2014 Favourites: Skincare

2014 skincare favourites
Like most my skin doesn’t fit into one category. If you had asked me this time last year what skin type I was, I would have said my skin was dry. But I had it all wrong and after doing a little reading and testing shall we say, I realised my skin is combination. It’s prone to spots and mild dryness (and oiliness), blackheads, unevenness and it’s dehydrated. Now, I presume that all this time I had been over moisturising with rich products, that my skin just didn’t need. So 2014, was a learning curve for me in regards to skincare and I discovered some pretty darn good products as a result.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil (Full Review)
If I hadn’t already made it clear in previous posts, this product is natures best kept secretTea tree oil, is antibacterial, antiseptic and soothing. Applied straight onto blemishes before bed, overnight they will have significantly reduced in size and become less inflamed. It’s a great multipurpose product and I’m currently making my way through my second bottle. 

Lush Tea Tree Toner (Full Review)
On the note of tea tree oil, the Lush Tea Tree Toner is uber refreshing, tones my skin and helps to reduce redness, whilst helping to calm and reduce the size of blemishes. 

Origins Charcoal Face Mask (Full Review)
Without a doubt my holy grail face mask (although a little messy), this mask is really good at drawing out those nasty under the skin pore cloggers! I like to use this mask after I have cleansed and opened my pores using my at home steam facial. What I love about this mask is that not only does it actually works, but it doesn’t leave my skin feeling tight or dry. 

GLAMGLOW Thirsty Mud Treatment (Full Review)
Dehydrated skin be gone with the GLAMGLOW Thirsty Mud Treatment. This mask is unlike any other mask I have ever tried. It applies beautifully, it’s lightweight, soothing, fresh, applies translucent and it smells subtly of coconut. That’s not all! It leaves my skin looking instantly plumper, any redness  is reduced and pores blurred after application. And when applied overnight, by morning my skin is left feeling nourished, looking dewy, more hydrated and healthier. Love, love, love. 

Garnier Cleansing Water (Full Review)
I don’t go a night without removing my makeup. I have never been one to roll into bed careless of the time, with a face full of makeup. Just no. And with Bioderma being a little too expensive and hard to get a hold of. Garnier have taken the reins with their very own micellar cleansing water. An essential in every girls cleansing routine and a product which I have definitely taken for granted. 

Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate (Full Review)
This little glass bottle featured in last years favourites and is still standing strong on my holy grail beauty list. The light silky oil is simply divine and really helps to heal my skin after a breakout. It also softens, plumps and diffuses my skin and gives immediate results, much like the GLAMGLOW Thirsty Mud Treatment. In fact, when these products are used together they make the perfect overnight power pair. 

Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream - Fragrance Free (Full Review)
Nothing compares to my Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream. This restoring balm relieves chapped and dry skin like nothing else I have ever tried. It’s a life savour and a holy grail product that I can’t recommend enough.

What’s your stand out skin care product of 2014 (any excuse to make a trip to Boots!)?
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