfection. The salmon pink toned corrector, neutralises dark circles and brightens, leaving me wide-eyed and deceivingly well slept. Unlike other correctors I have tried including those from Bobbi Brown and Benefit, it's far thinner in texture, without compromising on coverage, making it appear more natural and easier to apply. Its formulation is smooth and using my fingertips and just the right amount, a sheer layer does the job pretty darn well, doing most of the hard work, leaving the concealer to more often than not to just neutralise the colour. It imparts that soft-focus effect that BECCA evidently does so well and has a satin finish. But apply too much and you'll be left with pink frosty under eyes, so practice to get the right amount! 

‘Champagne Pop’ is the highlighter of 2015 that broke the internet and Sephora’s record for the most purchased product on the day of release and is still highly sought-after. And believe the hype, ‘Champagne Pop’ is a unique light-medium gold, with a warm orange undertone - it's stunning. OTT on first impression, this highlight from BECCA is not for those who like a subtle highlight. Soft and smooth in consistency and a little bouncy in the compact ‘Champagne Pop’ can be blended out for a less intense finish opposed to a strong sheen. I prefer to use a fan brush for application, as it can empahise pores when applied with a heavy hand or a dense brush. 

Have you tried any of these products from BECCA? 
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