The High-End Workwear Wishlist

The High-End Workwear Wishlist
In a matter of weeks I will be starting my new job on High Street Kensington and I think we can all agree it's important I have a solid wardrobe to see me through this transition! Basics aside, every girl needs a few key pieces that can be worn again and again and Hardly Ever Worn It has virtually fulfilled my wardrobe fantasies. The online shopping platform allows people to buy and sell luxury items by popular designers including Givenchy, Jimmy Choo, Mulberry and Valentino, but at a fraction of the recommendation price. As good as new but traded in by their owners, Hardly Ever Worn It is a site well worth a browse and like they say, one woman's trash is another woman's treasure! 

1. Gianvito Rossi Triple Strap Suede Pumps
Gone are the days of wandering around work in Timberland boots. It's now time to invest in a new pair of shoes to help carry me through a working week, that are let's say, a little more elegant. And I have found the perfect pair from Gianvito Rossi. Triple strapped, velvety suede, pointed toed and Italian-made, these low heels mean business. And whilst I'll need to break them in, they don't necessarily need to break the bank and can found online here for a little less than their RRP.

2. Prada Double Leather Saffiano Black Bag
I'm no devil, but I wouldn't say no to Prada. From its classic black exterior, gold hardware and red leather lining, this timeless tote bag from Prada is just perfect (for my stationary, diary, notebook and other office requirements...). This modern, yet traditional bag reeks sophistication and I've spotted it for half the price and it's hardly been worn. Are you as tempted as I am?

3. Hermès Dogon Wallet
The inside of my bag needs to be preened to perfection. So I can't have any loose change, or cash homed in a shabby purse. Now a few years back I had a replica Hermès Dogon wallet and whilst it was a rather good replica, it didn't really cut the mustard. But the real thing is crafted with real leather and is both practical and pretty, with its gold plated "Clou de Selle" circle tab and strap closure. It's no surprise it's a well-known and popular item. 

4. Chanel Butterfly Sunglasses
Unsurprisingly I didn't get much wear out of my sunglasses over the bank holiday, but with summer fast approaching I have my eye on a stylish pair from Chanel. Cat-eyed with quilted arms inspired by Chanel's iconic handbags, these oversized sunglasses complete the look and protect my eyes during daylight hours. 

5. Burberry Trench Coat
The Burberry Trench Coat is quintessentially British. Softly tailored, sleek and tough-wearing, it's office tailoring at its finest. The iconic trench coat from Burberry is a classic piece and would stay in my wardrobe forever. Not to mention it's perfect for layering and the spring season. I lust after the Burberry Trench Coat in classic honey, but there's a selection of colours available on Hardly Ever Worn It here.

What items are on your high-end workwear wishlist?


Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit in 'Gleam' | Review & Swatches

Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit in 'Gleam' | Review & Swatches
The Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kits have arrived *insert trumpet fanfare*. The two palettes 'Glow' and 'Gleam' are the perfect way to pep up your complexion and to get fresh skin for Spring... Okay, so whilst I justify my purchase, as arguably I didn't need yet another highlighter (let alone four!), these kits are so freaking pretty. Renowned for their contour palettes the Anastasia Beverly Hills new Glow Kits have been created to help deliver a glowing complexion for every skin tone. The two palettes feature a quad of shimmery highlighters, 'Glow' features deeper golden hues and 'Gleam' features pearly tones. And whilst I'll be surprised if you don't already want to get your hands on them, I'm going to tell you why they're soon to become a cult favourite.

I love a bronze highlight, but against all odds I was drawn to the 'Gleam' kit. Great for gals with fair to medium skin tones, the palette houses four shimmery cool toned highlighters all of equal size, that aren't too silvery or harsh. The book style compact (a.k.a highlighter heaven) was surprisingly large and heavier than expected. The pans are bigger than their Pro Series Contour Refills and are magnetised so can be easily placed into a Z palette. And as the formula is firm rather than fragile, I wouldn't hesitate to travel with them. 

