Makeup Must Have #1: Maybelline Colour Tattoos

Makeup Must Have #1: Maybelline Colour Tattoos

Makeup Must Have #1: Maybelline Colour Tattoos

I cannot get enough of these pots of metallic heaven! Everyone has been going crazy over the last couple of years or so for the Maybelline Colour Tattoos - and I dont blame them! These pots are worth the hype without a doubt! And if you don't own one... why don't you?! They are a makeup must have! 

The Maybelline Colour Tattoos are a cream gel eyeshadow and super affordable at just £4.99 each! The formula is highly pigmented, long lasting and totally crease proof (what more could you ask for?!). I apply this product using my ring finger and I usually apply just one layer all over my lid, starting at the inner corner and sweeping it across the lid and I then blend using my ring finger also. If needs be you can use a brush to apply the product, but I find it much easier and quicker to apply this using my fingers and the formula helps to give a super smooth application and finish. Also, you can layer the product to achieve a more vibrant and shimmery look if that is what you desire. I personally dont use a primer with this product as it isn't needed, however if you have oily lids you may want to prime before hand. I love to wear this product during the day as they are perfect if you are in a rush (which I quite often am!) and need a quick fix. But they can also be worn in the evening and I most always use one as a base for my eyeshadow, if not on its own! 

The colour range is beautiful - there is most certainly something for everyone. The range of colours is now a lot bigger than it was when these products where first released here in the UK. Most of the cream shadows are metallic, however there is a matte colour - permanent taupe. They claim to have 24hr wear and although I have never worn one for 24hrs, I would say they are very long lasting and I have never needed to reapply during the day. Furthermore, the packaging feels and looks very high-end (transparent glass jar with a screw on black lid) in fact they look very similar to both the MAC Paint pots and Benefits Creaseless cream eyeshadow!

Makeup Must Have #1: Maybelline Colour Tattoos
Left to right: Metallic Pomegranate/And On Bronze /Pink Gold

Metallic Pomegranate: This is the perfect shade for this autumn/winter! It is a gorgeous deep pomegranate reddened brown, with the most beautiful specks of gold glitter. It does remind me of MAC's cranberry eyeshadow but in cream form and out of the three this is most certainly my favourite but a little harder to wear on a daily basis. 

And On Bronze: This is a fab colour for those with blue eyes - it makes them pop! It is a lovely metallic bronze with no visible flecks of shimmer like metallic pomegranate. I also really like to use this along my lash line as an eyeliner and I often use this as an eyeshadow base. In my opinion everyone should own this shade.

Pink Gold: Out of all three of the shades this is the one I wear the least. This of course is a mixture of pink and gold and is very cool toned. However, it does turn a little mauvey when on the skin. I have  also used a little of this on my cheeks to add to my blusher and it gives a lovely finish! 

Boots currently have an offer in store and online for buy 1 get 2nd half price on selected cosmetics and its payday weekend... so if you haven't picked one of these up yet - this is the perfect time! This is without a doubt a must have make-up item in my books! 

Do you own any of the Maybelline Colour Tattoos? 
Which one is your favourite? 

Skin Care Hero #1: Michael Todd Algae Toner

Skin Care Hero #1: Michael Todd Algae Toner

Being a beauty addict I'm always looking to try new things, including the products that get a lot of hype and attention here in the beauty world. For my 21st birthday amongst other things, I asked for a couple of bits from Michael Todd, which is for all of you who don't know, an organic skin care brand based in America. I have read so many reviews on this toner and I have watched many youTube videos where beauty gurus like Tanya Burr and Fleur De Force rave about this product and other products from this brand. Generally Im often quite skeptical about hype surrounding beauty products, but I took the plunge and I'm so glad I did! I have so much to say about this product so lets begin! 

I have tried countless toners from Clinique, Lancome, Clarins, Liz Earle, Boots own, Garnier and never found one which works well for me. But, when I use this product it makes a huge difference to my skin! It is one of those skincare products that I know without a doubt will always be in my skin care routine and when I stop using this product, I can instantly tell the difference it makes to my skin! Firstly this product 97% organic and rich in vital nutrients - so it is super kind to your skin. Some of the ingredients include tea tree, Hyaluronic acid, organic aloe, acai fruit and organic blue green algae, which all help clean, nourish and eliminate toxins in the skin, as well as helping to promote clearer skin. This "hero" toner also has anti inflammatory and antibacterial properties... what more could you ask for?! What isn't to love?!

Skin Care Hero #1: Michael Todd Algae Toner

It doesn't dry out or irritate my skin like most toners I have tried. In fact its highly moisturising and it leaves my skin feeling smooth and soft. It also leaves my skin looking a lot brighter and one thing that I really love, is that it really has helped to even out my skin tone as I suffer from redness. This is due to the fact this product doesn't contain any alcohol like lots of other toners and instead contains ingredients to help calm and restore the skin - so perfect for those with sensitive skin, as alcohol in skincare products  can irritates sensitive skin. It has also helped significantly reduce the size of my pores (hooray!). I always have a little look in the mirror and Im always amazed at the results after just one use! It is one of those beauty products that you can actually feel working - it is super refreshing and tingles slightly. This brings me onto the scent of this toner... it does smell strong! It smells heavily of lavender and at first I wasn't a fan, however I have grown to love the scent! The scent of this product doesn't faze me whatsoever now - so don't let it put you off! 

