I Finally Finished My Makeup Geek Palette | Review & Swatches

I Finally Finished My Makeup Geek Palette | Review & Swatches
I love eyeshadow, so I have a lot of love for Makeup Geek, a brand which has produced high-quality formulas and pigmented eyeshadows with an affordable price tag. And I've finally finished filling my Makeup Geek Palette. Now, it did take a little longer than expected to fill (an entire year to be precise), but it has quickly become the one eyeshadow palette I use most, as it now holds near enough every eyeshadow colour I need.

Overall, Makeup Geek eyeshadows (£6.00 - £9.25) are richly pigmented and blendable, especially the matte shades despite their powdery formula. The shadows are also very buildable and the majority have serious staying power, with the exception of the foiled shades which I find require the assistance of a primer to ensure they stay crease-free. They sweep onto the lids with opacity, yet can be sheered out and easily combine and blend together. The foiled shades, which BTW are beautiful, apply best with a flat-headed brush (Morphe's Oval Fluff Brush is a goodun) and if you're after a more intense, high pigment finish, wet your applicator before apply with a spritz of water, or if you have it to hand MAC Fix+ always does the trick.

A few of my favourite shades include Crème Brulee a soft brown with slightly warm undertone that's not only my holy grail transition shade, it's a standalone shade I wear every.single.day for a quick sweep of nude colour that I know will stay put. It's also a shade I highly recommend if you're just getting into eyeshadow and aren't sure where to start, along with Shimma Shimma and Vanilla Bean which are good workhorse shades for highlight and base. And when I want to go darker, I simply buff Cocoa Bear a deep matte rust-brown into the crease and below my water line. These two shades are the perfect pair. Another great all-over-the-lid shade is Barcelona Beach an ever so slightly grey toned matte neutral brown which I often wear with my favourite grey Zara knit. Legend and Flame Thrower bring my blue eyes into focus making them seriously pop and although it's not a shade I reach for often Secret Garden a strong shimmery teal with a burgundy base is perfect when I fancy experimenting with colour. 

I house my Makeup Geek eyeshadow pans in a Large Z Palette, a blank, magnetic, slim and sleek palette. These blank palettes allow you to fill them up with your favourite shades and products from multiple brands without a throwaway shade in sight. And I already have an Extra Large Z Palette which is big enough to fit up to 35 standard round sized pans ready and waiting in my IKEA Alex Drawers patiently waiting to be filled. Any excuse to place another Beauty Bay order... 

I Finally Finished My Makeup Geek Palette | Review & Swatches

Shimma Shimma: a light, bright beige with a frosted sheen.
Vanilla Bean: a warm-toned beige with a matte finish with just the slightest sheen.
Peach Smoothie: a soft peachy orange with strong, warm undertones and a matte finish.
Crème Brulee: a warm brown, with a peachy undertone and matte finish.
Bake Sale: a muted, medium brown with warm undertones and a matte finish.
Barcelona Beach: a grey-toned medium brown with a satin finish.
Starry Eyed: a light champagne beige with slight pink undertones and a foiled finish.

I Finally Finished My Makeup Geek Palette | Review & SwatchesI Finally Finished My Makeup Geek Palette | Review & Swatches

In The Spotlight: a bright pinky, peach-orange with warm undertones and a frosted, metallic finish.
Glamorous: a golden shimmery copper with subtle hints of brown with a frosted finish.
Chickadee: a warm orange with yellow undertones and a matte finish. 
Desert Sands: a medium camel brown with warm yellow undertones and a matte finish.
Pocket Change: a muted, medium golden brown with warm undertones and a frosted finish.
Homecoming: a medium brown with a gold sheen. 
Grandstand: a medium rose gold with slight taupe undertones and a metallic finish.

I Finally Finished My Makeup Geek Palette | Review & SwatchesI Finally Finished My Makeup Geek Palette | Review & Swatches

Legend: a warm rich copper with a metallic finish. 
Sidekick: a muted, medium brown with reddish undertones and matte finish. 
Goddess: a pale coppery brown with a satin finish. 
Cocoa Bear: a deep matte rust-brown with a matte finish. 
Flame Thrower: a bright warm copper with a gold sparkle and metallic finish.
Roulette: a rosy copper with warm, orange undertones and a metallic finish.
Burlesque: a muted burgundy with warm undertones and a frost finish. 