For those of you who are familiar with the Anastasia Beverly Hills formulations, the Glow Kits are softer than their Illuminators and more comparable to their Pro Series Contour Refills. Applied with a dry brush they leave a beautiful natural glow but they can layered, or applied with a dampened brush, for a more intense, metallic sheen. The highlighters are soft, apply beautifully, long lasting and easy to blend. I also find the formulation of these highlighters doesn't accentuate my pores which is always a bonus. And talking of bonuses, these highlighters can also be worn as eyeshadow and blush! The shade 'Mimosa' is a cross between a bronzer and a highlighter and is similar to BECCA's cult Shimmering Skin Perfector in 'Opal'. 'Crushed Pearl' is particularly pretty and would be most flattering on fairer skin tones and is very similar to Anastasia's Illuminator in 'Starlight'. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit in 'Gleam' | Review & Swatches

Hard Candy - Golden peach with pink, pearlescent finish.
Mimosa - Golden peach with a metallic finish.
Starburst - Cool pink with an iridescent finish. 
Crush Pearl - Glimmering pink and silver with a crystalised, chrome finish. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit in 'Gleam' | Review & Swatches

So whilst my current skin tone may be a tad too fair for the 'That Glow' Kit, I think I may just have to place another order come summer. But if you're looking to add a little sumthin' sumthin' to your favourite features, that doesn't run the risk of looking sparkly, the Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kits are beautiful and for just £39.00 you can't go wrong - go on, treat yo self.

What are your thoughts on Anastasia's new Glow Kits?


Lancôme Juicy Shaker | Review & Swatches

Lancôme Juicy Shaker | Review & Swatches
Say hello to the latest lip revolution from Lancôme the Juicy Shaker. Inspired by the 1945 shaker lipstick and 1990s Juicy Tubes, the Juicy Shaker is the playful modern-day big sister available in 13 deliciously scented shades and retail for £18.00 each. Housed in a funky cosmetic cocktail shaker, I was a little skeptical at first. But as my love for lip-gloss has wavered, the sheer tinted lip oil is the perfect addition to shake up my beauty bag this spring. 

The silver cocktail-shaker-shaped lip product holds a bi phased formula of nourishing sweet almond, omega 3 and cranberry oils and pigments. To apply you simply shake it up whilst listening to the familiar sound of a martini shaker. Once shaken, not stirred, using the innovative cushion applicator dab onto the lips to reveal a sheer wash of colour. The applicator is unusual, but ingenious. It's incredibly soft and bouncy and dispenses just the right amount of pigment and the pointed tip makes application effortless. And talk about versatile, shake less for a refreshing natural sheen and shake that little bit more for a more intense colour payoff.

In a nutshell, the Lancôme Juicy Shaker formula is non-sticky, non-greasy, lightly moisturising and leaves the lips feeling soft and plump. They're pretty, easy to wear and maintain and have more pigmentation and slip than the Clarin's Lip Comfort Oils. My only slight negative is the lack of staying power, as the stain only hangs about for a few hours before a top up is required.  

Lancôme Juicy Shaker | Review & Swatches
Left to right: 252 Vanilla Pop / 152 Great Fruit 

What are your thoughts on the Lancôme Juicy Shakers?


Handbag Beauty Bits

Handbag Beauty Bits
Amongst the receipts, train tickets, chewing gum and tangled headphones you'll find a small supply of beauty products in my Zara Mansur Gavrielesque bucket bag, that I ensure are always on hand when I'm out and about. Needless to say you won't find anything particularly groundbreaking, but shareworthy nevertheless...

The Body Shop Glazed Apple Hand Cream £4.00
Whilst I understand I must use hand cream on a regular basis to protect against the wear and tear of everyday life, I often forget to drench my hands in the stuff. So in a bid to do so, I bought myself the best smelling hand cream available, glazed apple. Unfortunately no longer available (Christmas range), this hand cream from The Body Shop not only smells intoxicatingly good, it's moisturising (although won't cut the mustard if your hands are like sandpaper), absorbs instantly and is non-greasy.

Soap & Glory One Heck of a Blot Powder £12.00
I'm not one to touch up my makeup throughout the day and although I don't have particularly oily skin, my t-zone does have the tendency to get a little shiny and when it does, I like to mattify with Soap & Glory One Heck of a Blot Powder. The translucent pressed powder is housed in a slim compact with a mirror and applied to the skin it doesn't interfere with my makeup and leaves my skin shine free and smoother in appearance. The compact comes with a sponge, which I have been using up until now. However, it's looking a little grubby and needs replacing with a travel friendly brush - any suggestions? 

Gerard Cosmetics Hydra Matte Liquid Lipstick in Serenity £9.50
I won't harp on. We all know how much I love this liquid lipstick from Gerard Cosmetics. To put it simply it's an one-swipe wonder, offering an opaque, comfortable, seriously long lasting nude pout. And not only has the price been reduced from £11.50 to £9.50, there are now 11 shades to choose from online at Beauty Bay *squeals with excitement*. You can read my full review with swatches here.

