Personal Questions // Tag

The Beau Bow has kindly tagged me in her personal questions TAG, so thank you for giving me the opportunity to tell all my readers a little more about myself! Im just going to crack right on, enjoy!

Personal Questions // Tag

1. What do you order at Starbucks?
I don't! Funnily enough whilst I've been studying at university, I have been working in an independent cafe... and I can't stand coffee! But I would like to think I'm pretty good at making it (ha!). However, I do LOVE milkshake and if I'm in a coffee shop that is selling milkshake, I can guarantee I will be drinking one.

2. What is the one thing in your closet that you can't live without?
The one thing? You having a laugh?! I can't live without my wardrobe full stop! But if I had to save one thing from my closet, I think it would have to be my Gucci clutch bag which my Nan gave to me as a gift. It's my go to clutch bag and is classy, elegant and a classic and I'm defiantly a bag girl - forget the shoes. It's all about the BAGS.

3. What is the one thing that people don't know about you?
Not many people know that I did kickboxing for 10 years and I have many a belt which I'm very proud of. It is actually something that I would recommend to anyone. It's great for keeping fit and also gives you confidence to deal with different situations (self defence). I have recently been considering getting back into kickboxing. I've missed it.

4. What is the one thing you want to do before you die? 
To get published in a well known national paper/magazine... that would be truly incredible... 

5. What's one food you can't live without?
I LOVE pasta! It is awful, but I have to admit that most of my "diet" contains a large proportion of pasta! I have tried so hard to cut out pasta and to eat less of the lovely stuff, but honestly I find it so difficult! I have 0 will power.

6. What's one quote you live by? 
I wouldn't say I live by any quote but, I truly love this quote from Julia Roberts - 'I believe that two people are connected at the heart, and it doesn't matter what you do, or who you are or where you live; there are no boundaries or barriers if two people are destined to be together.' Gushy I know, but true...

7. What do you like and dislike about the blogging community?
I love the fact that I can share my tips and experiences with people all over the world. I also really love it when people respond to my posts, it's really nice to know that people appreciate what I write. And of course I like to spend time reading through other blogs to see what they have to offer to the blogging community. As I'am new to the blogging community I haven't yet come across any dislikes and I hope it stays that way! 

8. What is your number 1 song on iTunes/iPod? 
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Robin Thicke Blurred Lines! I don't care what anyone else says, but this song makes me want to dance! I have also found myself singing along at the top of my lungs in my car to this song! It is defiantly my most played song this month on my iTunes with just over 60 plays... is that terrible? 

9. What kind of style would you describe yourself as having?
I wouldn't say I have a particular style. I would like to think I'm quite on trend but I have never really thought about it to be honest! I literally see something I like and buy it! But I'm not a fan of slogan tees, so many girls and now boys wear them! I see them EVERYWHERE! I will have to update you on what style I have...

10. Favourite number?

11. Two hobbies? 
One of my hobbies would have to be writing. I write for an online magazine and also write for a student fashion clothing website called My Fashion Shop, I'm extremely grateful for the opportunities I receive to write, I thoroughly enjoy it! I used to be a very keen dancer and completed ballet and intermediate modern however since I started university I have stopped dancing as I am so so busy! 

12. Two pet peeves?
I HATE people who spit on the road/path/wherever in public - it is unhygienic, unattractive and disgusting! Please keep it in your mouth and dispose of "it" in a more appropriate place. Thanks. Another pet peeve would be wolf whistling. Men who do this must think they are wolves. I am not a dog and I dont respond by being whistled at. Its rude and I dont find it flattering! (Gosh a sound like a right old whinge bag - but you did ask!) 

13. Your guilty pleasure? 
Indulging in a large bar of chocolate, shutting myself away from the outside world and spending hours catching up on my favourite TV programmes literally one after the other, until I have nothing left to watch! I sound so lazy but it is so nice sometimes to just do nothing! 


Thank you for reading! Let me know your opinions in the comments box below - Do you share the same pet peeves? Do you LOVE pasta like me?


What's In My Bag - Summer Edition

What's In My Bag - Summer Edition

Here is a blog post which I'm sure many of you have come across before! I thought I would add to the hundreds and show you what I keep inside my bag - the excitement...

