5 Thing To Do This Weekend


Cheers to the freakin’ weekend! That’s right, Friday is among us and following my usual Friday routine, singing along to various playlists on Spotify (including a little Mariah Carey) and sipping black coffee in the hope to stay awake past 9:30pm, I have complied a small list of 5 things to do this weekend...

MAC Peach Blossom Lipstick | Review & Swatches

MAC Peach Blossom Lipstick // Review & Swatches

MAC Peach Blossom lipstick was my most worn lipstick of spring/summer last year and with spring 2015 well underway and summer just around the corner; this nude lipstick from MAC Cosmetics has made a triumphant return...

MAC Peach Blossom is described as a 'frosted cool nude’, but really it’s more of a peachy pink. It has a cremesheen formula and offers a semi-sheer lightweight coverage, much like a tinted lip balm. The formula makes it effortless to apply and comfortable to wear. And don’t be deceived by the colour of the bullet, when applied MAC Peach Blossom lipstick makes my lips look lush. The universally flattering shade and subtle shimmer enhances my lips, leaving them looking luscious and fuller as it blurs lip lines. This lipstick goes with every outfit and is great for everyday wear. Its also the perfect lipstick to wear with a smoky eye. The downside? It lacks lasting power, but that’s not surprising considering its glossy finish. Overall, MAC Peach Blossom is my favourite nude lipstick and a great alternative if youre not a fan of lipgloss. 

MAC Peach Blossom Lipstick // Review & Swatches

What’s your favourite MAC lipstick?
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How to Pair Blush with Bold Lipstick

How to Pair Blush with Bold Lipstick
Pulling off a bold lipstick isn’t always easy and it can be even harder finding a blusher to pair it with that doesn’t make you're look like your joining the Cirque du Soleil! I had always feared the dreaded clown look, so up until recently steered clear of bold lipsticks. But bold lips and a subtle touch of blusher on your cheeks can be a winning combination. It can enhance your lipstick colour and stop your skin from looking washed out and I have found the perfect product...

Beach Bag Essentials

With summer fast approaching and holiday bookings well underway, that can only mean one thing; beach season is almost here! And I’m sure we can all agree that a well-packed beach bag is essential for a stress free day spent lounging in the sun, there is truly nothing worse than forgetting to pack your sunglass, or your favourite book (well other than forgetting your passport!). So before you board the plan, make sure you’ve packed the following...

British Beauty Addict’s 2nd Blog-Versary!

British Beauty Addict’s 2nd Blog-Versary!

As you read this, I’ll be in Greece basking in the sun. But I couldn’t go on holiday and forget all about my Blog’s 2nd Birthday. That’s right, today British Beauty Addict is 2-years-old! A year on and I’ve had over 296,000 page views, published over 160 posts and in the last 12 months alone, another 1,000 people have subscribed to my blog via Bloglovin’

Unsung Hero: MAC Painterly Paint Pot


I often express my love for eyeshadow here on BBA. But up until now I have never spoken about MAC Painterly Paint Pot - the unsung hero in my makeup collection. This paint pot from MAC is the perfect eyeshadow companion and a product I reach for more often than not when I apply eyeshadow. If you buy one thing this month, I recommend you pop this pot into your basket... 

Holiday Beauty Packing & Printable Checklist

Holiday Beauty Packing & Printable Checklist

I'm a beauty addict and it would be impossible to cram the contents of my bathroom cabinet and my vanity into my suitcase. But, I would like to believe I’m pretty darn ruthless when it comes to holiday beauty packing. I spend all year stocking up on miniatures in the hope of a holiday yet to come and fill my drawers with zip lock bags and travel bottles. And today I’m sharing some of my favourite holiday beauty products & a holiday beauty packing checklist, so you too can jet off a little smoother this summer, with your perfectly planned toiletry bag...