I Finally Finished My Makeup Geek Palette | Review & Swatches

Bitten: a warm burgundy with a matte finish.
Lucky Penny: a warm brown with plummy undertones and a frost finish.
Mocha: a deep matte brown.
Mesmerized: a deep medium taupe with strong purple undertones and a foiled finish.
Secret Garden: a strong shimmery teal with a burgundy base with a subtle duo-chrome finish.
Corrupt: a intense matte black with a very fine multi-coloured sparkle.

Have you tried Makeup Geek eyeshadows before? What's your favourite shade? 


4 New Beauty Buys | Review & Swatches

4 New Beauty Buys | Review & Swatches
Mules, denim jackets and bardot dresses - spring has arrived meaning not only is it time to update my wardrobe, it's time to swap out my bold makeup for the bare and ponder over new product debuts and lust-worthy collections. So when I read my horoscope and it said to treat myself this month, I thought I'd be damned if I didn't deserve it... so I did. And here's what I bought and my first thoughts.

Estée Lauder Illuminator Radiant Perfecting Primer + Finisher £25.00
Following on from my slight obsession with BECCA's Backlight Priming Filter, Estée Lauder Illuminator Radiant Perfecting Primer + Finisher dispels dullness yet is far more hydrating and plumping. The primer/finisher has a gel-meets-lotion texture that's lightweight under makeup and non-greasy and gives a beautiful healthy glow to your skin. But what I love most is how it keeps my foundation looking fresh for as long as I'm wearing it. And in addition to its makeup prolonging powers, it contains special hydrators and skin-smoothing Vitamin E, Rice Bran Extract and Shea Butter. I think this one's a keeper and if your skin is on the dry side, you'll love it. 

Too Faced Love Light Prismatic Highlighter $30.00 (Not yet released in UK)
I jumped the gun on this one and had it shipped across the ocean as I couldn't stand the anticipation. Can you blame me? I'd be lying if I said I didn't buy Too Faced Love Light Prismatic Highlighter solely for its packaging, but the heart-shaped packaging is seriously pretty and the diamond design is almost too-pretty-to-use. Much to my surprise the shade Blinded By The Light, isn't exactly blinding! The warm beige highlight has a pearlescent high-shine, yet imparts a delicate every-day glow when applied to the skin due to its sheer coverage. However, it is buildable and can be applied wet for a more intense highlight. But whilst it's not what I expected, I've been sweeping it onto my cheekbones daily and heck, it even lasted through a gym sesh!

Benefit GALifornia Blush

Benefit GALifornia Blush £24.50
Benefit have FINALLY expanded their cult box blusher collection and it has me excited. TBH, up until now I've not been all that interested in Benefit's latest releases. But Benefit's GALifornia Golden Pink Blusher gives me some major summer vibes with it's illustrated box, sun embossed design and golden overspray. I can imagine the new permanent boxed blusher will be a hit for many, as it's not too coral and not too pink and the fine golden overspray, (which I'm sure will disappear over time) imparts a luminous sheen on the skin. It's smooth, blendable and easy to apply and comes with Benefit's classic flat bristled blush brush.

Buxom 'Full-On™ Lip Cream' in White Russian £15.00
Buxom have made a comeback to the UK and are now available online at one of my favourite beauty retailers Debenhams. Glossy glosses are perfect for the spring summer months and whilst they may have taken a back seat during the matte liquid lipstick craze, for me gloss is a mainstay no matter how much of a disaster it is when the wind blows (the struggles of being a lip gloss lover!). But Buxom's  'Full-On™ Lip Cream' in White Russian won't get stuck to your hair in the wind and has a non-nonsense formula with no glitter or sparkle, it's simply liquid gloss that leaves my lips soft and visibly plumper. The kinda gloss every girl needs in her makeup arsenal.

Have you tried any of these products, or bought anything new?


Rimmel Brow Shake Filling Powder | Review & Swatches

Rimmel Brow Shake Filling Powder | Review & Swatches

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow is the product that changed my brow game helping me achieve Cara Delevingne brows since circa 2015. Holy. Grail. Heck, I’ve tried a lot of brow products since and just when I thought nothing could convince me otherwise, Rimmel released a ton of new brow products. Now, I sifted through the run of the mill products in the collection, pencils, sculpting kits, waxes and gels, but it was Rimmel’s Brow Shake Filling Powder* that left me intrigued and pleasantly surprised.