As you can see I carry everything with me! This post should really be called "What's not in my bag?"! But I hate being out and needing something and not having it! And yes, this is a summer edition and I have a brolly in my bag, but here in the UK our summer can be very unpredictable! I must admit what I have in my bag changes day-to-day, but these are the bits and bobs which I carry with me the majority of the time.

Journal from John Lewis - I LOVE this journal, it was a present from my mum at Christmas and I use it to write down all my ideas for my blog and any article ideas. The pages are quirky and colourful and it is a very cherished item of mine. John Lewis has a lovely selection of journals and if you are like me and love writing, a journal is worth a buy!

Google Nexus 7 - Although I'm a huge fan of Apple products, this 7inch tablet is great for surfing the internet and watching YouTube videos in HD. It's light and the battery lasts all day. I also love using it to read books on journeys to and from university.

Diary from WHSmiths - I don't know what I would do without my diary - I'm sure you don't need me to tell you what I use this for! Oh! And I always carry a black biro with me - this is very important! I only ever write in black biro... I don't know exactly why... but never blue, always black!

What's In My Bag - Summer Edition

Purse from Ted Baker - I have had this purse for a couple of years now and is starting to look a little worse for wear, but I love it too much! (Maybe I should ask for a new one for my 21st Birthday?) Funnily enough although this purse looks rather fat, it is not full of money, but lots and lots of store cards and vouchers... very frugal of me.

Wet wipes and hand sanitizer - Ladies it is so important to keep your hands clean - but I'm sure you all know that! These wet wipes are from Primark and smell lovely! They came in a twin pack for £1 and are brilliant for when I go to boots and cover my hands in make-up! The hand sanitizer is essential! I use it a lot - maybe too much? 

Make-up Bag - This was a gift a from my boyfriends parents a few years back and I love it! It's just super cute. I believe this is also from John Lewis.

Mac Fix + - Although I dont always feel this "fixes" my make-up as advertised it is very hydrating and soothing. I find it is great if I have been at work and my skin needs a boost (as it can get very dry and my complexion can look rather dull)! It leaves my skin looking bright and dewy.

Mac Lovelorn lipstick - This is currently my go to lipstick. It is a soft, subtle pink and can be worn everyday.

Zara perfume - Now if you have read some summer essentials blog post you will know just how much I love this fragrance! So refreshing and light! And the bottle comes with this cute little roll on applicator which fits perfectly in my make-up bag.

Studio moisture tint SPF15 - This is perfect for this season! It is a light tinted moisturiser and is has the perfect coverage to even out my skin tone as I suffer from redness. It is a great alternative to foundation and leaves my skin looking lovely! I use it on its own and sometimes fix it with powder if I want it to last all day! It isn't oily and glides onto my skin perfectly.

What's In My Bag - Summer Edition

Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream  - I love this product! It is a lifesaver! I always have it with me no matter what! It is great for lips, dry skin, to shape brows and sunburn! I also love to use it as a base for my lipstick as it is so hydrating! This is worth a buy, it literally does everything! I highly recommend it.

Vaseline 24h Anti-Perspirant  - I bought this anti-perspirant as it was half price in SuperDrug and its great. I wouldn't say it lasts 24hrs but it smells fresh and does the job! Handbag essential for this summer to keep fresh and clean.

Nivea lip butter (raspberry)  - Just like the zara perfume this has also featured in my summer essentials blog post. It is a great lip butter and smells DIVINE.

Umberto Giannini instant beauty makeover spray - As I have naturally have long, straight hair it can look a bit dull and boring and this spray is a great pick-me-up. It smells great and it gives my hair a boost, leaving it feeling hydrated and shiny.

Benefit Hoola bronzer - Another product from my summer essentials! Read blog post to find out more.

GOSH The secret of longer lashes mascara - I received this product in last months Glossybox and I'm currently trying it out. So far I do like it but if you have read my blog before you will know I find it hard to find a better mascara than my MaxFactor false lash effect! However this mascara does leave my lashes looking longer and the brush is great however not sure about the volume! The mascara has defiantly improved the length of my lashes, so if you need a mascara that lengthens its worth giving this a try.

Maybelline Fit me concealer  - This has to be another hand bag essential! Just incase I get or have any horrid spots or dark circles! This concealer is my current favourite.
What's In My Bag - Summer Edition

Here is the HUGE bag where I carry EVERYTHING ABOVE! This bag is 100% leather and from Pelle Moda, however I got mine from Social discount network which was and is still selling it for less than half price - bargain.

