2014 Favourites: Body, Nails & Hair

2014 Favourites: Body, Nails & Hair

I have never really been one to have an extensive body or hair care routine, but I do have a love for perfume, mint nails, yummy smelling shower gel and big hair. Which brings me on to todays post; part 3/4 of my 2014 favourites and I promise to keep it quick.

Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Range (Full Review)
Forget Soap & Glory’s original scent, the sugar crush range is enough to make you drool. It’s a fresh tangy, citrus scent and smells simply divine. I can fault this range, the shower gel is lush, the body butter is nourishing and if you haven’t tried it, get to Boots, give it a whiff and tell me you don’t love it too.

An oldie but a goodie, Burberry Brit perfume is one perfume that I have worn for years and quite simply won’t be getting bored of anytime soon. The perfume smells sexy and is a blend of amber, vanilla and the tonka bean and is a scent that completely intoxicates me, lasts all day and urhhh I just love it.

I have a thing for mint, blue and turquoise nails. So when Tanya Burr released her nail polish line early 2014, I couldn’t not add Little Duck to my collection. Little Duck is a beautiful tiffanyesque duck egg blue and the formula isn’t half bad either. Certainly my most worn polish colour of 2014.   

Before I started blogging I invested my very own gel kit. I went on eBay and bought a lamp, a few polishes (bluesky), remover etc. and haven’t looked back since. It’s not to say I don’t wear regular nail polish, but being able to do my own nails and not pay a whopping £25 is defiantly one bonus. If you would like a more detailed review, let me know in the comments below. 

One of my handbag essentials comes in the form of eye drops. Why you ask? Well, a few drops in each eye and you’ll look like you slept 8 hours the night before. Perfect if you’ve had a late night, your concealer just isn’t cutting it, or you need a bit of a revamp before a date night, after a hard days work. 

This compact brush is an essential in my beauty regime and has been for well over a year now and I haven’t looked back since. It doesn’t tug or snap the hair and glides through wet hair like a dream. Anyone and everyone with a head of hair should own a Tangle Teezer. Fact. 

My hair hero and staple hair styling product of 2014. This product helped me wave goodbye to the backcombing brush and hello to big, luxurious hair in a bottle. The invisible spray has a slight hold, is seriously volumising, leaving my hair big and bouncy. And the smell is one, which I can’t quite get enough of. I couldn’t say how many cans I have got through, but if you have limp hair that’s in need of a bit of a ‘zoosh’, I highly recommend you give this a try. 

Do you have a favourite hair care product of 2014?
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