After over-plucking in the noughties and few bad threading jobs, I’ve become protective over my brows and become a fan of the fuller bolder brow trend. And Rimmel’s Brow Shake Filling Powder isn’t for those who prefer a minimalist makeup look, but for those who already have shapely brows that lack volume. The product looks like a pot of liquid eyeliner (it actually doubles as an eyeliner if you fancy) and has a flexible sponge applicator that’s covered in a dusting of richly pigmented velvety powder. And it’s ridiculously easy to apply and in my opinion far easier to use in comparison to a brow pencil. You simply shake, unscrew the cap-wand and brush the colour onto the brows in short, light strokes. On occasion a teeny-tiny bit of powder drops onto my brow bone, but it brushes off and to avoid this I just tap off the excess powder if I shake a little too vigorously. And FYI a little goes a long way - the amount on the sponge applicator is enough for both brows. After first use I had a “holy brow” moment. In just a few swipes the colour had clung to my brow hairs instantly filling in sparse patches, creating fuller, thicker brows. And whilst the product isn’t accompanied by a brush or spoolie, I didn't feel the need to diffuse the pigment, blend, or worry about things looking even - not too shabby eh? But Rimmel's Brow Shaking Powder doesn’t manage unruly brows, so I still like to set them in place with a little Maybelline Brow Drama Gel.

Rimmel Brow Shake Filling Powder | Review & Swatches
Rimmel Brow Shake Filling Powder | Review & Swatches Overall, I was surprised to find the effect it gives, isn’t too dissimilar to my ABH Dip Brow, yet it’s less time consuming, easier to apply, doesn’t require an angled brush and is a third of the price. However, if precision is your thing, bear in mind you can’t draw on singular hairs and you can’t reshape your brows as accurately as you could with a pencil or brow brush but Rimmel's Brow Shaking Powder could be used as a secondary step in your brow routine. In terms of wear, I can vouch for the fact it doesn’t fade, smudge or transfer. It stays put all day up until the moment it's removed in the evening with a cotton pad doused in Garnier Micellar Water. Shade wise, there are four shades to choose from ranging from a light brown with an ashy undertone, to a true black. But if you have a head of very fair hair, you may struggle to find your perfect match. I'm in-between shades, so I customise and blend the two lightest colours together, or wear them alone and find I can use a light hand to build up the colour so they don't appear entirely unnatural looking.

Of course I still LOVE my ABH Dip Brow, but I’ve finally found a purse-friendly option for £5.99 that beefs up my brows without looking over done and simplifies my routine. And if you're not obsessing over bushy, bigger brows like me, Rimmel's new collection contains everything for every kinda brow enthusiast.

Have you tried the new brow filling powder from Rimmel? What's your favourite brow product?


Non-Drying Liquid Lipsticks: Too Faced Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick

Non-Drying Liquid Lipsticks: Too Faced Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick
Two of the many (last I counted 11) lip products that currently occupy my handbag are the Too Faced Melted Liquid Lipsticks in ‘Chihuahua’ and ‘Chocolate Honey’. But unlike the majority of the lip products I’ve shared on the blog recently these aren’t matte. They’re straight up melted lipsticks in carmex-like squeezy tubes with a sponge-tip applicator and I kinda like them. And they’ll be a sigh of relief for anyone that despite the hype dislikes matte liquid lipsticks, prefer creamier formulations, or just has dry lips.

Like the NARS Velvet Lip Glides (another lipstick-lipgloss hybrid), they’ve got a light glossy finish meaning they don’t set like a matte liquid lipstick which generally speaking leave your lips crusty or dry (besides the rare few that have beaten the odds). They have a unique gel-like texture that’s smooth and glide onto the lips with ease. And the sponge-tip applicator dispenses just the right amount of product, which is ideal as they're intensely pigmented and have an opaque colour payoff in one application. But what I particularly like about the Too Faced Melted Liquid Lipsticks is their formulation isn’t heavy, filmy or sticky and although they’re certainly more glossy when initially applied, after a few hours wear, they wear down to a satin-finish, then to a stain that still has a little slip. Due to their finish they’re not touch-up free and the colour does transfer onto my coffee cup. But personally I’m happy to compromise on longevity in exchange for a more comfortable, relatively weightless and moisturising (dare I say moist!) lip product for day-to-day wear. But having said that 4 hours wear isn’t to be sniffed at it’s still a longer-wearing lip product than most - NARS Velvet Lip Glides included!