So what do you keep in you bag? Do you carry around as much as me? 


How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes

It is really important to keep your brushes clean. So many people dont even think of cleaning their brushes! If you are reading this and don't, START NOW. It will prevent skin problems, prevent colour mixing and help make your brushes last longer.

When I initially started cleaning my brushes I was advised by a MAC make-up artist to use baby shampoo, by massaging the shampoo onto the brush and washing it under a hot tap. I found this messy, time consuming and my brushes didn't always clean up so well. Some prefer methods like this, but I've found a simple solution.

How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes

I recently purchased some new brushes from Real Techniques which I absolutely LOVE and I decided that I wanted to be super good and buy some brush cleaner. So I did and now cleaning my brushes is no longer a chore and I find it so satisfying (is that sad?).

How to clean your brushes:

Below are my very dirty brushes. I just wanted to show what they looked like before.

How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes

How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes

1. Firstly I take my brush cleaner, which I bought from amazon for just under £5. And it may only be 150ml but you really don't need much, to get your brushes super clean.

How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes

2. Take a piece of kitchen roll and fold it up and put a little bit of the cleaner onto the tissue. You really dont need much of the cleaner - so dont go crazy! You can also use large cotton wool pads too - it all works the same! (I also advise you do this in the bathroom as brush cleaner can damage surfaces if left on them!)

3. Next take a brush and swirl it onto the tissue in clockwork motions (softly) until the brush is clean. This literally takes a minute depending on how dirty your brushes are. You can also use this cleaner to deep clean your bushes, by squeezing some of the solution into a bowl and soaking the tips of your brushes for 15 minutes. I also unfold the tissue and then fold it back on itself, when I start cleaning a different brush. But you can just take a new piece of kitchen roll or a new cotton wool pad. 

How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes

How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes

4. Finally after 3 simple steps your bushes are sparkly clean! Just take a look at mine now! I also love the fact this brush cleaner is scent free and doesn't make my brushes soaking wet, so if need be, I could use them straight after! However, you may want to rinse them afterwards, this is up to you (I do this when I deep clean them as they have been soaking in the solution). 

How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes

How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes

How To Clean Your Makeup BrushesHow To Clean Your Makeup Brushes

This professional brush cleaner works so well! You can use it to deep clean or quickly clean your brushes! This brush cleaner is a gentle solvent and is suitable for any cosmetic brushes. I highly recommend it.

You can buy this brush cleaner here!

How do you clean your brushes? 


Make-up London Academy - Smoky Eye

Yesterday I went into London with two of my friends, to the Make-Up London Academy in Finsbury Park. We took part in a 3hr Mac make-up masterclass and it was such good fun!

Make-up London Academy - Smoky Eye
Make-up London Academy - Smoky Eye

I would like to think I'm a pro when it comes to make-up. But really I'm just your average joe! Every now and then I fall out with my liquid eyeliner. I buy the wrong foundation colour and have bad make-up days - sound familiar?! So, today I just want to share with you what we learnt and a few tips that the make-up artist shared with us, which you might find helpful.


We had 1.5 hours demonstration, which focused on the perfect base, foundation, smokey eye and false lash application. So I'm going to focus on the smokey eye, as that is what we spent the majority of the time on and what I found the most helpful. In the blogging world there are thousands of how to videos and blogs when it comes to doing the perfect smokey eye, so apologises if you have seen this before, but hopefully there will be something here for everyone.

Here are the steps which I took to get a smoky eye which I attempted to create on my friend Naomi as instructed by the make-up artist.

Make-up London Academy - Smoky Eye

We used 3x colours, a dark midnight blue (darkest shade), magenta (middle shade) and a light cream colour (lightest shade). MAC COSMETICS sell eyeshadow sets and individual shadows. Also  SLEEK MAKEUP have some fantastic palettes which are inexpensive and highly pigmented. 

1. PRIMER - This is so important! Using a primer is so beneficial it will stop your eyeshadow from creasing. It will also keep the eyeshadow in place and really helps bring out the colour of the shadow in its truest form. Apply primer onto both lids, either using a small brush or your finger.

2. LIGHT SHADE ALL OVER THE LID - this is quite simply packing on the lightest shade all over the lid, apply this to the lid only - there is no need to apply up to the brow bone. 

