Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Instant Tan & Tough Stuff 3 in1 Body Scrub

Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Instant Tan

The Cocoa Brown range has done extremely well since hitting the market last year, especially considering the copious amounts of fake tans out there. Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Instant Tan is one of the products from the line and unlike most fake tans it offers bronzed skin in just 1 hour. The formula has accelerating ingredients to help it to develop quickly, so rather than applying fake tan and sleeping in it (say goodbye to orange bed sheets!), you apply it as you would a regular fake tan (mitt in hand) and leave for 1-3 hours depending on how dark you would like it to develop and then just shower it off  - simple. 

Rather than a spray or gel, this tan in particular is a mousse with a light guide colour, which applies evenly, is really moisturising and dries quickly. In all honesty, I can’t fault the formula it even smells pretty nice with the Cocoa Brown signature Tahitian Gardinia scent. It leaves skin looking sun kissed, with a natural looking golden tan. This tan is great for those of us with a paler complexion and you can really tailor the tan for you.

One of favourite things about this tan is that it fades evenly - which most fake tans claim to do, but don’t and lasts amazingly well on the skin unlike any other fake tan I have tried. This leads me onto the next product from Cocoa Brown; the Tough Stuff 3 in 1 Body Scrub. 

Tough Stuff 3in1 Body Scrub
Now this scrub really is a no-nonsense scrub and I really like it. It removes old tan, prepares skin and not to mention its a great exfoliating treatment (I would recommend it for this alone!). It smells lovely and how can I not mention the fact its pink! The formula includes smaller and larger exfoliating graduals and it leaves your skin feeling super soft and prepared for tanning. 

If you don’t like to fuss about with fake tan and like your white bed white, I can’t recommend this tan enough. And the scrub speaks for itself. You can’t even complain about the price point.

Have you ever tried any products from the Cocoa Brown range? 
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