Furthermore, this toner is marketed at those who suffer with spot prone skin and in my case I would say this has helped significantly in reducing breakouts and the time it takes for my skin to heal as Im often left with red marks for ages from a poxy blemish - It drives me CRAZY! Does anyone else have this problem? I use this toner day and night after cleansing, swiping a small amount over my face using a cotton wool ball, I then follow up with my La Roche-Possay Effaclar Duo which works really well with this product. 

This toner can be used on all skin types and is $18 which is around £11. This product is only sold in America (however they do ship to the UK and worldwide). The price of products from this skin care brand are very reasonable for the quality and the size - this bottle is huge! However, do be warned that you will get charged custom charges (VAT/Duty) on top of the cost of the products and packaging if you live outside America. For instance, I paid around £30 for a couple of products and postage and then got charged £14 by the post office for VAT/Duty!  However, in my opinion I would happily pay the same price again and there are always promotions and discount codes flying about like 20% off which can be found online. 

Overall, I highly recommend this product to anyone and everyone who loves to take care of their skin! Michael Todd's Algae Toner is without a doubt my skin care hero! Without it... I don't know what I would do! It gets a five star rating from me! 

Do you have a skincare hero?
Have you tried any products from this range? 

Say Hello To The New & Improved British Beauty Addict!

If you hadn't already noticed... my blog has under gone a makeover. Abby, from Baggle web and design has done an amazing job of recreating my blog and I LOVE it. Thank you so much Abby, for all your hard work over the last month or so. I'm not the best at technical bits and pieces and to be honest, I would of had no idea of where to start. I wanted to go for something professional, simple and me and I feel I have got just that, if not more. I love the header and the YSL lippy (my favourite!). And the scallop border is so pretty.... To be honest I love it all! And yes, you have now all become "My lovely followers".

I highly recommend Abby, if any of you are looking to get a blog revamp. I hope you all like the new design! Let me know what you think in the comments below. Oh and I have a new review on the way for you all, so keep your eyes peeled.

Hope you are all well and having a good week! 

MAC Indulge Collection: Lipstick In "Feed The Senses"

MAC Indulge Collection: Lipstick In "Feed The Senses"

Firstly, I just want to say hello and thank you to all my new followers (Ive nearly reached 200 followers now - crazy!) and congratulations to Divya, from PeonyandPeach for winning my Bourjois 100 followers Giveaway - your goodies will be on there way to you this week! I really enjoyed hosting a giveaway and I can't wait to do one again! Also, apologises for the lack of blogging! This month I'm working full time, so I have found it difficult to find the time to blog, but I'm back! And I'm ready to blog, blog, blog! I have a few posts on there way for  you, this week and next! Anyway, enough of all that! I have a new lipstick to share with you all!

Im a huge fan of MAC lipsticks and lets be honest - who isn't? I have a very small, growing collection of MAC lipsticks around 7 in total, but I recently indulged (excuse the pun) and bought myself a limited edition MAC lipstick from the Indulge collection. I had read a few blog posts about this collection before it was released here in the UK and I was desperate to get my hands on this lippy and another from this collection called "Sweet Succulence", which is a deep glossy plum, but unfortunatly this seems to be sold out everywhere (sad times!). But I managed to get my hands on "Feed The Senses" after searching everywhere! I bought it online from Debenhams as they had 10% off all beauty products and this was the only place where this lipstick was still in stock! 

MAC Indulge Collection: Lipstick In "Feed The Senses"

MAC Indulge Collection: Lipstick In "Feed The Senses"

"Feed The Senses" is as a mid tone mauvey nude and has a lustre finish. It is soft natural pink with a subtle mauve tint. Like all MAC lipsticks, the pigmentation is great and this colour is most defiantly buildable - I find the more I apply, the mauve becomes more pigmented and I really like that. As it is a lustre finish, it is glossy and the texture is super soft and creamy and it glides onto the lips with no fuss - it most defiantly is a no mirror needed lipstick!  As it is glossy I wouldn't say that it is the most long-wearing, I would say I can get about 1-2 hours wear. However, it is fab for this time of year as it is so moisturising! This lipstick also looks amazing when layered with a clear gloss.

This is my first nude lipstick from MAC and although I wouldn't say it is my favourite lipstick ever - I'am thoroughly enjoying wearing it and it has been in my bag ever since I received it in the post! I love the shade, perfect for autumn! It is most defiantly my lipstick of the moment!

Have you managed to get your hands on anything from this collection? 