3. DARK COLOUR AS LINER - using a push eyeliner brush, apply the darkest colour as close to the lash line as possible. This honestly is a lot easier than I thought it would be and is the perfect alternative to liquid eyeliner if you struggle with this.

4. USE COLOUR IN CREASE - using the middle shade, using a soft motion start from the outer corner of your eye and apply the colour into the crease. Apply this to around the middle of the crease (see picture). This is used as a guideline for the darker colour. 

5. DARK SHADE ON TOP OF MIDDLE SHADE - again like the previous step but now using the dark shade, use a soft sweeping motion and apply the colour into the crease. 

6. BLEND - Using a blending brush using circular motion, blend the colours along the crease to blend out the hard line. 

7. REAPPLY - Now reapply the darkest colour again (Step 5). 

8. REPEAT 6&7 - Simply repeat step 6&7 until you get the desired depth of colour.

9. CREATE OUTER C SHAPE - This is the part I'm going to struggle to describe but here it goes... taking the darkest colour create a C shape on the outer corner of each eye. The more colour you apply here the smokier effect you will create. 

10. BLEND CREASE WITH MIDDLE SHADE - Apply the middle shade into the crease once again. By blending this into the crease, it will give the effect of the colour getting lighter as it gets closer to the brow bone. 

11. REAPPLY LIGHTER SHADE - After applying such dark colours you may find you lose some of the lighter shade. So just reapply this to the eyelids. 

12. LINER - If you are confident in using liquid liner, line your lash line with liquid liner. If you start from the inner corner of your eye you will find it much easier than starting from the outer corner. If you don't want to use liquid liner, just repeat step 3 (you can always use a black shadow instead to get a fuller look). You can also apply pencil liner to your water line. 

13. MASCARA - Apply your favourite mascara. Apply mascara to your bottom lashes first, because if you apply to the top lashes you may find you get some on the bottom lashes also - which can be a pain when you come to applying mascara to them. Do not pump your mascara to get product onto the brush, as this will dry out the mascara much quicker (as you are pumping air into the mascara), instead swirl it around - this way your mascara will last longer! 

14. COLOUR 1/3 ON LOWER LASH LINE - If you want to go for the full smoky eye look, now apply the darker shade and the magenta to the lower lash liner using a small eyeshadow brush.


This is the first time I have attempted a smoky eye on someone else! I don't think I did too badly, but it could have defiantly have been improved! 

Make-up London Academy - Smoky Eye

Make-up London Academy - Smoky Eye

  • There is no eye shape that it not suited to smoky eyes.
  • Be gentle! Remember soft sweeping motions, you do not need to apply lots of pressure on the brush to get the colour onto the lid - I made this mistake, so be soft! 
  • You dont have to use black, you can achieve smoky eyes with bronze colours, purples, blues, and even shades of green if you want to be daring!
  • If you go wrong just blend it out! 
  • Practice, practice, PRACTICE! 
  • To open up your eyes apply a creamy white eye pencil to your water line.
  • To get a cat eye effect use a black liner on your water line. 
  • If done properly you wont need to touch up the initial application - but we aren't all pros! 
  • By putting translucent powder under the eye it will be easier to clean up the fallout (eye shadow dropping under your eye).
  • If you fancy adding a little more colour just put a bit of colour in the inner corner of your eyelids - metallic colours work really well here! 
  • Smoky eyes do not have to be harsh they can be subtle and very sexy.
If you want to find out more about classes and courses at the Make-Up London Academy click here.

What are your tips for a smoky eye? What do you find difficult about smoky eyes?


Must Have Summer Beauty Essentials

Must Have Summer Beauty Essentials

Here are a handful of my summer beauty essentials. Let me know if you to use these products and what you think.

Organic surge volume boost conditioner:
Funnily enough I got this product in my June Glossybox and I have used it every day since i received it! It does give volume to your hair like most volume conditioners, but for me I love what my hair feels like after I've used it - SOFT, SHINY & STRONG. The conditioner is full of organic essential oils and non of that silicone stuff that can weigh your hair down. I also love the texture, it is not as solid as most conditioners and at first I was unsure, but it runs through my hair perfectly and I don't need much of it. I will defiantly make a few purchases from organic surge after trying this conditioner.