LUSH Honey Trap Lip Balm £6.75
Besides the fact I sometimes struggle to get the screw tin open, I have no complaints. Firstly, LUSH Honey Trap Lip Balm smells incredible due to its formulation of honey, peppermint, vanilla and white chocolate extract and secondly, it works! The rich balm leaves my lips smooth and moisturised. 

Chanel Mirror £26.00
My Chanel mirror was a gift from Mum to me Christmas just gone. And since it's arrival, it's taken pride and place inside my handbag. Why? A mirror is essential and it is Chanel after all... 

Carex Fun Bubblegum Hand Gel £1.45*
Now for something else sweetly scented, Carex have released a few "Fun Editions" of their hand sanitisers. And having just recently made my way through their Strawberry Laces hand gel, I was thrilled (yes thrilled) to receive their Bubblegum edition. And boy, it smells just like blue bubblegum balls. Now it's essential to have clean hands on the go and Carex hand gel kills 99.9% of bacteria so ideal before and after tucking into a Five Guys burger and fries! Carex fun editions are available at Boots and Superdrug as well as Supermarkets. Carex also have a bubblegum hand wash to match, which I can imagine works a treat at encouraging kids to wash their hands. 

Tangle Teezer £10.60
All hail the detangling kings of the beauty kingdom the Tangle Teezer. The brush fits snugly in the palm of my hand and handbag and ever since my first Tangle Teezer purchase back in 2013 I very rarely reach for anything else. No matter what your hair type, this brush reduces breakage, splitting and damaging whilst making detangling less of a pain. 

What beauty bits do you carry with you?


Nivea For Men Sensitive Post Shave Balm As A Primer?

Nivea For Men Sensitive Post Shave Balm As A Primer?
Nivea for Men Sensitive Post Shave Balm as a primer? That's right. It turns out the best makeup primer may already be lurking in your bathroom cabinet! The unconventional primer from Nivea was discovered by YouTuber Nikkietutorials early last year and has been on my radar ever since. The mens post shave balm has received glorious reviews and like the beauty addict I am, I became increasingly curious to put it to the test, to see if it really does work. So I popped it into my basket and for the last two weeks I've been putting it through its paces. And the verdict is in...

Contained in a rather heavy and bulky glass bottle (not particularly travel friendly) Nivea For Men Sensitive Post Shave Balm, is more liquid(y) than balm. Applied liberally all over my face using a Real Techniques Expert Face Brush, the balm feels light and cooling on the skin absorbing quickly, leaving my skin soothed, calmed and hydrated and my pores minimised. Not surprisingly the product has a generic masculine scent, but it doesn't stick around for long. But my makeup on the other hand not only applied smoothly stuck around and stayed flawless for a considerable amount of time. And I noticed that the usual problems that occur with a few of my foundations, such as patchiness and fading weren't as apparent. 

So... it works! The second main ingredient found in Nivea For Men Sensitive Post Shave Balm is glycerin an emollient that makes the skin moist, soft and supple. It's also a skin-preparing ingredient that's often found in primers because it becomes tacky when applied to the skin holding everything in place that's applied on top. But not only does Nivea Post Shave Balm provide the perfect canvas for my makeup, it has also improved the overall appearance of my skin. With added ingredients such as witch hazel and camomile, which help restore, repair, reduce redness and flaring of the skin. All these ingredients are also perfect for sensitive and allergy-prone skin and this product does not contain alcohol (isopropyl, denatured, ethyl, rubbing), which usually irritates and dries out skin, or silicon like other primers. 

Overall, the Nivea for Men Sensitive Post Shave Balm outperforms my high-end primers and for a fraction of the price (£5.29) and double the amount of product it's an absolute steal and without a doubt a beauty hack you have to try. I wish I had succumbed to the hype sooner.

Have you tried the Nivea For Men Sensitive Post Shave Balm as a primer?