100 Followers *Bourjois Giveaway*

This is so exciting! Last week I reached 100 followers which is crazy as I have only been blogging a few months!! One second I was at 50 followers and the next thing I knew I hit 100! So, I thought I would jump on the giveaway bandwagon and host a 100 followers giveaway! I just want to thank every single one of you, who have taken the time to read though my posts and follow me. I really appreciate all of you, especially those of you who leave the nicest of comments. I do try and check out all of your blogs and have a little read. Writing my blog and reading all of yours, is my favourite thing to do and I cant wait to see where British Beauty Addict will be in a years time! So thank you! 

100 Followers *Bourjois Giveaway*

One of you lucky beauty addicts, will win all of the products pictured above! I spent a few days thinking about what I wanted to giveaway and thought I would pick my favourite drugstore brand of the moment and then pick my top 3 products from that brand. I picked Bourjois (if you haden't already guessed!). This summer I have just loved this brand! They have bought out some fab products and I just cant get enough of them! I have reviewed both the lip crayon and nail varnish here on my blog and  I also own the bronzer and love it just as much too! These are the products up for grabs:

1 x Bourjois Lip Crayon in "Peach On The Beach" 
1 x Bourjois 1 Seconde Nail Enamel in "Meli Melon"
1 x Bourjois Bronzing Powder in "52" 

This giveaway is open internationally as I'am aware that a few of my followers are not from the UK and that would just be unfair (and I'm nice like that!). One person will be selected randomly, by a randomiser via Rafflecopter. This giveaway ends on Friday 13th September at 12am. I will post the winner here on my blog, so keep your eyes peeled next weekend! So once again, thank you so, so much! I hope you continue to enjoy reading my blog posts! If there is anything you would like to see here on my blog in the future, let me know by leaving a comment below. 

Good luck and lots of love,

Stila In The Light Eyeshadow Palette

Stila In The Light Eyeshadow Palette

Have you ever walked into a department store, gone to the make-up section and been overwhelmed by the choice of eyeshadow? The choices are endless... I have spent way too much of my time dithering, and wondering what will suit my eye colour and what colours work well together! Well look no further! Stila "In The Light" palette is a must have! I have instantly fallen in love with this neutral palette! This palette ticks all the boxes for me, the colour range is just perfect! It is award winning for a reason!

Stila In The Light Eyeshadow Palette
Stila In The Light Eyeshadow Palette
Stila In The Light Eyeshadow Palette
Stila In The Light Eyeshadow Palette
Stila In The Light Eyeshadow Palette

All the shades are highly pigmented, creamy and super easy to blend. In total there are 10 neutral shades, which are suitable for all skin tones:

Bare - matte ivory
Kitten - shimmery light pink
Bliss - matte pink beige
Sunset - shimmery canyon pink
Sandstone - matte chocolate brown
Champagne - shimmery light brown
Gilded gold - golden brown with shimmer
Luster - dark aubergine with gold shimmer
Night sky - shimmery grey/blue
Ebony - matte black with slight shimmer

You can create so many different looks and if you are stuck for ideas, the palette even comes with a little booklet of six different looks, from a basic matte look, to a smoky eye - perfect for beginners. I have actually sat in font of my vanity table and recreated them all (I clearly have too much time on my hands and surely thats what a vanity table is for?!). Anyway, along with the 10 eyeshadows, you also get a Stila smudge stick in damsel, which is a lovely dark matte brown which is great, as I love using dark browns along my lash line and then use my smudge brush from Real Techniques to blend it out a little to create a darker lash line - so this smudge stick is perfect! The smudge stick is easy to apply and waterproof - it really doesn't budge until you wash it off!

I also love the fact this palette has four matte shades. Although I own the Urban Decay Naked palette (another love of mine) it doesn't have as many matte colours as I would have liked. Also this palette has no dupes for the urban decay palette, in fact I dont have any shades that are the same as these in my make-up collection. My favourite shade from the palette has to be kitten and in all honesty this was one of the reasons I actually wanted to buy this palette in the first place. This eyeshadow is loved by bloggers and beauty gurus and I couldn't wait to get my hands on it! And of course I now love it too and I have worn it nearly everyday since purchasing it! It is fab all over the lid and a great inner corner highlight. The colours are so versatile - the shadows can be worn day or night, wet or dry - FAB! Furthermore the palette is a reasonable size so great for travelling and comes with a mirror so perfect for on the go.

So, I'm sure you would like to know how much this palette is worth? This palette is just £25 which is bargain in my eyes (see what I did there!) and far cheaper than the Urban Decay palettes. Stila eyeshadows are individually sold at £12 and the smudge stick is worth £13, so you are getting more than your monies worth! You can buy it online from Stila or feelunique and in store at Boots (if you are lucky enough to have a counter!). So, if you are in an eyeshadow rut or looking for a new palette, or your first... you must get your hands on this! What else could I add...? BUY IT!! 

Do you have this palette too? What is your favourite shade? 

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