Non-Drying Liquid Lipsticks: Too Faced Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick
Non-Drying Liquid Lipsticks: Too Faced Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick

‘Chihuahua’ (I’m sure there is rhyme to their reason for this shade name) is described as a “dusty mauve”, but frankly it’s description and coloured packaging is deceptive and when applied to my lips, it’s more of a muted medium brown that draws similarities to one of my most reach for MAC lipsticks Velvet Teddy. But ‘Chocolate Honey’ from Too Faced's Melted Chocolate range is the shade I’ve been wearing most out of the two, as not only is it the best smelling lip product ever (if you like the smell of chocolate ice cream sauce, you’ll find it hard to resist squeezing the contents of the tube directly into your mouth) the shade is a gorgeous wearable brown with warm peachy undertones and comparable in colour to 'Venus' by Huda Beauty. Neither shade leaves me looking over done and I'm struggling to find fault in the formulation; they don't feather, settle into fine lines and they're more pigmented than the majority of the lip products I own. I might just have to buy another... don't mind if I do!

Have you tried the Too Faced Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipsticks?


High-End Highlighter Collection | Review & Swatches

High-End Highlighter Collection | Review & Swatches

It’s clear I have an unhealthy obsession with highlighters. The swoon-inducing products whether powder, cream or liquid, are undoubtedly the essential finishing touch to my daily makeup routine, adding a little sumthin’ sumthin’ to my favourite features; underneath the arch of my brow, the inner corner of my eyes, the high points of my cheeks and my cupids bow. So today I'm sharing all my high-end glow-givers (which of course were all necessary purchases). Highlighter addicts, take note...


If you live in fear of looking like you fell face first into a tub of glitter when using highlighter you'll love Laura Mercier's baked highlight in '01'. It's described as a 'golden nude' and is the perfect middle-of-the-road hue that's not too gold, white, or bronze. The universal shade imparts the most beautiful lit-from-within healthy glow without running the risk of looking sparkly. The formulation is buildable and ultra-smooth, so much so that when it's applied to the skin it’s undetectable and leaves my skin smoother in appearance. A great option if you have oily skin, or walking down the wedding aisle anytime soon. It's my go-to and one of the only high-highlighters I've repurchased. It's just that good.

Anastasia Beverly Hills 'So Hollywood' Illuminator is perfect for darker complexions and one of my favourites for a glam makeup look. The embossed powder highlight is a light-medium yellow-gold with warm undertones and has an intense metallic finish. 'So Hollywood' is highly pigmented (be warned, it's easy to over apply) and whilst it can be blended out for a less intense finish, it imparts a gorgeous high-shine without the sparkle. The powder is finely milled with a creamy, smooth and soft texture which doesn't emphasize my pores. It's no wonder this shade was a constant sell-out on its release.

Purchased by my boyfriend Benjamin when he was in Vegas (he's a good egg), the Laura Mercier Face Illuminator in 'Devotion' is a cool, light rosy pink with a luminous sheen, similar to BECCA's Shimmering Skin Perfector in 'Rose Quartz'. It's slightly dry to touch in the pan, but this doesn't translate onto the skin and is buildable and blendable. The product itself is far too pretty to touch, appearing in the pan like a ruffled, satin bedsheet. And for that reason, I shamefully don't reach for it often.

Illamasqua’s Beyond Highlight in ‘OMG’ is not for the faint hearted. The domed baked highlighter makes my cheekbones go pow, delivering a polished champagne glow. The formulation is ultra-fine and well worth the extra pounds. It can be sheered out, or loaded on and can also be used wet if you're feeling really bold! It's not for the faint hearted, but for those who love a high-shine highlight.

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick Compact in 'Nectar' £35.00
The Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick Compact in 'Nectar' is a multitasker - and ya'll know I love that. The ombré highlight features five shades ranging from a warm cream, to a vibrant pink/peach all with a golden undertone, which can be worn alone on the eyes as eyeshadow, or worn together on the cheeks as a rose gold blusher/come highlighter. I find swirling the shades together works best, as together they have just the right amount of colour, shimmer and sheen. It can be applied with a light hand, or layered for a more intense look. This shimmer brick works best as a luminous blush on my complexion, but if you love coral tones, you'll love this. 

MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinish in 'Double-Gleam' £24.50
Left unsupervised in duty free on my way to Dublin it didn't take me long to gravitate towards the MAC counter and I would of been breaking the law if I left empty handed, right? So when the MAC MUA recommend I purchased one of the new MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinishes I obliged (of course). I opted for 'Double-Gleam', it was a no–brainer. It's a seriously beautiful 'beige that breaks silver'. The light gold highlight has subtle warm yellow undertones which when applied imparts a ridiculously luminous finish that shines without an ounce of sparkle. It is richly pigmented, but can easily be sheered out and has a soft, smooth and blendable consistency. TBH, I'm having a hard time finding any downsides.