Introducing Jane Iredale

Introducing Jane Iredale
Many assume mineral makeup is just powder. You know, that potted mineral makeup that comes with a large fluffy brush. But liquid formulas can be mineral too. So today I want to introduce you to Jane Iredale "the skincare and makeup" company, who have created intelligent mineral makeup that contains no nasties. Admittedly I hadn't come across Jane Irelade up until I attended Professional Beauty London last month. But stocked online at Beauty Bay, Feel Unique, Look Fantastic and All Beauty, I was surprised I hadn't heard more about the brand, or spotted their beautiful gold packaging before now. Since PBL, I've been putting three of Jane Irelade's non-powder products to the test... 

includes powder foundations, liquid formulas can be mineral foundation too.
Read more at http://www.marieclaire.co.uk/beauty/best/7517/mineral-make-up-powder-foundations.html#lqrSuWZt9tDFR1zM.9
Jane Iredale Glow Time Full Coverage Mineral BB Cream £39.95*
The lowdown: it covers everything. Blemishes, dark spots, hyper-pigmentation, enlarged pores and fine lines. You name it. It covers it! Jane Iredale Glow Time Full Coverage Mineral BB Cream not only covers it cares, as it's enriched with apple and grapefruit extracts, vitamin E, sunflower seed oil and aloe leaf juice. Applied directly to the skin (less is more) with fingers, or a damp beauty blender, the thick cream doesn't necessarily blend with ease and requires a little more work than your average BB cream, but leaves a lovely velvet matte finish on the skin. The mineral based formulation also offers a SPF of 25, is water resistant for up to 40 minutes, is long wearing, non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic and works well when used alone under the eyes as concealer. 

Jane Iredale Lip Fixation in Craving £22.00*
The Jane Iredale Lip Fixation in Craving is a wonderful lip product. I'm truly fixated. True to form, the lip stain and (non-sticky) gloss duo offers long lasting colour, with a subtle glossy finish that doesn't bleed or feather. Craving is a light muted pink with a clear gloss and the shade is similar to my favourite liquid lipstick Serenity by Gerard Cosmetics but less pink. The product is versatile as the stain can be worn with or without the gloss and the colour is buildable and although opaque deepens with each application. Applied to the lips, the stain applies wet and then dries down to a demi-matte finish and feels soft and very comfortable on the lips. 

Jane Iredale Lip Fixation in Craving

Jane Iredale Liquid Minerals A Foundation £39.95*
As much as I like a full coverage base, light and natural bases suit me best for everyday wear. And Jane Iredale Liquid Minerals A Foundation offers just that. The clear packaging showcases beads of pigment sat amongst aloe vera gel and vegetable glycerin. The one-of-a-kind foundation has a formula that boasts goodness, with hyaluronic acid to help retain hydration levels, vitamin C to protect the skin against environmental damage and coenzyme Q10 to rejuvenate the skin and help prevent and reverse visible signs of ageing. And it's also paraben, talc, fragrance free and non-comedogenic! To combine the pigment and moisture you simply press down the pump. However, be cautious that on first use, the initial few pumps will release clear gel before the pigment mixes. The texture is a little strange, applied to the back of my hand it appears gritty, but it is in fact silky and watery.  Two to three pumps leave a natural, light dewy finish on my skin and similarly to my Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser it gives a soft focus finish, diminishing fine lines and enlarged pores. 

Have you tried anything from Jane Iredale?


MAC Brave Lipstick | Review & Swatches

MAC Brave Lipstick | Review & Swatches
I have a somewhat unhealthy obsession with nude lip products. Not only are my makeup drawers overflowing, when I misplaced my favourite nude liquid lipstick earlier this week I nearly suffered a major meltdown. It's shameful. I know. But I'm hooked. And the latest addition to join my stash is MAC Brave lipstick. Another nude from MAC cosmetics that promises to deliver the notorious Kylie Jenner pout. But hype aside it's a beautiful shade and worthy of a little limelight here on BBA.

MAC Brave lipstick is described by MAC as a "pink-beige with a white pearl", but applied directly onto my lips the "white pearl" is questionable as it appears as a soft rosy neutral pink with a slight cool undertone. The shade is lighter than MAC Soar lip liner and pinker than MAC Velvet Teddy. And whilst it's certainly a dupable colour, the shade is versatile as it can be worn both day and night and makes for a perfectly polished pout when paired with a lip liner. Due to its satin semi-matte finish, it's opaque, comfortable, easy to apply and has good wear time of around 3 hours and leaves a light stain on the lips. But it can be a tad drying, but not nearly as drying as MAC's matte lipstick formulation. 

MAC Brave Lipstick | Review & Swatches

Have you tried MAC Brave lipstick


51 Signs You're A Beauty Addict

51 Signs You're A Beauty Addict
Hi my name is Emily and I'm a self-professed beauty addict and often seen in the aisles of Boots. Sound familiar? Well, I've complied a list of 51 tell-tale signs you're a beauty addict. Guaranteed to make all you makeup mavens giggle, if not feel a little guilty! 