This inexpensive perfume was a true find in my eyes. Ever since I bought it has been my top choice of fragrance. It's unlike any perfume I've had before. I've been struggling to describe the scent, its not too strong and its not flowery... it just smells expensive... so helpful. It was just £9.99 and even came with a roll on bottle too, which fits perfectly in my makeup bag if I want to freshen up during the day - great for festivals! Zara has a huge range of fragrance and I highly suggest you check them out. It is most defiantly my summer fragrance.

This lotion ticks all the boxes for me. Firstly it does the most important thing, hydrates my skin. BUT what I love about this lotion is the fact once you have applied it, it doesn't stick to your skin and become greasy. It somewhat drys, but my skin still feels and looks amazing. This summer, this will be the perfect lotion for that reason - there is nothing worse than being hot and greasy. Plus, it is also firming with caffeine properties and I have defiantly seen a change in my skin since I started using this lotion. Lastly it smells clean and fresh with a citrus scent and I just LOVE IT.

If you haven't heard of this product where have you been?! This cleanser has won 75 beauty awards! I don't feel as though I need to say much else! It has done wonders for my skin and is affordable! I just wish I had found it sooner! This cleanser deserves a review of its own.

Must Have Summer Beauty Essentials

I picked this up in my local Tesco as my lips were super dry and I saw it at the checkout and thought that will do! I was pleasantly surprised by how good it is! And is probably the best £2 I've ever spent! It smells edible and I have been very tempted to lick it off my lips because it smells that good! It simply leaves my lips feeling super soft and moisturised and even adds a subtle pinch of colour to my lips! It is a tad sticky at times but nothing to stop me from reapplying it again, again and again! 

It should be illegal to have hairy legs during the summer... or at all! And I'm going to fess up and say that I'm not the best shaver in the world, I quite often miss hair and cut myself and I find shaving such a chore. I often use Veet hair removal cream to ensure that Im removing all the hair from my legs in a safe manor. But I have now turned to 'in shower' hair removal cream. I do exactly as I did before but I can shower at the same time - for me this is a break through, as I can be impatient sometimes and this way I can wash whilst the cream is doing its thing! It's easy to use, effective and doesn't have a strong hair removal odour! 

When your hair is wet and you brush through it, is it full of knots? Does it pull? Does your hair snap? Ping and curl upwards? Well, mine did in places, because it was slightly damaged from years of dying my hair. This tangle teezer has done wonders for my hair and this doesnt happen anymore! It will be perfect in the summer when on holiday, after getting out of the pool, or the sea and even the shower! I love using it whilst washing my hair by squirting my conditioner onto the teezer and brushing it through to ensure maximum coverage. You can get them in cute colours and designs and they are a great pocket size.

You can't get through the summer without dry shampoo. If you are a festival goer, this dry shampoo is a perfect way to keep your hair clean and smelling fresh. You can also get this dry shampoo in a miniature travel size for those upcoming festivals or holidays. 

Sun protectant is a MUST over the summer. Keeping your skin protected from the sun is so important and I love the Piz Buin range! Both of the products smell lovely and are light on the skin. The in sun pray instantly absorbs and is neither greasy or sticky! The after sun by Piz Buin is a favourite of mine! One ingredient is tanimel which is a tan intensifying plant extract, which most defiantly works like magic on me! I do sometimes burn and no matter how badly (only when not using sun screen), after using this for a few days, I develop a lovely golden tan. Piz Buin have a huge range, it is a little more expensive than your general sun protectant, but it is defiantly worth it.

I live in sandals over the summer and at times my feet need some serious TLC and I find this product leaves them feeling super soft and smooth. To be honest I've never been disappointed with any Soap and Glory product and the products are highly rated in the beauty world. I love using this product over night, massaging my feet in the gel like substance and then wearing cotton socks, whilst I sleep so the product can soak in and by the morning my feet are like new. The product smells great too. For £5.50 this really is genius. 

Must Have Summer Beauty Essentials

Have I missed anything? What are your summer essentials? 


Tropical Punch Bluesky Shellac

As soon as this colour arrived in the post, I knew it was going to be one of my summer favourites.