‘Champagne Pop’ is the highlighter of 2015 that broke Sephora’s record for the most purchased product on the day of release. And believe the hype, ‘Champagne Pop’ is a unique light-medium gold, with a warm orange undertone. OTT on first impression, this highlight from BECCA is not for those who like a subtle highlight. Soft and smooth in consistency and a little bouncy in the compact ‘Champagne Pop’ can be blended out for a less intense finish opposed to a strong sheen. I prefer to use a fan brush for application, as it can emphasize pores when applied with a heavy hand or a dense brush.

Inspired by the colours of a Telluride sunset (a Colorado town and Bobbi Brown’s favoured holiday destination) the embossed limited edition highlighter is a beautiful rosy copper. ‘Afternoon Glow’ has a slightly metallic, almost wet-look finish. It’s super smooth, blendable and doesn’t accentuate pores. And whilst no longer available, the shade is reminiscent of Bobbi Brown’s best-selling Pink Quartz Shimmer Brick.

The nostalgic highlight; MAC Soft & Gentle Mineralize Skinfinish has been a favourite amongst bloggers for years. The peach bronze highlight has a sparkling, metallic finish and is soft and dusty in texture. Due to its dusty texture the baked highlight is prone to sheering out and therefore doesn’t last as long on the skin as other highlighters in my collection. Nevertheless, this highlighter is a classic. If you’re a die-hard MAC junkie I presume you already have your mitts on this, if not, it’s without a doubt one to try.

Whilst inspired by their bestselling eyeshadow in ‘Sin’, Urban Decay Afterglow 8-Hour Powder Highlighter in 'Sin' is not to be compared as it’s far from pink. ‘Sin’ is a light golden champagne and the people pleasing shade, is not too flat, or too flashy and has a frosted slightly metallic finish. The highlighter from Urban Decay is soft, smooth and blendable. Unfortunately I find it does on occasion empathise any uneven skin texture, so for that reason isn’t a highlighter I reach for often.

Liquid & Creams

The icy-pink light reflecting liquid from NARS is great for fair complexions. Housed in a squeezy tube, the product is icy-pink and has reflective finish without looking too harsh. The multi-purpose illuminator can be applied directly onto the cheekbones, mixed with foundation (just a drop or two will do!) and can be used to highlight the collarbone. The formulation is super silky to touch and concentrated, so use sparingly. There is a slight hint of micro fine shimmer, but this doesn't translate onto the skin. Don't be fooled by its pink exterior!

Dramatic on paler complexions and great for golden, olive toned complexions Benefit Watts Up! (absolute pun gold) is a soft focus champagne that leaves a glowy sheen on the skin. The cream-to-powder highlighter isn't heavy, cakey, nor thick or greasy and doesn’t settle into pores. Whilst it comes in a handy stick, the sponge that’s included is pretty pointless. With cream highlighters, your fingers are your best friends for application. The warmth from my fingers helps melt the product into my skin and if you'd rather not use your fingers, a beauty blender works well too. Easy peasy.

‘Hush’ is a lovely peach-beige cream highlight. The cream colour base from MAC is gorgeous worn alone and works well layered with other products such as MAC’s Soft & Gentle Mineralize Skinfinish, helping intensify colour payoff and longevity. The lightweight cream is ever-so-sheer and blends so subtly into the skin, delivering a natural dewy finish. The multi-purpose product can also be used on the eyes, lids and cheeks. Its only drawback is its lasting power and if you have an oily complexion I'd recommend skipping this one. But when I do dabble in cream highlight, ‘Hush’ is my top pick.

The Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops broke the internet and my heart when they sold out EVERYWHERE. I consequently freaked out, but it was clear why they were flying off the shelves. They're beautiful AF. The shade 'Moonlight' is a pale rose champagne with a high metallic sheen and a very fine shimmer that creates a luminous almost wet appearance on the skin. It's crazy pigmented (a.k.a not-so-subtle), but the liquid consistency makes the product easy to sheer out and blend, but once it's set it doesn't budge, so blend like a bad-ass.