1. No matter how intoxicated you are, you still double cleanse.
2. You can name a MAC lipstick at a counter without actually picking it up.
3. You have more storage space for beauty products than clothes.
4. If your house was on fire, you'd save your makeup stash first.
5. You keep a tab open on your laptop/mobile and refresh in hopes of a beauty item being restocked. 
6. You have multiple Pinterest boards for everything beauty related.
7. You own more makeup brushes, than Vincent van Gogh owned paintbrushes.
8. You can guess a fragrance by smell alone.
9. No nude lipstick is ever the same.
10. You have a very good relationship with the postman.
11. Did someone say gift with purchase? 
12. When a magazine has multiple makeup freebies, you buy all copies.
13. When booking a trip abroad, you check to see where the closest Sephora is.
14. ... Then write a mammoth list of what to buy. 
15. It's limited edition? Well, I must buy it then.
16. You'd rather eat Super Noodles for a whole month, so you can buy the latest palette.
17. When something goes out of stock MULTIPLE TIMES it brings out the Veruca Salt in you.
18. Your website browser consists of Feel Unique, Escentual, Sephora, Boots, Beauty Bay etc.
19. The staff in your local Boots store knows you by first name.
20. When a friend asks to borrow a lipstick and you drown her in options.
21. You have enough Boots points to repurchase your favourite lipstick. But you're holding back for something much bigger...
22. You always take a selfie after doing a good job with your makeup.
23. You've purchased beauty products purely because the packaging is so darn pretty.
24. You have to set aside an evening to clean your makeup brushes.
25. You own enough beauty products to stock a small store.
26. You have multiple beauty backups.
27. You know more about the beauty product than the lady working on the sales counter.
28. Have recurring nightmares your beauty stash gets destroyed.
29. You store beauty products in your fridge instead of food.
30. TV? It's all about YouTube tutorials.
31. When packing for a holiday, you have a separate list for your beauty bits.
32. You have to walk down every aisle in Boots. Just because. 
33. When your friends get ready for a night out at yours they only bring their clothes.
34. You set alerts for new product releases. 
35. You could throw a party when you master your winged eyeliner.
36. Your family gets frustrated because your beauty products clutter up the bathroom.
37. You have no fear of asking a complete stranger what lipstick she's wearing.
38. You have multiple of the same foundation in different shades.
39. You can never just "pop" into your local Boots.
40. Makeup purchases are justifiable if you blog about them... right? 
41. You have more makeup bags than handbags.
42. Like getting ready to go out more than you actually like going out.
43. When you hit pan, you die a little inside
44. All your beauty products are ESSENTIAL.
45. Strobing, contouring, you name it, you've tried it.
46. Your Instagram account is filled with pretty and well placed-pictures of beauty products.
47. You're on a spending ban.
48. The bottom of your bag is a safe haven for your lipstick stash. 
49. You have to buy something in a beauty sale because it's a bargain
50. All your friends come over to yours to get ready to go out, since you have the best makeup.
51. You've read through these and feel guilty. 

How'd you score? Let me know if you have anymore to add in the comments below.


MannyMUA x Makeup Geek Palette | Review & Swatches

MannyMUA x Makeup Geek Palette | Review & Swatches
The MannyMUA x Makeup Geek Palette is truly enchanting. But the highly anticipated collaboration between YouTuber MannyMUA and Makeup Geek (MUG) has caused quite a stir with its price tag and a meltdown with it's unique eyeshadow shades. And as expected the limited edition 9-pan custom palette has now sold out, leaving fellow MannyMUA and MUG fans disappointed. 

Stocked online only at Makeup Geek and Beauty Bay costing $45/£49.50, many complained about the price and the limited number of palettes. I anticipated it would cost around £35, so I was surprised to see it had been priced at £49.50. Admittedly I was apprehensive to part with my cash, but like the palette obsessive I am and with fear it would sell out in seconds, I took the plunge and purchased the palette. Soon after, I became guilt ridden, reading tweets that stated the palette was a rip off and in short I felt like a MUG. But after a few calculations, I came to realise the palettes contents is worth £50.55 and that's not taking into consideration the fact they're manufactured in the US (high quality) and 6 of the shades are limited edition. And let's face it, MUG eyeshadows are pretty darn fab. 

