NARS Virtual Domination Cheek Palette // Review & Swatches

Okay, I’ll admit it, didn’t exactly need a new blusher, bronzer or highlighter. But I had to have the NARS Virtual Domination Cheek Palette, especially after missing out on the NARS Guy Bourdin Palette last year. Plus, it’s just so pretty...

The Perfect Post-Workout Pair

The Perfect Post-Workout Pair

That’s right. These two products pictured here will have you looking like Millie Mackintosh in no time... I joke, I joke! But with January being the unofficial month of weight loss and healthy eating, I  have recently joined Regiment Fitness, where I roll around in the mud (literally), lift tyres, run with half filled jerry cans and sweat buckets. So as a result I have introduced a couple of new products into my beauty regime, both of which have been working wonders together after my hardcore boot camp sessions. 

New & Upcoming Beauty Products For 2015

New & Upcoming Beauty Products For 2015

It’s the new year and I for one am definitely struggling with a bout of the January Blues. But what has perked me up? Hot, new, fresh, up and coming beauty launches and I’m pretty excited...

Pretty Honest: The Straight-Talking Beauty Companion By Sali Hughes

Pretty Honest is truly a wonderful book and by far the best beauty book I own. From the blush pink hard back cover, to the 330 pages of content - I just can’t fault it

Worth The Hype? Clarins Instant Concealer

Every now and then a beauty product pops up, circulates around blogs, gets fabulous reviews and therefore as a result gets lots of free, very positive publicity. I started my ‘worth the hype?’ series to distinguish if some of these products that we are all seeing crop up, are really worth our money. And today I’m going to review the Clarins Instant Concealer, which is much loved by the likes of Sali Hughes The Guardian's Beauty Editor, Vivianna (Vivianna Does Makeup) and Alix (I COVET THEE)

The Body Shop Glazed Apple Shower Gel

The Body Shop Glazed Apple Shower Gel
The Body Shop Glazed Apple Shower Gel £1 (RRP £4)

It's sad, so sad. It’s a sad, sad situation... yep that’s right I’m wallowing away singing Elton John and evidently feeling pretty sad that my Body Shop glazed apple shower gel is nearing an end...

Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Instant Tan & Tough Stuff 3in1 Body Scrub

Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Instant Tan

The Cocoa Brown range has done extremely well since hitting the market last year, especially considering the copious amounts of fake tans out there. Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Instant Tan is one of the products from the line and unlike most fake tans it offers bronzed skin in just 1 hour. The formula has accelerating ingredients to help it to develop quickly, so rather than applying fake tan and sleeping in it (say goodbye to orange bed sheets!), you apply it as you would a regular fake tan (mitt in hand) and leave for 1-3 hours depending on how dark you would like it to develop and then just shower it off  - simple. 

2014 Favourites: Beauty Tools

Best beauty tools

Strangely out of all four of my 2014 favourite posts, todays post is the one Im most excited to share with you all. I think that may partly be down to the fact I havent shared a few of these products with you before here on British Beauty Addict, but they are products I use and love on a regular basis and lets be honest, we can all dream about having beautiful hair, skin and makeup, but without the right tools that just won’t happen... 

2014 Favourites: Body, Nails & Hair

2014 Favourites: Body, Nails & Hair

I have never really been one to have an extensive body or hair care routine, but I do have a love for perfume, mint nails, yummy smelling shower gel and big hair. Which brings me on to todays post; part 3/4 of my 2014 favourites and I promise to keep it quick... 

2014 Favourites: Skincare

2014 skincare favourites
Like most my skin doesn’t fit into one category. If you had asked me this time last year what skin type I was, I would have said my skin was dry. But I had it all wrong and after doing a little reading and testing shall we say, I realised my skin is combination. It’s prone to spots and mild dryness (and oiliness), blackheads, unevenness and it’s dehydrated. Now, I presume that all this time I had been over moisturising with rich products, that my skin just didn’t need. So 2014, was a learning curve for me in regards to skincare and I discovered some pretty darn good products as a result... 

2014 Favourites: Makeup

2014 makeup favourites

As 2014 comes to a close and we venture into a new year, it’s about time I share with you all my beauty favourites of 2014. As I lacked monthly favourites last year, I thought I would split my 2014 favourites into four categories, with the first instalment being makeup... 

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