The Sculpting Highlight by Clinique is essentially a pearly pink, fat illuminating creamy crayon. It's oh-so-easy to apply. The stick allows me to apply the highlight exactly where I want. I just swipe a line above my contour and tap it in using my fingertips. It's finish is natural and very subtle without glitter and sparkle. It can disrupt my base if I get a little stick happy. But the portable stick packaging is an easy one to throw into my bag for on the go so I can reapply. And it ain't too bad on the eyelids either - especially when I don't get enough sleep!


ABH Glow Kit in ‘Gleam’ is an absolutely gorgeous quad of pearlescent highlighters. The cool toned, wintery highlighters are soft, apply beautifully are long lasting and easy to blend. They’re far softer and silkier than the ABH illuminators and can be layered together or worn separately. The shades vary from a light champagne to a dark copper and are great for fair to medium skin tones. ‘Hard Candy’ is a light yellowed peach with an iridescent, frosted finish. The shade is very similar to Urban Decay Afterglow 8-Hour Powder Highlighter in 'Fireball'. ‘Mimosa’ is a gold-shimmered brown and is the most metallic shade in the kit. ‘Starburst’ is a peachy-pink with a metallic finish and is intensely pigmented. ‘Crushed Pearl’ is a light champagne with golden undertones and isn’t as smooth as the other three shades.

Charlotte Tilbury’s Filmstar Bronze & Glow is a classic compact duo featuring a bronzer and highlight. Both powders are soft and finely milled and the highlight shade ‘Glow’ is a pale champagne beige that initially looks a little frosty on the skin, but blends out to luminous finish with an ultra-fine shimmer. It's as pretty as its posh packaging. A standout option if you’re after a soft candlelit glow.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit in 'Ultimate Glow' £44.00
I wish I loved this palette from ABH, but it just doesn't tick all the boxes in terms of pigmentation, texture and application. That's not to say this palette doesn't work well, it's just not my cuppa tea. But if you like a shimmery, sparkly gold highlights then you won't be disappointed. 'Snow' is the only exception and is a stunning pearly white with an equally pleasing formulation. It's near enough opaque, with a soft, smooth creamy consistency that wears well without emphasising my pores. It's a pity it's not sold separately, or removable from the palette.

Have you tried any of these highlighters? What's your favourite high-end highlighter? 


The 3-Minute Glow

The 3-Minute Glow

I’ve found a convenient and quick combination to brighten my complexion on the dullest of days; mixing an illuminating liquid with my foundation. Whilst this beauty hack is nothing new, I’ve been having a crisis come morning. Not only have I become good friends with snooze, my skin just doesn’t glow like it used to without a little help. I blame the current climate and indoor heating for sucking the life out of my skin. But, BECCA’s Backlight Priming Filter has become the ultimate quick fix and has been a favourite of mine for a few months now. 

After letting my moisturiser sink in for a few minutes, I pump equal parts of BECCA’s Backlight Priming Filter £32.00 and foundation onto the back of my hand, mix and use a buffing brush to apply it all over my face. Mixing the priming filter with my foundation instantly adds that lit-from-within glow I’m trying to achieve, leaving my skin subtly glowy without putting in too much time and effort. And on good skin days (which are a rarity at the moment) I skip foundation all together and apply the Backlight Priming Filter with my fingers to make my skin look fresh, plumped and dewy without a hint of greasiness. 

The priming filter doesn’t scream disco ball and has just the right amount of refined shimmer, it’s not sparkly – an important distinction! It doesn’t alter the colour of my foundation, has a light consistency, is easy to apply and anything that follows blends seamlessly and lasts just that bit longer (note: I wouldn’t count on this primer to extend the wear of your foundation alone!). If BECCA isn’t appealing to your purse L'Oreal Paris Lumi Magique Primer is a great high street buy and scores big beauty points for the luminosity and radiance it adds to my skin for all of £9.99 (similar to MAC Strobe Cream £18.50 – another great product). It’s a pearlescent white so may run a little light for some complexions. But it’s super-wearable as it has very fine reflective particles that get the job done. 

All in all, BECCA’s Backlight Priming Filter creates that instant glow when I’m short of time (#iwokeuplikethis) and tricks the eye away from anything I’m trying to disguise. It’s become my favourite primer for an all over glow for sure. And did I mention when wearing this magic mixture friends have told me “your skin looks so glowy today” and like most, I’m awful at receiving compliments. But in that moment, I felt pretty great. Thanks BECCA, you're a total bae. 

What's your go-to liquid illuminator for an all over glow?
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