MannyMUA x Makeup Geek Palette | Review & Swatches
MannyMUA x Makeup Geek Palette | Review & Swatches
Price aside, I have no complaints. The MannyMUA x Makeup Geek palette is everything I want and look for in a palette. The eyeshadows are housed black cardboard palette thats' surprisingly sturdy and embossed in a pretty pink art deco pattern with a built-in mirror. And the outer packaging displays a holographic crescent moon (MannyMUA logo) and the eyeshadow shade names are displayed on the back also sat in a crescent moon, which is a nice touch. 

Inside are 9 full sized eyeshadows with a variety if matte, foiled and shimmer finishes. The formula like all MUG eyeshadows doesn't disappoint, they're high quality, highly pigmented, blendable and I find these particular MUG shades, are longer lasting and less prone to creasing. The shades include 3 of Manny's favourite existing MUG eyeshadows; 'Beaches & Cream', 'Cosmopolitan' and 'Frappe'. And also included is 'Insomnia' which is a pressed version of the MUG loose pigment and it's beautiful and seriously creamy as is the shade 'Luna' which is a hybrid of the MUG shades 'In The Spotlight' and 'Grandstand'. The remaining shades are custom created by Manny. The only shade which is a little gritty in texture is 'Mars', a deep red that when applied and blended appears more pink than red, but this doesn't hinder it's blendability, or application and is undoubtably my favourite shade in the palette.

Overall, I'm besotted by the MannyMUA x Makeup Geek palette. I've been reaching for it since its arrival and have received nothing but compliments on my eyeshadow. It encompasses everything I need from crease colours, pops of colour, a fab highlight (which I prefer to the likes of MAC Nylon), and a good old shimmer.

MannyMUA x Makeup Geek Palette | Review & Swatches
MannyMUA x Makeup Geek Palette | Review & Swatches

Artemis: is a frosted white gold with shimmery finish. 
Beaches & Cream: is a soft peachy beige with a matte finish. 
Luna: is a beautiful medium rose gold with a high shine foiled finish. 
Cosmopolitan: is a gold-flecked medium rose gold with a shimmery finish.
Sora: is a warm brown which is described as "terracotta" with matte finish.
Frappe: is a maple brown with a matte finish. 
Insomnia: is a warm red brown with blue reflects. With a duo chrome, foiled finish. 
Mars: is a deep red with a pink undertone and a matte finish. 
Aphrodite: is a deep plummy brown with a matte finish. 

What are your thoughts on the MannyMUA x Makeup Geek Palette?


The Best Drugstore Mascaras

The Best Drugstore Mascaras
Mascara will forever be my desert island beauty pick. I love nothing more than a full flutter and like the beauty addict that I am, I've tried and tested my fair share of mascaras and can safely say they're not all created equal and price does not reflect quality. So here are four of the best affordable drugstore mascaras that colour, volumize, lengthen and curl. 

1. SEVENTEEN Doll'd Up Mascara £6.29
If you have short stubby lashes SEVENTEEN Doll'd Up Mascara is great at separating and lengthening lashes. With a long lasting formula that doesn't flake, smudge or clump and a curved plastic wand that shares similarities to Benefit's Roller Lash, I'm surprised I've not heard more about the £6.29 mascara from SEVENTEEN. Perfect for both day and night and by far my favourite mascara for my lower lashes, I've repurchased and recommended this mascara many a time. 

2. L'oreal False Lash Sculpt Mascara £9.99
The L'oreal False Lash Sculpt Mascara from L'oreal's new Sculpt range, is the new kid on the block stealing the limelight with it's "sculpting brush", that separates and coats my lashes in a jet black formula in just one stroke. It may not hold a curl as well as other mascaras listed here, but primed with a coat of Maybelline's Lash Sensational Mascara it does the trick and offers a fanned out dramatic lash look. I predict False Lash Sculpt will be a popular product during 2016. 

3. Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara £7.99
Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara earned its cult status during 2015, with its lengthening, curling and volumising formula. No drugstore mascara holds a curl quite like Lash Sensational and personally I find it works just as well, if not better than Benefit's Roller Lash Mascara. I won't harp on, as I've spoken about this mascara many a time here on BBA. But although it can be a little stubborn to remove (nothing an oil based remover can't handle) it's impressive and one to try.  

4. Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara £10.99
And finally an oldie but a goodie Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara. The mascara that graced the pages of BBA right from the start. False Lash Effect does exactly what it says on the tin. Its super volumising, thickening and adds length. Although the fat wand can make apply mascara to the bottom lashes a little tricky and inevitably messy. It's an award winner and rightly so.

Have you tried any of these mascaras? 
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