Pre-Holiday Beauty Regime

Pre-Holiday Beauty Regime

In a matter of weeks I will be on a beach sunning myself, baring all. And although this sounds rather lovely (minus the baring all part), the last minute booking has plunged me into pre-holiday panic, the kind where you book beauty treatments and buy products in the hope of looking fabulous in time for your flight. But panic aside, it’s time to put my game face on and step up my beauty routine...

Full body exfoliation and moisturisation will give your skin a pre-holiday boost and ensure it is primed and prepped for the long awaited sunshine. A vigorous all-over body scrub will ensure your tan will last longer, appear more even and be less prone to peeling. This is because the sun colours the top layer of your skin, which sheds approximately every two weeks. Exfoliation will also leave the skin silky smooth, so scrub away those skin cells and grab your choice of scrub, exfoliating mitts or both and get to work paying close attention to your knees and elbows. Goodbye lizard skin! Exfoliation and moisturisation go hand in hand, so hydrate your body with an all-over deep moisture massage. This will promote circulation, in turn helping the skin to appear smoother in texture, all whilst reducing the appearance of both cellulite and stretch marks. 

Hair removal is an absolute must. We’ve all seen that one lady sunning herself who is literally bursting at the seams! Forget the razors and hair removal creams, opt for a bikini wax at least 24 hours before your holiday instead. It really isn’t all that bad. Waxing will ensure your bikini line is smoother and far longer lasting. My top tips for a bikini wax, is to exfoliate your groin area prior to your wax and apply tea tree oil post wax to sooth and protect against ingrown hairs. Don’t forget to pack tweezers to pluck out any small hairs if they are to grow back during your holiday.

In all honesty I don’t bother with waterproof mascara on holiday, I want to be carefree, not worrying if my mascara is running down my face, as I splash about in the pool! I suggest tinting your lashes before you travel, this can be achieved either at home, or at a beauticians. Don’t forget to pay attention to your brows also, tame them and tint them too as the sun can bleach hair. The colour will last up to two weeks and you will gain effortless structure without the use of brow products.

Our skincare routine may serve us well, but it’s always a good idea to give your skin a little extra TLC before a holiday break. You can either book a facial at your local beauticians, or use your favourite products at home. I like to treat my skin with my 3 step detox routine, which gives my skin a much needed hydration boost and leaves my skin looking fresh, bright and more importantly clear of any pesky spots.

I for one struggle to find a polish that truly doesn’t chip after a good few days, careless of the price or what it promises. So I opt for a long lasting durable mani and pedi before a holiday in the form of Shellac. Shellac is longer lasting and more durable than your regular polish and lasts around 14 days and even longer on your toes! I have an at home kit which I bought on eBay, but you can have the treatment in store which costs around £25. The application process is relatively simple and your nails will be dry instantly, not to mention look seriously glossy. Also no need to pack polish, or remover! Bonus!

I’m sure we are all aware of how sole destroying sandals can be! I like to treat my feet and soak them in a bowl of warm water - you can add bath milk, or a soaking scrub to increase softness. Next, I dry off my feet and exfoliate away any rough areas with a pumice stone, or foot file and follow up with a scrub. To finish, I like to massage a small amount of Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream onto the bottoms of my feet, (any foot cream, or even vaseline will do) and pop on some socks before bed. It may take time to get super smooth feet, so repeat this a couple of times a week and voilà, you’ll be flip-flop ready! 

Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream - Fragrance Free (Full Review) / Boots Pharmaceuticals Smoothing Foot File / Superdrug Pumice With Rope
What products do you reach for prior to a holiday?
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May Beauty Favourites

May Beauty Favourites
May is well and truly over. I would love to fill you in on how the month of May went for me. But all in all, it was relatively dull. However, as you read this I will be heading to the airport for a sunny adventure in Greece! But don’t fret; I have content scheduled whilst I’m away including some holiday related posts. In the meantime grab a cuppa; here are my May beauty favourites... 


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