Tropical Punch Bluesky Shellac

It's a pinky/coral colour called 'tropical punch' and is from the Bluesky shellac range (gel nail colour - needs UV lamp/kit etc). In some lights in looks very pink and in direct sunlight is a lovely orange/coral colour. It is just the perfect colour for this summer. I can imagine it will look great with a tan and paired with my MAC 'costa chic' lipstick. It is very similar to CND shellac 'tropix' the only difference really is the price! Bluesky shellac can be bought online at amazon or at eBay

Want to know more about DIY home shellac? And what's your favourite nail colour for this summer? 

Superdrug Yoghurt Smoothie Face Mask | Review

Superdrug Yoghurt Smoothie Face Mask | Review

I've never been a huge face mask kinda girl. They are messy, go all hard on my skin and leave my skin dry. But hold up! Last night I fancied a little pampering and I recently went to my local Superdrug and bought a few face masks along with a few other bits. I chose the yoghurt smoothie mask and WOW. I instantly fell in LOVE! It's one of Superdrugs new face masks and it is INCREDIBLE! I had to write a quick review because I have never ever been so happy with a face mask.

It smells divine (coco butter, vanilla and honey) - GOOD ENOUGH TO EAT!
Its soothing and warm - but not hot
Doesn't go hard on the skin 
It didn't make my skin feel tight
Gentle on my skin
Creamy and rich texture
Feels like a luxurious/expensive product
(only cost 99p & they often do 3 for 2 on face masks!)
Easy to wash off
Still cleanses away dirt, oil & impurities 
After washing the product off, my skin feels super soft
Didn't feel the need to moisturise after - quite often need to

I without a doubt will be rebuying this product. I'm so impressed. My skin still feels super soft this morning and I cant get over how good it smells. I cant wait to try more of their face masks - Superdrug have a huge selection. Bottom line I would highly recommend this.

You can buy this product online here or in store at Superdrug. 


Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara

Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara

So I thought you might like to see my NO1 mascara (Max Factor false lash effect mascara) actually applied to my lashes. 

I have no false lashes on - individual or strips! It is AMAZING what it does to my lashes. In these pictures. I have not curled my lashes prior to applying the product. It really does live up to it's name 'false lash effect'. However, I am aware that not everyone will get the same results as me, but this mascara is defiantly a product worth trying.

Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara

Read about this product in my previous blog post,

My Top 5 Makeup Products

My Top 5 Makeup Products

Everyone has those make-up products that we can't live without. Those products which when they are empty we just have to go out and splash the cash to have them in our make-up bags again! Well, I have put together my top 5 make-up "empties" which I have frequently bought again, again and again and I'm going to give you a little review of each and tell you exactly why I re-buy them.

My Top 5 Makeup Products

This mascara no word of a lie, is a GODSEND! This has to be my top make-up repurchase! I have lost count of how many of these I have got through! For me mascara is really important, I love having dark, full and long lashes and for me this mascara does exactly that.

Firstly, the brush is made out of a soft plastic, which I find helps separate my lashes giving them that natural yet false effect - I HATE mascara with those fluffy brushes! You never have to apply too much of the product on the brush to get the look you want. It is most defiantly a no fuss mascara, because if Im in a rush one coat does the job. One other thing that I love about this mascara is how I can build up the coats to whatever effect I want, whereas with other mascaras I have bought, once I have applied a few coats it gets lumpy etc. I have tried other mascaras from L'oreal to Maybelline, but I haven't yet found a better mascara. This mascara does exactly what it says. If like me you love having big lashes without the use of falsies, this is worth a try. I would say with confidence this mascara is a dupe for benefits they're real mascara which is nearly twice the price - but is also an amazing mascara.

My Top 5 Makeup Products

This is my second Hoola from benefit and I love it! If you haven't got a Hoola in your make-up bag then GO AND GET ONE! It is the UK's best selling bronzer and it is obvious why.

The powder is soft, dusty and gives a matt finish with no sparkle or shine - where can you go wrong?! It is simply a tan in a box and gives you a natural tanned look. I also find that no matter what time of year, I can wear this bronzer and it's never too light or dark as I can build the colour. Although it is a little on the pricey side, it does last a very long time. It took me a while to hit the pan and I couldn't even tell you how long it lasts because I can't even remember when I bought this one. What I also love about this product is how compact it is. It comes in a small box with a mirror and a soft brush. I use this product for all over bronzing and contouring depending on what I fancy.

