2014 Favourites: Beauty Tools

Best beauty tools

Strangely out of all four of my 2014 favourite posts, todays post is the one Im most excited to share with you all. I think that may partly be down to the fact I havent shared a few of these products with you before here on British Beauty Addict, but they are products I use and love on a regular basis and lets be honest, we can all dream about having beautiful hair, skin and makeup, but without the right tools that just won’t happen.

Crown Brushes C139&C412 (Full Review)
All eyeshadow addicts need the perfect eyeshadow brushes and for me that would be two Crown Brushes; the stiff tapered crease eyeshadow brush and the dlx pointed crease eyeshadow brush. These brushes are super soft, wash extremely well and have helped to create countless amounts of smoky, natural, eyeshadow looks over the past year. They have both trumped my recent MAC 217 purchase and I couldn’t be without them! 

I was lucky enough to receive the Magnitone Pulsar at the beginning of 2014, but my skin wasn’t so lucky and all hell broke loose (basically I had a breakout). But now I couldn’t be without it. When used in a routine, I can really see the difference, it helps smooth, clear, remove dirt and impurities and I can tell when I don’t use it. Skincare and makeup products apply beautifully the morning after using the Magnitone Pulsar and it has really helped my skin become more even in texture and tone. 

Another affordable brush at just £3! The MUA F6 Blusher & Contouring brush is a soft synthetic angled brush and my go to for contouring. It’s the perfect size, cleans extremely well and doesn’t malt. I have been using it lovingly along with my Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow palette. 

Who really uses all their brushes for their intended use? Well this brush is without a doubt a brow changing brush. I like to use it with a matte powder to fill in my brows and it works perfectly. I have received so many comments about my brows and who knew a brush could be the reason why.

My RT brushes are still going strong and have been staple brushes in my collection. If you are looking to invest in some brushes, I can’t recommend the Real Techniques range high enough. Brilliant brushes, that are affordable, wash perfectly, last a long time and help to apply your makeup beautifully. 

A more recent discovery; the Travalo. Forget travelling around with your favourite bottle of perfume, this perfume atomizer allows you to carry your favourite perfume without the worry of smashing it, it’s much smaller and hay doesn’t weigh a ton. Simple and effective. 

Award winning tweezers? Yep, I thought the same, tweezers are just tweezers right? Nope, think again! Tweezerman Tweezers are super sharp and great at getting rid of those pesky, short unwanted hairs that other tweezers fail to get. I have a travel pair, which are just as good, but saved me a couple of pounds and worth every penny. 

All hail the at home facial! I have had this at home facial steamer for as long as I can remember, it’s brilliant as a little treat, its incredibly relaxing, helps to bring dirt and impurities to the surface, helps increase circulation, it’s hydrating and preps the skin for subsequent treatments. I use the steam facial around 1-2 times a month for around 10 minutes and follow up with my favourite face mask - winner.

I have spent years trying to curl my hair and then consequently doing everything I can to try to make them hold and last at least a couple of hours. But gone are the days where I unleash a whole can of hairspray onto my hair, in the bid to keep my curls bouncing. Say hello to the Remington Sapphire Hair Tong, the only hair curling device that has ever managed to successfully curl my hair. Absolutely brilliant.

What are your stand out tools of 2014?
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