New MAC Eyeshadow Additions

New MAC Eyeshadow Additions

It will come as no surprise that my MAC eyeshadow palettes are the pride and joy of my makeup collection. And although I have no more room in my MAC x15 Pro Palette, I have recently bought 3 new eyeshadow pans; Nylon, Star Violet & Contrast.

Costing £10 per pan it's understandable that building a MAC eyeshadow palette is not within everyone’s budget and if that's the case for you, I recommend you give this MAC eyeshadow quad alternative a try, which costs just a fraction of the price. But in my opinion MAC eyeshadows although a little more expensive than most, trump the rest. They are buildable, blendable, smooth, highly pigmented, have great longevity and the colour choices are endless.

New MAC Eyeshadow Additions

Contrast (Velvet): is a "purplish-blue with blue pearl". This shadow is a beautiful deep blue with purple undertones and flecks of turquoise glitter. Contrast is perfect for creating a smokey eye and a great alternative to black or dark brown.

Nylon (Frost): is a "pale gold with shimmer". Nylon is a welcomed addition to my MAC eyeshadow collection and a great staple. The shadow is a white gold with a shiny iridescent finish without being glittery and makes for the perfect inner corner and brow highlight. 

Star Violet (Veluxe Pearl): is a “pinky-brown plum". A beautiful shade for this autumn, Star Violet is a warm-toned plum with a bronze undertone. 

New MAC Eyeshadow Additions Swatches left to right: Nylon / Star Violet / Contrast
What are your favourite MAC eyeshadows?
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