My Top 5 Makeup Products

Yes, another Benefit product - it can't be helped they just have some great products.

This highlighter compliments the Hoola bronzer perfectly if you want that natural glowy look. It is a soft highlighter in a lovely champagne colour, which is perfect for any skin tone. It always gives my skin a luminous finish, which makes me feel great. This product can also be used in many ways - cheekbones, nose, brow bones, eyeshadow base and a base for lip gloss! If Im in a rush this can be used on a clean make-up free face, or over the top of make-up. The only thing about this product that I dislike, is that it comes with an odd foam applicator thingy which I never use and seems pretty pointless. Instead I apply it directly and then use my fingers or a brush to blend. For me, this is my go-to makeup product. This is one make-up product that a few of my friends have gone out and actually purchased after using mine.

My Top 5 Makeup Products

Along with megastar beauty blogger Tanya Burr, this is without a doubt my favourite powder. It is inexpensive and to be frank I cannot fault it.

I always powder my face, but mainly in the areas where I may get a tad oily - like my t-zone. I would recommend this product to anyone with any skin type (my skin type is dry/combination). It really does exactly what is says, it gives you a matt finish and helps my foundation last longer. I have bought powders from MAC cosmetics and other high end brands, but they have never been as good as my Rimmel powder! I get the transparent powder as I dont want to add any extra colour to my face, I purely use the powder to help my foundation last longer and to keep it matte! This product is a make-up bag ESSENTIAL.

My Top 5 Makeup Products

Well as you can see this product is used A LOT, in fact I use this daily! I have just repurchased this product because as you can see mine is getting a little grubby and I couldn't resist buying a new one - ooopsie.

Firstly, I just want to say there are many products in high street stores which are similar such as the brow kit from Sleek, but for me my Benefit brow zings just has that little extra - mainly its staying power. The product comes in 3 colours - light, medium and deep. I have the light colour (I have light brown hair). Anyone can use this product. It is super easy to apply and Benefit have kindly supplied us with two brushes - a hard angle brush and a blending brush. You use the hard angled brush to apply the super pigmented wax to define and shape your brows - for me the wax is the best bit I find it clings (not sure about use of word... but you get me!) to my eyebrow hair and I can create any eyebrow shape that I fancy. I then use the powder to lock the brows in place and to fill in any sparse areas. I also love the fact it comes with a miniature pair of tweezers (cute!) as it means you can pluck any stray hairs. I must say this product has never let me down! Its compact, easy to apply and I have never needed to reapply the product - it lasts all day. (If you are considering buying this product, it is defiantly worth going into a department store where they sell Benefit, or a Benefit store to make sure you buy the correct colour for you!)

Well that's my top 5 make-up products that I repurchase. I hope you found it interesting. Please leave a comment below and let me know what your top products are.



Welcome to my blog!

Hello! My full name is Emily Sarah Knott and Im from a relatively small and pretty town called Hertford in the United Kingdom. I'm currently at university studying Broadcast Journalism.

I have wanted to start blogging for a while now, but have never got down to actually doing it because I never knew where to start! I also suffer mildly from dyslexia, which has always put me off writing publicly online. So I'm going to clear it up now - I do make spelling and grammar mistakes. I'M JUST HUMAN don't hate me! 

So here I am blogging for the first time - exciting!  

I'm sure that many bloggers say that they love to write and I'm going to jump on that bandwagon too by saying that I too LOVE TO WRITE! 

I suppose you want to know what I will be blogging about? Well, firstly I'm a huge sucker for BEAUTY products and all things MAKE-UP. I spend maybe a little too much money on the stuff, which is meant to make us beings even more beautiful than we already are! I will be uploading reviews of products, which will hopefully help you spend less by buying a product that actually works! I also will blog about general beauty tips and advice which will hopefully help you out too! 

Like most girls, I also love FASHION (shock horror!) and I will post general fashion bits and bobs! And of course I will be blogging about general... stuff (wasn't sure what word to use... apologies!) including what I'm getting up to in my everyday life, university and home.

As I'm studying Broadcast Journalism I will also upload some of my work, including filmed interviews and articles which hopefully you all will find interesting! 

So get involved! Let me know what you think of my posts as I want to grow as a writer and for me this is the start of just that...

So, THANK YOU for taking the time to read my first ever blog post.

Your resident beauty addict,
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